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Typically, when a client is required to post evidence of their completed assignments to The Institute, the tasks of taking the appropriate photographic evidence, resizing and editing the photos, and composing the post falls to the client. In situations where the client lacks a functioning computer, the preparation of a post can seem nearly impossible. This step-by-step guide walks a client through those tasks, using an iPad.

The list of tasks to complete is actually fairly small and doesn’t deviate from the standard procedure as described in the rules:

1. Get pictures on iPad
2. Resize pictures
3. Put pictures on Dropbox
4. Rename pictures
5. Write the post
6. Ask the Mistress to finish the post.

Prerequisites (all free apps):
[Wordpress for iPad](, [Dropbox for iPad](, [PhotoPad for iPad](

1) Upload the required photographic evidence to the iPad. The method for doing this will depend on the type of source device. (Emailing the pictures and then downloading them through the safari browser is one option.)

2) The client resizes the pictures using PhotoPad.

Within PhotoPad, the client first selects an image that he wishes to resize by clicking on the “Images” button.


With the image selected, the client then selects “Tools”, “Resize”. Large changes can be made by pinching the image down, while fine changes can be made using the arrows at the bottom of the screen. When finished, pressing the green checkmark button in the top right-hand corner of the screen will accept the resize, while hitting the same button a second time will save the image. The client repeats this for each image.





3) The client uploads the pictures to their Dropbox using the Dropbox app. Pictures should be placed in the correct directory.

To upload the resized images, the client first opens their Dropbox by pressing the open box button in the top left corner of the screen. The client then presses the “Uploads” button at the bottom of the Dropbox menu. Pressing the “+” button at the top of the menu will then allow them to select the pictures they wish to upload. The client should be sure that the Upload Location at the bottom of the upload menu is the appropriate folder in their Dropbox. Once all appropriate pictures are selected, the Upload button at the top of the screen will upload the pictures to their Dropbox.




4) The client renames the pictures in their Dropbox by accessing their Dropbox from Safari .

For this step the client must access their Dropbox through the Safari browser. The client navigates to the folder where they uploaded their pictures, and selects the first picture. When selecting the picture, it is important to click the line the picture is on, not the name of the picture (doing so will open and display the picture instead of selecting it). Once a picture is selected, a set of options will appear at the top of the Dropbox directory, simply select Rename and name the picture according to Institute regulations. Repeat until all pictures are renamed.



5) The client starts a new post in the WordPress app, filling in title, tags, and categories from within the app.

When filling out the tags for a post, the client should make every effort to use preexisting tags (typically selected from the tag cloud on the right-hand side of The Institute’s main page). The WordPress app does not allow a client to select from a list of tags, so a little leg work is required here to find the correct tags. Each tag should be separated by a comma.

6) The client writes post and includes markdown syntax necessary to link the pictures.

For help with Markdown syntax, see The Institute’s Rules and Regulations.

7) The client saves the post as a draft and sends an email to an Institute Mistress for publishing. The email must include

* a link to edit the post
* the name of the Dropbox folder which contains the images for the post
* the folder path that the images should be uploaded to

This email should only be sent once the client has confirmed that their pictures are indeed correctly named and in the correct Dropbox folder. It is also highly recommended that clients triple-check their Markdown syntax–don’t waste the Mistresses’ time with a post that doesn’t work.


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