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doubt it,, I ended up in the hall of shame almost from the get go.. However I still peek in the doors and windows hoping I will be allowed inside,, if only for a day’s worth of classes.

    I looked back in my email archive to see why you never joined–it’s been so long since you have up, I couldn’t even remember. Three and a half years ago you said that you could “now see the extent ‘this Mistress is going to humiliate me’, and pinnellipee suddenly realize that it does not want to be humiliated to that degree.” Of course, you later changed your mind and continued to the application process only to write “it is with great regret that I withdraw my application to join the Institute at this time. I sincerly apologize for wasting Your precious time. It goes a bit beyond where i am comfortable.”

    I think it is fairly clear why you never got a profile and, unless things change, why you never will.

Oh my! Your punishments so harsh and assignments so hard,, this sissy can only view as a wannabe.

I NEED TOTAL HUMILIATION EXPOSURE I had a profile here as misspatm2fts that i still use, may I CUM back for posting ANY AND ALL HUMILIATING PIC TO show you I am a TRUE SISSY WHORE

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