Holiday Desserts

Early next week Stacee Skye will be trying out the my new Holiday Dessert #ChilledBananaPudding and taking care of some errands for me. In recognition of the upcoming Christmas holiday, I have decided to open up the opportunity to try this desert to everyone for the minimum tribute of just $12.25.

In fact, you can chose from any of the desserts I have on offer:

  • Bread Pudding
  • Chilled Banana Pudding
  • Cinnamon Buns

Post a comment here or contact me on Twitter to get your just desserts.

A Walk in the Park

Later this week both Stacee Skye and Ashley Nicole will be taking “A Walk in the Park”. In addition to the main assignment Big Girl in the Park, they have the “choice” of as many of the ancillary assignments as they would like to do as well:

  • Errand Bitch
  • Smoking Hot
  • Punishing Picnic
  • Litter Bug

Imagine how much fun you could have on your own walk as well. For those that are interested, you will receive instructions on how to complete the activity to my exacting specifications and learn if you are a Big Girl or just a Diapered Sissy. Given the amount of planning and work required to set up this event, a minimum tribute of $39 is required. This will give you access to the main assignment and as many of the ancillary assignments as you want to perform.

Post a comment here or contact me on Twitter to start the process of going on a walk of your own.

Warning: This offer is only guaranteed to be valid for the next three weeks and once August rolls around may be gone forever.

KDPi Sissy Spring Break 2017

In two weeks I will be helping Stacee Skye go on KDPi Sissy Spring Break, and this year you have the opportunity to go along too. (General membership in The Institute is not required.) In addition to cross dressing punishment, this year will focus on toilet training and diapers along with the constant threat of public humiliation.

Your spring break adventure will kick off with a couple of specially selected activities, then you will be able to choose from Extra Long Assignments (8 to 36 hours or so), Long Assignments (4 to 8 hours), Events (about 1 hour) and Punishments (to make any activity even more fun).

Extra Long Assignments

  • 36-24-26
  • Non-Slumber Party

Long Assignments

  • Errand Bitch – All In
  • Errand Bitch – All Out
  • Errand Bitch – Bread Pudding
  • Errand Bitch – Can I Go Yet?
  • Errand Bitch – Crunchy Omlette
  • Bad Kitty
  • Hung Out to Dry
  • Gagged Bitch
  • Maid to Work


  • Ash Licker
  • Bar Bobbing
  • Cock Sucking: Punishing Practice
  • It’s Not Digiorno


  • Painted Lady
  • Prickly Pants
  • Punishment Level
  • Wash Your Mouth

While the activities are designed to be completed on your own, there are some special opportunities for a “big sister” who is sponsoring you on your spring break trip. When you register, be sure to note if someone will be helping you so that they can be contacted separately.

For each activities, along with the the instructions on how to complete it successfully, you will receive a history of the activities in the sorority—how it came to be and why it continues to be used. Given the amount of planning and work required to set up these activities, tributes are required.

  • Weekend Excursion ($39) — You get the “two to get ready” activities, your choice of two (of the nine) long assignments, your choice of one (of the four) events and as many of the punishments you would like.

  • Week-long Trip ($79) — You get the “two to get ready” activities, your choice of one (of the two) extra long assignments, your choice of three (of the nine) long assignments, your choice of two (of the four) events and as many of the punishments you would like. Since you don’t always know where you want to go, you can exchange any one of your assignments for another one.

  • Ultimate Adventure ($129) — You get the “two to get ready” activities, your choice of one (of the two) extra long assignments, your choice of four (of the nine) long assignments, your choice of three (of the four) events and as many of the punishments you would like. Since you don’t always know where you want to go, you can exchange any three of your assignments for others. Additional you can assign any one of the punishments to Stacee Skye for her to deal with on her adventure.

Post a comment here or contact me on Twitter to start your adventure.

For Those Interested in Joining

For those sissies who really think they have what it takes to join The Institute, I have opened up applications and have sent replies to everyone in the queue from the past couple of months:

  • Sissy
  • FemboiKim
  • ShyWhisper
  • gregory
  • Sissyboyrob
  • Scarlett
  • Elizabeth
  • Taffycuck
  • charlottejane
  • sissychloe
  • Cameron
  • stephanie
  • tobyamber
  • tracy
  • scotty
  • tom
  • Ryan Faiella
  • john spink
  • Sissy Kelly
  • diapered sissyc
  • tobias
  • pat olaughlin
  • diapered sissyc

Actually, ShyWhisper and already fallen out of contention–she either couldn’t type her email address correctly or has already let it expire.

2: Why Choose Just One?

Question: When you have a choice of three different, humiliating activities you can assign to a sissy like Stacee Skye, why should you just pick one?

Answer: You shouldn’t.

Which explains what Stacee Skye is doing right now. She is on her knees in the kitchen floor and has been given a total of 10 minutes to use a straw to suck the piss out of both bottles and then deposit it into a bowl. Whatever she manages to suck out (and not swallow, of course) will be poured into her diaper. Whatever is left will be soaked into her clothes (which I have no plans of changing any time in the near future).

Since she managed to get back inside with the bottles I removed her hard-won long sleeve shirt and replaced the nipple clamps with some more appropriate sized sissy tits. Once she finishes with these two warm bottles, I can think of ideas of how to handle what she bottled up before her trip and left in the refrigerator.

1: A Trip Home

After some time away, it is always good to be back home. Usually. Unless your name is Stacee Skye. She had a decent trip back home today, but due to my instructions arrived with two full 20 oz bottles of her waste generated during the trip. Now, as she kneels beside me, she is wondering what they will be used for.

  • Will they be pouring into her diaper? (She is wearing two large diapers plus two diaper inserts. They will surely hold a great deal and the plastic panties and bloomers will ensure that there are no leaks.)

  • Perhaps she will be forced to soak her outer clothes (shorts and a pink t-shirt) and then go out and about. If that is the case, I am sure that she is hoping the two painful clips on her nipples will be removed before she is forced to go out. And she is probably hoping that her shorts can be changed since the long-legged, pink, plastic bloomers stick out the bottom of her shorts.

  • Maybe she will be required to drink up both bottles with a straw–and that is why I am having her practice sucking on a dildo right now.

The one thing that she does know is that she will have to retrieve them from the driveway–dressed as she is (and with the diaper she has managed to wet)–in full view of all of the neighbors that are out mowing the grass right now. And that has her scared. Scared enough to beg to have something to cover her pink shirt.

I was happy to give her a long sleeve blue shirt to cover the pink ones and to add the condition that the previously unfilled bra would need to be stuffed with two pairs of panties in each cup. Not my usual size, but she is going outside in the middle of the day.

An Irresistible Force

When it comes to training, it always pays to be persistent.

Stacee Skye has spent over a half hour with four painful clips on her nipples. The has brought this punishment on herself by trying to cancel the activity I have planned. But it will not cancel it. The only thing that her pain gets her is a delay. The activity is inevitable.

(This is not to say that she is just wearing the clamps. She also has on a nice corset and long line bra and girdle panties. And a skirt with nice shirt.) And still there is more.

Wooden Paddles.
Anal Plugs.
Menthol Gel.
Ankle Cuffs.
Posture Collars.
Blackout Hoods.
Spreading Gags.
Public Exposure.

They are all on the docket for this evening until Stacee Skye can see the error of her ways. And how many hours can she last with those clips anyway? All Stacee Skye has to do to stop the punishment is beg me to allow her to piss in the bowl of bars of soap that she shredded in the food processor a bit ago. She will eventually do it and the assignment with the piss soaked shredded soap will continue just the same as I had planned it. Just a bit later.

The only question is how long it will take her to realize the inevitability of an irresistible force.

Insults and Humiliation

Just because you might be right, doesn’t mean you should away something. SissyToy43507 couldn’t follow directions, then changed her name to sissytoy2train and started saying some really insulting things.

This afternoon I sent her an email to let her know I didn’t appreciate it. Unless I get a very nice appology, later in the week, I will post her picture, email address and other interesting information about her here so that everyone can let her know that it doesn’t pay to be rude.

Maggie Rae: Story Assignment 5—Hired Help

First off, I’d like to apologize to everyone—things have been a bit hectic, and I missed my usual Sunday deadline. I hope the amusement that you get from my suffering makes up for it a bit, and trust me, there was a good bit of suffering. This week’s story assignment actually managed to be less pleasant than Back and Forth, which I didn’t even think was possible. Like Back and Forth, I was again going to be transporting pennies, though this time as a restrained maid, and before I would be able to complete a penny I would need to perform oral service on a nearby dildo. Combine that with the same 1,000 pennies from the first time I did Back and Forth (which was never going to happen), and horrible consequences for failure, and you’ve got just the latest in my hellish assignments. First order of business, though, was to get dressed…

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Maggie Rae: Chapter 5, Hired Help

Last week I had a fairly easy time with my ongoing story assignment series—relatively easy, anyway. 24 hours dressed up is nothing compared to what Mistress Katzenburg has in store for me this week. This story assignment sounds absolutely terrible, and I’m not looking forward to completing it, though I’m sure you all will be plenty amused with it. It will start tonight, finish up tomorrow, and as usual, the results will be posted for your enjoyment on Sunday. So what is it that could possibly be so bad? See for yourself…

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Maggie Rae: Story Assignment 4—Another 24 Hours

It could have been worse. It really could have. This week’s story chapter was a little bit of a lull in the action (thankfully), and while this week’s assignment was no where near the tortures I endured last week, it was still less than pleasant. 24 hours I would need to spend in the same dress that I was in last week—24 hours gagged, in a super-stuffed diaper and heels with my largest breastforms in. It may not seem like it, but 24 hours can be a long time, especially when you’re gagged for it. Still, Mistress Katzenburg was gracious enough to allow me to avoid being locked in a closet for the full duration like my story counterpart was, so again, it could always be worse.

I was up at 6:00 AM yesterday, dressed and ready for my assignment, and 24 hours later I’m tired, I’m wet, I’m in desperate need of a shower, and I’m ready for this week’s assignment to be over. I’m just crossing my fingers that I can get off this easy for next week’s assignment as well. I can always hope, can’t I?

The Guard Changes On

As you may have noticed, recently one of our oldest clients dropped off the site and stopped accepting assignments, completing punishments or posting in general. The bad news is that this client has stopped posting for good. Almost a year ago Mistress Rosemarie’s sister Marilyn moved in with her and threw a wrench into her sissy’s training plans. Fortunately for us, Mistress Rosemarie’s sissy wasn’t very good in hiding her true nature.

When Marilyn found what was going on, she became very interested in the sissy’s training. It turns out that she was much more strict than Mistress Rosemarie ever wanted to be. So now the sissy, rechristened Lacee Lynne has re-entered training at The Institute under a much stricter mistress at home — Mistress Marilyn.

Please help me in welcoming Lacee Lynne, and her sister-in-law Mistress Marilyn.

Maggie Rae: Chapter 4, The Reason for the Season

After last week’s grueling assignment, my prayers have been answered and it seems like this week will be a bit of a lull. While I can’t say that the assignment that I’ll be facing this week is all that pleasant, it does seem a lot easier than last week. While this week’s story does include some ominous lines, for the time being it seems like the worst is over. Remember to check back this Sunday to see the write up from this week’s assignment, follow us on twitter, and consider applying to join The Institute yourself.

Now, without further ado, this week’s chapter…

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Maggie Rae: Story Assignment 3—Back and Forth

Let me tell you about the worst night I’ve had in a while, and bear with me because I haven’t had nearly as much sleep as I should have. This week’s story assignment looked bad on its face, many of them do, but it’s not until you’re well into it before you realize exactly how terrible it is. The principle sounds simple enough—my assignment was to transfer pennies one at a time from a cup in one room in the house to a cup in another, with increasingly unpleasant additions as I went. Now, my place isn’t that big, and even spread out as far as possible, there were only about 15 steps between cups—not awful you say, that’s 30 steps per penny. Well, allow me to show you how wrong you would be…

Like most assignments, however, I started by laying out everything I would need beforehand… Ominous, isn’t it?

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Maggie Rae: Chapter 3, Back and Forth

We’re in to week three of my story assignment series, and Mistress Katzenburg has come up with a doozy this week. I’m not looking forward to the assignment coming up in the next couple days, which is pretty clearly spelled out in the story. Be sure to check back this Sunday to check out my fresh misery, and next week where things can only really get worse—I’m sure you can’t wait. For now, however, you’ll just have to make due this this week’s chapter…

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