Maggie Rae


I am Maggie Rae, a 26 year old sissy baby-in-training under the capable supervision of the wonderful staff here at The Institute for Cross-Dressing Punishment. While there are many aspects of my training that are unpleasant, I am extremely grateful for the opportunities provided me by these fantastic, devious individuals. I hope to provide for them the level of devotion and respect they most certainly deserve, and do my best to enrich and enhance the experiences of all I come into contact with through The Institute.

Pictures in Training:

At the Institute:

Punishment Sentence:

There are times where am errant or disobedient, despite the opportunity 
I have been granted--in these situations I face correction, impaled
upon the naughty chair to be made to see the error of my ways, bound
and trapped is disgustingly filled diapers with mouthfuls of soap in
the face of my childish outbursts to show me that I am nothing but a
helpless sissy baby, and corrected by hairbrush and paddle--displays of
who exactly is in charge.


This checklist is based on the one provided by LATCHES and should be filled out completely (and nearly using this form). In the second column indicate if you have had any real time experience from the activity (or N/A if it does not apply) and indicate your eagerness to participate in the third column:

  • NO – Under no circumstances (hard limit).
  • 0 – I loathe it, but if you must (soft limit)
  • 1 – I don’t want to, but wouldn’t object
  • 2 – I don’t care either way
  • 3 – Occasionally is OK
  • 4 – Regularly is good
  • 5 – All the time!

Feel free to add thoughts or other relevant information in the comments column.

Activity Experience Willingness Comments
Age Play Yes 5
Anal Plugs (small) Yes 5
Anal Plugs (large) No 4
Anal Plug (public under clothes) Yes 5
Ball Stretching Yes 3
Bathroom use control Yes 4
Beating (soft) Yes 5
Beating (hard) Yes 3
Blindfolding Yes 5
Breast/chest bondage No 2
Bondage (light) Yes 5
Bondage (heavy) Yes 5
Bondage (multi-day) No 4
Bondage (public under clothing) Yes 4
Caning Yes 3
Chains Yes 4
Chamber pot use No 2
Chastity belts No 1
Chores (domestic service) Yes 1
Clothespins Yes 1
Cock rings/straps Yes 3
Cock worship No 1
Collars (worn in private) Yes 5
Collars (worn in public) No 2
Corsets (wearing casually) No 3
Corsets (trained waist reduction) No 4
Cuffs (leather) Yes 5
Cuffs (metal) Yes 4
Diapers (wearing) Yes 5
Diapers (wetting) Yes 5
Diapers (soiling) Yes 5
Dildos Yes 4
Enemas (for cleansing) Yes 4
Enemas ( retention/punishment) Yes 4
Enforced chastity No 1
Erotic Dance (for audience) No 2
Exercise (forced/required) No 2
Exhibitionism (friends) Yes 4
Exhibitionism (strangers) Yes 4
Following orders Yes 3
Forced bedwetting No 4
forced dressing Yes 5
Forced homosexuality No 0
Forced heterosexuality No 1
Forced masturbation Yes 4
Forced nudity (private) Yes 4
Forced nudity (around others) Yes 4
Full head hoods Yes 5
Gags (cloth) Yes 4
Gags (inflatable) Yes 5
Gags (phallic) Yes 5
Gags (rubber) Yes 5
Gags (tape) Yes 4
Gates of Hell (male) No 2
Hair brush spankings Yes 3
Hand Jobs (giving) No 0
Hand Jobs (receiving) Yes 2
Harems (serving w/other subs) No 2
Harnessing (leather) No 4
Harnessing (rope) Yes 4
Having food chosen for you Yes 4
Having clothing chosen for you Yes 5
Head (give fellatio/cunnilingus) Yes 0
Head (rcv fellation/cunnilingus) Yes 0
High Heel Wearing Yes 4
High Heel Worship Yes 3
Homage with tongue (non-sexual) Yes 3
Hoods Yes 5
Hot waxing Yes 0
Housework (doing) Yes 1
Humiliation (private) Yes 5
Humiliation (public) No 3
Ice cubes Yes 3
Immobilization Yes 4
Infantilism Yes 5
Initiation rites No 2
Leather Clothing No 2
Leather restraints Yes 4
Lingerie (wearing) Yes 4
Manacles and Irons Yes 4
Modeling for erotic photos Yes 3
Mouth bits Yes 4
Mummification Yes 4
Nipple clamps Yes 1
Nipple weights Yes 1
Orgasm denial Yes 4
Orgasm control Yes 4
Outdoor scenes No 2
Pain (severe) Yes 3
Pain (mild) Yes 4
Public exposure No 2
Pussy/cock whipping Yes 3
Pussy worship Yes 0
Riding crops Yes 3
Riding the “horse” (crotch tort) Yes 3
Restrictive rules on behavior No 2
Rubber/latex clothing No 5
Saran wrap Yes 4
Sensory deprivation Yes 5
Serving Yes 3
Serving as art No 2
Serving as ashtray No 1
Serving as furniture No 2
Serving as a maid No 1
Serving as a toilet (urine) No 1
Serving as a toilet (feces) No 1
Serving as waitress/waiter No 2
Serving orally (sexual) No 0
Serving other Doms (supervised) Yes 3
Serving other Doms (unsupervised) Yes 3
Sexual deprivation (short term) Yes 2
Sexual deprivation (long term) Yes 2
Shaving (body hair) Yes 1
Shaving (head hair) No NO
Sleep deprivation No 2
Sleep sacks No 4
Slutty clothing (private) Yes 4
Slutty clothing (public) No 1
Spandex clothing No 2
Spanking Yes 3
Speech restrictions (when/what) Yes 2
Spreader bars Yes 5
Standing in corner Yes 4
Stocks Yes 5
Straight jackets Yes 4
Strap-on-dildos (sucking on) Yes 5
Strap-on-dildos (penetrated by) Yes 5
Strap-on-dildos (wearing) No 2
Strapping (full body beating) Yes 3
Suspension (upright) No 4
Suspension (inverted) Yes 4
Swallowing feces No 1
Swallowing semen Yes 1
Swallowing urine Yes 1
Swapping (with one other couple) No 2
Swinging (multiple couples) No 2
Tampon training (in ass) No 3
Vibrator on genitals Yes 4
Video (watching others) Yes 3
Video (recordings of you) No 3
Waxing (hair removal) No 0
Wearing symbolic jewelry No 2
Whipping Yes 3
Wooden paddles Yes 3

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