Some Cute Plastic Pants

Given the number of times that Myckie Jo has been punished in diapers and had trouble with leaking, I’m thinking I should get some some plastic panties and bloomers. To help keep everything where it should be.

Originally I was thinking of some LeakMaster plastic pants from the DiaperConnection, or perhaps even the deluxe version. But the Xtra Thick Cloud Plastic Panties come in such pretty pastel colors and that same store offers the bloomers too! They also have lockable pants, but that adds about $40 to the cost per pair, and I’m sure I could come up with a much more uncomfortable way to keep them locked on (should it become necessary).

34 thoughts on “Some Cute Plastic Pants

  1. i am 19 and parents used both diaper and plastic pants and just plastic pants punishment on me.they started the diaper punishment on me when i was 14.we are catholic and i made my first communion at 13 and had to follow parrish requirements and wear a cloth diaper and plastic pants under my communion dress.after i turned 14 my parents started making me wear my communion diaper and plastic pants as punishment around the house.for serious offenses it was the full diaper and plastic pants,other offenses less serious it was just the plastic pants.i had to wear them to mass,to bed, parents used this punishment on me untill i was was especially embarrassing for me when i had to wear the diaper and plastic pants out on dates.i have a friend whose parents made her wear toddler plastic pants as punishment to a wedding when she was 16.

    • Amanda, you realise that you will have to wear your plastic pants and diaper many times as the need requires, don’t you? this will serve to remind you to be a good girl.

    • Hi,i am 16 and last year i was the junior bride in my sisters wedding and was ganged up on by my mom and my two aunts and my great aunt.they made me wear a cloth diaper and plastic pants under my white junior brides dress and put them on me in the parish nursery.they told me that the service was going to be over 3 hours long and they didnt want me to have an accident and also they would prevent me from sneaking off with a boy and fooling around.i felt weird walking down the aisle with them on and the junior groom was a hot,good looking guy and danced with me and talked to me at the wedding dance.i couldnt enjoy my self fully having the diaper and plastic pants on under my dress.

      • when i was 14,i was a flower girl in my neices wedding.there were no other little girls so i got asked.A week before the wedding i got into serious trouble,i lied to my parents,stayed out beyond curfew.and got caught stealing make up from a store.i got chewed out and my phone taken away and figured that was my punishment.the day of the wedding,mom and my two aunts and two female cousins took me to the church nursery to be dressed in my flower girl out fit.everything seemed normal when mom brought out a cloth diaper.diaper pins and a pair of adult size baby print rubber pants and told me i had to wear them under my dress and part of my punishment also.i refused,and my two aunts and cousins held me down while mom put them on me.i was so humiliated! they put my dress and veil,lace socks and shoes on me and took me to show to my neice,the rubber pants crinkled under my dress and i was so told me that if i was going to act like a 2 year old then the diaper and rubber pants were appropriate for me and the other agreed.i had a forced smile on my face as i walked down the aisle with the baby print rubber pants crinkling under my dress!

          • Tina, your mom and aunts did the right thing by making you wear the diaper and rubber pants under your dress!girls your age should be made to wear a diaper and rubber pants for weddings and special occasions.My daughter is 16 and went thru her catholic confirmation last september and had to wear a white,poofy dress and veil with lace socks and white mary jane shoes.I made her wear a thick cloth diaper,made from baby diapers sewn together with adult size,loose fitting plastic pants[rubberpants]under her dress.she wore a white camisole with the diaper and rubberpants.i did this to make her feel more pure and innocent for her confirmation.she told me some of the other girls in her class heard the loose fitting crinkling under her dress and asked her about them.

  2. My Master is punishing me by making me wear and use diapers for a month. I’ve never worn diapers as an adult and I find it dreadfully humiliating and disgusting (I know that’s the point, but still.) I tried to rebel against His punishment by taking the diapers off and going to the bathroom, which was a huge mistake. I felt so guilty about going behind His back that I ended up telling him what I had done. He locked our bathroom so that I can’t go into it without permission and supervision, and he told me that I’d have to wear locking plastic pants over my diapers for the rest of my punishment … and he made me start the one month punishment period over from scratch.

    I really really wish I had just submitted to the diapers before he added locking pants to my punishment. I thought the diapers were disgusting and uncomfortable, but the plastic pants are so much worse. The elastic constantly chafes around my legs and becomes painful overnight, and he pulls the chain very tightly around my waist so I can’t ever forget it’s there. And the lock really affects me. There is something about being locked into garments holding your own mess, so that you have no choice but to sit, walk, and even sleep in it. I have more than three weeks of my punishment left and I’ve promised myself I will never do anything to earn this again. It’s awful.

  3. @slave girl: With the attention you paid to his first punishment, it is no wonder that he found it necessary to lock you in and restart the timer. I would expect nothing less. And his upgrade seems to have had the desired effect. Maybe the next time he has to put you in plastic pants for a month you won’t be quite so quick to try to get out of them and he won’t find it necessary to lock them on.

    What did you do to necessitate this punishment in the first place?

  4. dear slave girl,i think your master should tie you down to a bed spread eagle with your diaper and plastic pants on and give you a good hard whipping with a leather belt on your bare back and legs!

  5. I think he should give you a good glycerin enema and then make you beg for him to change you. Being forced to mess yourself is quite a punishment in itself. Then having no control when you change is another.

  6. I am new to all this, but punishments sound awfull. At least I know where to order diapers, but keep them on the shelf. What is a glycerin enema.

    • glycerin enema is a bullet looking pill that one pushes up you butt and as it melt down it realeases the drug and this drug cleans out your lower system.. This makes you poop.

  7. Mistress Amber. I am trying to learn. I just went to google and found the glycerin enema. I have been given an enema a few times they are not fun. The glycerin enema looks the same as a fleet enema. but I did not look further today. I will when I get a chance. I did like the pastel colored diapers covers though.

  8. Looking after the fact is pointless. A fleet enema is a type of enema not the contents of an enema. Damn is that correct English? I say a good flushing of the rear regions will help google stick in the mind.

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  10. Some years ago I had to endure special routines of punishment enemas administered by my auntie. Here I shortly write the procedure. First she inserted the enema nozzle into my anus and put me into a thick disposable diaper. After receiving a quarter of enema I had to wait for 20 minutes in my diaper. Then she removed my diaper and I got 5 minutes to expel the enema to the toilet. Then I got back my diaper and the procedure was repeated with 2 qaurters of enema. After the second period came a 3 quarters enema. During the three periods I had to wear the same diaper, of course. It means that if I was not able to hold back the contents of my bowels in any session I had to put it on in my diaper for the following periods. This messy diaper was left on me for the night after the third enema. Unfortunately after this enema session she always locked me up in the bed to avoid undesirable removing of the diaper. Next morning usually I was changed into a clear diaper…

  11. If there is anything that I need right now, it would be a pair of plastic panties–it just seems that I’m not going to be able to put off purchasing a pair for much longer. Nearly an infinite number of uses, combined with humiliation and discomfort factors, as well as a variety of styles to match any personality or punishment…

  12. Looking for that needs a 33 male slave on long island I don’t think I have any limits I really in humiliation of most kinds diaper, sissy, and of course bondage

  13. im looking to be put back in diapers and made to use them as intended to also include being locked in them 4 life? does anyone have any ideas on were i might find someone willing and capable of turning me into a full time diaper wearing sissy baby?

  14. I like to be put under ther title of diaper punishment.. I like to be spanked first and a good one. I need to get my butt nice and hot and red. After a cooling off period I need to be triple cloth diaper. Oh its nice and thick. Now for the plastic panties. I had purchased some real thick (7) plastic pants from protex. They are nice and thick and one really gets hot and it does hold everything you can dish out. Then I am put to bed and bound uo with some ropes and strapping. I am totally unable to move at all. Lights out till 6 am. Then we start all over again.

  15. Trackback- communion diapers, YES, I was baptised with a diaper under my pants and was also married while diapered under my suit.

  16. My Mistress Sandie kept myself and my slave sister (Kim) locked chastity belts and me in diapers and plastic panties 24/7 ( this in addition to all our other mandatory restraints ie wrist and ankle bracelets, hobble, tether and leash chains and our stainless steele locking collars . This was my daily attire and I wore it everywhere. Though slaves rarely left the house or the yard and had to wear additional chains and ball gags when we did so. My most humiliating experience was when She took me to a swanky affair at a hotel ball room .. She dressed me in a gorgeous royal blue satin gown, had my hair, makeup and nails all done at a salon .. So I looked a picture of absolute elegance … Then just before we left to go to the party … She bent me over our hitching pole,chained my wrists to the floor ring so I couldn’t move, … lifted my skirt, pulled my diaper and panties down and pushed something into my butt .. Then She pulled my diaper back up covered and tucked it in my plastic panties pulled my dress back down, unlocked me from the ring and stood me back up .. Looked at me all over for a minute and said very nice. With a smile. And off we went …. About 20 minutes into the gathering my bowels suddenly and violently erupted in my diapers all I could do was try to to steady myself against a pillar in the middle of the room as I helplessly messed myself… The noise was heard by all near by and the smell was over whelming .. Mistress Sandie loudly exclaimed her disgust at me saying She could dress me up but not take me anywhere ! With that She took my chain leash from her handbag hooked it to my collar and chained me to a railing out on the balcony for the rest of the evening .. Even though I am only a slave, still that night I felt and looked like a Lady … I was so embarrassed I am certain my face was as red as it could ever be.

  17. I am 16 and catholic and was just confirmed this past may.My parish is very strict and has a dress code that has to be followed to the letter.the boys had to wear white suits and us girls had to wear a poofy,white,floor length,formal dress with a flowerhead wreath and veil,white gloves,white ‘mary jane’ style shoes.under our dresses we had to wear a white camisole,10 ply thick cloth diaper with adult size plastic pants[given to us by the parish] and white tights.the plastic pants we were given fit us blousy and had to bunch up under our tights and the camisole had to be tucked into the tights.most of us girls got a rash from our diaper rubbing on the inside of our thighs.

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