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This page contains an archive of all of the comments from potential clients who decided that The Institute was not the organization for them at the current time. There is no shame in being in this list (unlike the [permalink id=2552 text=’Sissy Hall of Shame’]). This is just a convenient place for an archive.


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I am a sissy and am now single and living alone. The time is right for me learning to be a proper and well trained sissy. In the past my training had focused on service, e.g., housework, pampering and personal assistant. Please consider me for training to become more feminine in my leisure activities (needlecrafts?), tv viewing, reading etc. i am very responsive to rules and regulations and hope to make the best progress with the oversight of The Institute and on of The Ladies here.

Thank You,


Trisha was sent membership materials, but eloquently declined offer. She is always welcome to come back if her circumstances change.

hi my name is anna i have been dressing sense i was thhee i would love to be trained to be the perfect sissymaid that i can be with your help and training mistress dose not like to punich me because she dose not know how i am here to lean to be submissive and learn to controll my mouth and attiude and stat being a true sissymaid

I am here to be help to become the girl i should be as i have been slacking under my own means and have many slip ups on my feminisation road, i hope that i may get the guidence i need to become a better girl and the punishment i deservere for any slip ups i may have i am 31 and from uk and humbley submit my request for your consideration.

Chantel x

i am an experianced ssissy maid cuckold but realisethat i am always in need of improvment and would hope to be able to learn and better my self for service to others throught your institution

i am a submissive sissy who likes to dress in women’s clothing, wear makeup and serve men and women. i would appreciate your considering me as a client.

Thank you

allen aka emily

As a new gurl just beginning “her” journey, I’m wondering if the “Institute” is a place for me. I’m middle-aged and single and beginning to realize that some external control may be required to help modify my attitudes, activities and improve my personnel appearance. I may not like the idea, but I appreciate that there must be consequences for poor attention and performance. I’m totally undecided and interested in learning more about the approach and philosophy.

Respectfully Tammy

I would like to become a sissy slut very badly because I’ m pathetic I’m still a virgin at 18 years old and im getting ready to go into my second semester of college and have realized I cannot please a women like how men do with olny a 6 incher the olny worry I have in Doing this is getting caught up in college anyway please let me have the the wonderful privilledge of joining this prestigious insitute

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