Age: 45        Status:Divorced        Profession: CLOWN

The number of Mistresses I am serving or have served: 10

Main Fetish Interests: Bras, Dunk Tanks, Pies in the Face, and Spanking

Secondary Interest:Crossdress, Femdom, Bondage

Pictures in Training:

At the Institute:

Punishment Sentence:

my name is pieclown, the silly sissy, crossdressing clown, who needs to be dressed in an over stuffed bras, panties, female swimsuits, and other female clothing,   be shaved or waxed and wear a waist cincher, high heel shoes and make up to improve my looks,  be spanked by various instruments to include self-spanking and home made spanking machines,   have clothespins applied, be dressed as a maid to serve my mistress,   have my rear end invaded by butt plugs, and other implements required by my mistress,  have gags of duct tape, knotted bandana, soap, or kielbasa used ONLY when I over speak my place,  provide amusement to my mistress by being punished pies in the face, eggs in my bra, pudding in my panties, using ice, and water balloons, all with the ever-present threat of public humiliation.

A LATCHES check list of me

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A LATCHES check list of me.


This checklist is based on the one provided by LATCHES and should be filled out completely (and nearly using this form). In the second column indicate if you have had any real time experience from the activity (or N/A if it does not apply) and indicate your eagerness to participate in the third column:

  • NO – Under no circumstances (hard limit).
  • 0 – I loathe it, but if you must (soft limit)
  • 1 – I don’t want to, but wouldn’t object
  • 2 – I don’t care either way
  • 3 – Occasionally is OK
  • 4 – Regularly is good
  • 5 – All the time!
Activity Experience Willingness Comments
Age Play NO ZERO
Anal Plugs (small) Yes FOUR
Anal Plugs (large) Yes THREE
Anal Plug (public under clothes) Yes ONE I did this once for this site.
Ball Stretching No Two I did it to myself, but say no real time experience.
Bathroom use control NO NO
Beating (soft) NO Two
Beating (hard) NO ONE
Blindfolding Yes ONE
Breast/chest bondage Yes THREE I have tried to do this, but it is more nipple bondage.
Bondage (light) Yes THREE
Bondage (heavy) NO Two
Bondage (multi-day) NO NO
Bondage (public under clothing) NO NO
Caning Yes FOUR I have tried to cane myself.
Chains NO Two
Chamber pot use NO NO
Chastity belts NO one
Chores (domestic service) NO THREE
Clothespins Yes FOUR I have had them on nipples, thighs and recently groin.
Cock rings/straps NO ONE
Cock worship NO NO
Collars (worn in private) NO Zero
Collars (worn in public) NO NO I have worn spiked leather collars to rock concerts, but I do not think that counts.
Corsets (wearing casually) Yes THREE I have a body brief and a waist cincher.
Corsets (trained waist reduction) NO TWO
Cuffs (leather) Yes ONE
Cuffs (metal) NO Zero
Diapers (wearing) Yes zero
Diapers (wetting) NO Zero
Diapers (soiling) NO Zero I tried this in a pair of pantyhose
Dildos NO TWO
Enemas (for cleansing) Yes ONE
Enemas ( retention/punishment) NO ZERO
Enforced chastity NO Zero
Erotic Dance (for audience) NO FOUR
Exercise (forced/required) NO TWO
Exhibitionism (friends) NO Zero It would have to be some special friends.
Exhibitionism (strangers) NO NO Don’t want to be arrested
Following orders Yes THREE
Forced bedwetting NO NO
forced dressing NO Five
Forced homosexuality NO Zero It would have to be real good reason.
Forced heterosexuality NO TWO
Forced masturbation NO THREE
Forced nudity (private) NO THREE
Forced nudity (around others) NO NO Don’t want to be arrested
Full head hoods NO NO
Gags (cloth) Yes ONE
Gags (inflatable) NO NO
Gags (phallic) NO ONE
Gags (rubber) NO Zero I did plastic gag out of golf ball.
Gags (tape) Yes ONE
Gates of Hell (male) NO ONE I found it on the web, still unsure.
Hair brush spankings Yes Five I have tried spanking my self.
Hand Jobs (giving) NO NO
Hand Jobs (receiving) Yes THREE
Harems (serving w/other subs) NO THREE
Harnessing (leather) NO Zero
Harnessing (rope) NO Zero
Having food chosen for you NO one
Having clothing chosen for you Yes FOUR
Head (give fellatio/cunnilingus) Yes THREE
Head (rcv fellation/cunnilingus) Yes THREE
High Heel Wearing Yes three
High Heel Worship NO ONE
Homage with tongue (non-sexual) NO FOUR
Hoods NO NO
Hot waxing NO NO
Housework (doing) Yes FOUR I done it in drag a few times.
Humiliation (private) Yes FOUR
Humiliation (public) Yes NO Don’t want to be arrested
Ice cubes Yes THREE
Immobilization NO NO
Infantilism NO ZERO
Initiation rites Yes TWO
Leather Clothing NO TWO
Leather restraints Yes ONE
Lingerie (wearing) Yes Five
Manacles and Irons NO Zero
Modeling for erotic photos Yes FOUR
Mouth bits Yes ONE
Mummification NO NO
Nipple clamps Yes FOUR
Nipple weights Yes THREE
Orgasm denial NO ONE
Orgasm control NO ONE
Outdoor scenes Yes THREE I did off away from everyone. / Dont want to be arrested
Pain (severe) NO Zero
Pain (mild) Yes TWO I have tried some things like self spanking and clothes pins.
Public exposure NO NO Don’t want to be arrested
Pussy/cock whipping NO ONE
Pussy worship Yes FOUR
Riding crops Yes THREE I have tried to use this for self spankings.
Riding the “horse” (crotch tort) NO NO I am not sure what this is, and no luck with web search.
Restrictive rules on behavior NO TWO
Rubber/latex clothing NO ONE
Saran wrap NO ZERO
Sensory deprivation NO NO
Serving NO THREE
Serving as art Yes THREE I did a sissy clown show once.
Serving as ashtray NO NO
Serving as furniture NO NO I have bad legs and back from auto accident.
Serving as a maid NO THREE
Serving as a toilet (urine) NO NO
Serving as a toilet (feces) NO NO
Serving as waitress/waiter NO THREE
Serving orally (sexual) Yes TWO
Serving other Doms (supervised) NO TWO
Serving other Doms (unsupervised) NO TWO
Sexual deprivation (short term) NO ONE
Sexual deprivation (long term) NO Zero
Shaving (body hair) Yes THREE
Shaving (head hair) Yes NO
Sleep deprivation NO NO
Sleep sacks NO NO
Slutty clothing (private) Yes THREE
Slutty clothing (public) NO NO I don’t want to be arrested, but it could work on special times, like Halloween.
Spandex clothing NO THREE
Spanking Yes Five I have tried to spank myself.
Speech restrictions (when/what) NO NO
Spreader bars NO THREE
Standing in corner Yes TWO
Straight jackets NO NO
Strap-on-dildos (sucking on) NO THREE
Strap-on-dildos (penetrated by) NO FOUR
Strap-on-dildos (wearing) NO THREE I have read of subs wearing a strap-on to please their mistress.
Strapping (full body beating) NO Zero
Suspension (upright) NO NO
Suspension (inverted) NO NO
Swallowing feces NO NO
Swallowing semen NO Zero I have tried my own.
Swallowing urine NO NO
Swapping (with one other couple) NO Zero
Swinging (multiple couples) NO Zero
Tampon training (in ass) Yes ONE
Vibrator on genitals Yes THREE This was years ago, when I had a vibrator.
Video (watching others) Yes Five
Video (recordings of you) Yes THREE
Waxing (hair removal) Yes THREE
Wearing symbolic jewelry NO ONE
Whipping NO ONE
Wooden paddles Yes Five I have tried to spank myself.


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Hello Pieclown – I had never looked at your profile before. I see crossdressing is your secondary interest, but it is my first. I loved the Petticoat Discipling Quarterly and I have seen the Christeen gallery before and loved it. I was glad I looked and will come back to it another day. My love is to be dressed in little sissy girl outfits like she shows on the site. On another note, I go to a cabin on a lake in Northern Michigan (several cabins) which I rent one and take my daughter and grandsons and there were for several years a cabin with two women that were also professional clowns. They were the most fun people to talk to. Always seemed upbeat. Thought I would share that. sissy billy

@sissy billy Hello Sissy Billy, yes crossdressing is secondary. Bras are in the main group. Now this means wearing them and seeing others in them. It was my search for punishment bras that let me here to The Institute for Cross-Dressing Punishment. Yes Petticoat Discipline Quarterly has some nice letters. My favorite is about some guy whose sees some one get petticoat discipline and then gets it himself. As for clowning, it can be great fun and very rewarding. I do some Christian clowning and some gigs for hospitals/homes and such. These are free, but sometimes we get a donut or 2. I also do gigs for pay. I do my best to keep my clowning and my pieclowning apart.

Hello pieclown. I am in construction management and have built several hospitals in my career. There is always renovation with the new building and the kids wards are always much heartbreaking and makes you think how lucky any of us are. I am impressed that you do the hospital gigs and admire your charity. A donut and satisfaction of bringing a smile to a kids face must feel good. I can appreciate you comment about keeping real life and pieclowning apart. While I have done crossdressing all my life, I have always kept it a secret even through 35 years of marriage. This is really new for me and my first time on any site and have been overwhelmed by it all. I do also need to keep real life and sissy life apart. I hope this gets easier and I manage to settle down. Thanks for the not back. sissy billy

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