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This page contains an archive of all of the comments from wanna-be sissies who couldn’t even be bothered to finish the application process correctly. (And as long as you follow the rules as laid out in the emailed application, i.e. send an email that you wish to be removed from consideration, you won’t end up here.)


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Hi. I stumbled across this site via a link from a tranny blog that I read from time to time. I am a fairly dedicated cross-dresser in my 30s, slim and reasonably pretty. I’m bi-sexual (if that matters) but always submissive. I really love the idea of gradual but convincing feminisation preferably at the instigation of somebody generally interested in the results and the long term. Its not that I am unwilling to accept myself and I am already committed to becoming more feminine but there is something delicious in it happening under someone else’s controls. I imagine its the humiliation aspect – the revelation that somebody knows but I am no psychologist. Anyway, it excites and intrigues me and I do hope you consider me seriously as an applicant. Thanks.

Melissa was sent membership materials and never responded to our offer. She has been added to our Hall of Sissy Shame.

i’ve been having a reoccuring dream for the past few nights. It starts where i am completely naked and given a bath. During the bathing process i am shaved of all bodily hair and given some type of chemical bath to not only remove any excess hair but to kill all the hair folicles so the hair does not grow back.
After beinng dried off i am immediately blindfolded so i cannot see what is happening around me. A pacifer is not only insered in my mouth but is also fastened around me with pink velcro so i can’t spit it out.
Collar and cuffs are put on me so my hands won’t wander and get me into trouble.
To help me lose weight and get the sissy figure a pink corset is snuggly put on me.
Following the corset, i am put in a crib and restrained. A spreader bar is put between my legs to prevent any resistance.
After the spreader bar, a cloth diaper is placed under my butt. Soon after that, Desitin and baby powder are put on my butt and groin area to prevent any diaper rash. Pink plastic panties with side snaps are placed over the cloth diaper to prevent any wettness from getting on the matress.
From that point on i am bottle fed and left to sleep.
The only time the blind fold and pacifier are removed is when i’m being fed or changed.
For some reason, a microchip is placed in me to identify me as someone’s diapered sissy pet. In the background there is lullaby baby music playing softly to help calm and relax me.
i don’t know what all this means. Is it a dream of something that will happen in the future?

This uncollared diapered sissy was sent membership materials and replied, but never finished the application process. Membership materials were requested a second time, and she never responded to this second email. She has been added to our Hall of Sissy Shame.

When I was younger, about 8 years old, my sisters would dress me up in their old clothes while our parents were out. It was annoying at first, very embarrassing, But after awhile, it became fun! Like a game. They would dress me up, do my make-up even do my hair.

Now that I’m in college, I miss all that. I miss having someone ‘make me’ dress in girly clothes, ‘force me’ to dress like a little sister instead of a little brother! I promise I’ll be good and follow any instructions that I’m given. I’ll make you proud. I would so love to be a client.

As much as he would like to be a client, David never replied to us from his west coast dorm room after we sent membership materials. Perhaps his UC-Santa Barbara classmates found out about him. He has been added to our Hall of Sissy Shame.

Hello i am bi curious and have been kept dressed by a few people for a little while and i have strayed from the path, i was told i have a nature that needs controlling but once it has been subdued i obey and know my place, althougth of late i have been of the path of obedience.

dom apparently fell off the path of obedience. He was sent membership materials and never responded to our offer. She has been added to our Hall of Sissy Shame.

i’m a 30 year old sissy, looking for training


i am a 36 year old pre op TS from the UK a few years ago i joined the BDSM lifestyle but found something lacking. I tend to have a little girls mindset and love the look of frills on me. I am looking to be trained as a diaper sissy slaby under the control of Someone in nappies all the time and restricted more and more.

i humbly request to apply to the institute and hope i proove worthy

Hi. I’m 35. I have been dressing off and on since i was 15 and stumbled onto the site. I like what i see and i love to be under someone else’s control. I am very submissive and have often been pushed around. I am bi curious as i have yet to be with another man and am very anal. I want to a good girl am and would like for you all to help me along.

hello, i’ve been crossdressing since 13. i am very nervous about it. i would like someone to slowly guide me to my true feminine self. i love and respect women and would love to be slowly trained to be one. thank you for your time.

hello, I came across your site and would like to join the Institute. Your training program with the threat of real punishment is just what I need to force myself into the submissive I wish to be. I would like to learn to sleep while bound and dressed without giving in to my fears. I am hoping you have a way to verify if I have removed my bonds or clothing before the required time.
Thank you for your consideration.
Bound Donna

i m jeannine a french pansy faggot , very submissive. I like obey to women or men, be a pet ,(dog pig or cow) i love punishment ( enema , clambs,plug, be spanked etc…)be ridiculous ..i like insulted
i want progress and become a real obediant male, a sub male.
have a good day
jeannine pansy

excuse me MISTRESS, i just forgot to say i like feminization
my respects
jeannine pansy faggot

Hi, I am a 51 year male and was first “dressed” as a girl when I was about 6 years . As a bed wetter (into my teens) and at a time when nappies were terry and rubber/plastic pants, Pjs were not an option so I had to wear my sisters old night dresses which went on to day time dresses as well.I did not seem should a big jump for me as coming from a Scotish family I was used to wearing a kilt.

hi, my name is jeannine, 51 years old,… i was trained by my wife there ‘s several years,i allways wear his dirty panties and her pantyhose…I was her homemaid, often feminize , sometimes her slave male, her dog/pig or cow.. i received punishment like enema, plug , clamps, etc.. It’s now finished… i always research be trained by WOMEN, my SUPERIORS
I send you my respects MADAM

Hii im Nikki, i found your site on a sissy blog i was reading and i was wondering if i was worthy enough for membership, im 22 years old, i go to lafayette college in PA. ive never really been properly trained in being a sissy but i think about it ALL the time, if im not in a thick wet diaper im usually in panties. i also love dressing up in little cute outfits, ive also been told i look very pretty in makeup hehe. thank you for your consideration and i hope to hear from you soon^^

Hiya, my name is nikki… i came upon your site on a sissy blog i was reading and decided to see if i was worthy of membership consideration. im 22 years old, very submissive, im also in college and live with a roomate. Ive never really been properly trained in being a sissy slave but i think about it ALL the time. If im not in a thick wet diaper im in panties, i love dressing up and wearing makeup ive also been told i look very pretty in it hehe. i promise i wont let you down if chosen^^

thank you for your consideration


Hello to all of the wonderful mistress’ and sissies that make this site possible. After reading practically every post on this site throughout the past few days, I have become obsessed with the idea of joining your ranks. If you would be willing to take me on as a novice sissy slave, I can promise you will enjoy the results. I am a 23 year old sissy who loves to be diapered, and humiliated. As an added benefit, I am also married to a loving wife who would love nothing more than to assist you lovely mistress’ in my successful training as a submissive diaper sissy. I am willing to do anything that it takes to be inducted into The Institute for Cross-Dress Punishment. I can upload high resolution photos, handle fairly bold public scenarios, and obey instructions to a T. I strive for perfection in everything I do. The combination of your supreme guidance, my spouse’s presence insuring all tasks are completed, and my resolve to serve makes for the ultimate Trifecta. Please, I am begging you to allow me a chance to prove my worth, I can assure you that you will not be disappointed.

This site is amazing, wonderful, and breath taking. I would be so greatful if you could consider me as a client. I am a complete freak of nature. i have been in the fetish scene as a model, and slave for 14 years. i love rubber, anything medical, enemas, diaper (disposables), gags, plugs, and much more. I have tons of toys and equipments. i’m 29, 175lbs, long hair and i’m single because i love diapers and hide them from everyone. i feel ashamed and embarrassed about my disgusting fetish, yet i love them. My goal is to learn to accept them, and be open and public with how pathetic i am. i would love to see how big a loser and how pathetic i could become. i would show my face is you wish, and would love to open my life up for everyone to see and laugh at. i would love and cherish your guidance in becoming the perfect pathetic loser.

i am so sorry, please excuse this mistake, but my hotmail account delete the emial i recived from you. that goodness i saved the forms i had to fill out. Could you please find it in your heart to email me again. Please… thank you for your time.

Greetings and blessings!
I am a developing sissy needing guidance and direction. Honesty and sensuality best describe me. Responses to chastity and my strong diaper and nylon fetishes include delicious submissive tendences. Please consider me for training. Yes, I am worth your time and effort due to my excellent communication skills and desire to please.

your gina

I am very much a sissy baby who needs to be put in her (his) place am willing to post pictures when i replace my web com

hi mistress, i am a helpless pantie slave, i just love my frilly panties so much. I could never go back to wearing boys undies as im a sissy pantie wearing pansy. i need so very much to be trained how to be your sissy doll, i will post pics and do all assignments to the best of my sissy being, please treat me like the sissy i know i am x

Hi. My name is stephykate and I am a sissy toddler. I am writing because I am very interested in serving you, completing assignments and providing feedback on my assignments. My website includes pictures of me in my sissy baby attire. Can you please consider this sissy for training and let me apply.

Thank You,


i am here to begin what i know must happen. i must become a punished forced femme sissy for all to use and humiliate and exploit.
i seek to become fully trapped here and elsewhere by having pics of me posted and cruel things said and meant about me. seeking long term no way out.

Hello, Ladies.

I am a thirty-something crossdresser and sissy, and greatly desire formal training to become the best sissy I can be, since I now know that I will never be a man. True, I was born with a male body, but am completely feminine within, so it is with a sense of inevitability that I have discovered your wonderful website. I trust that I may prove to be a valuable addition, as I am intelligent, sensitive, dutiful, respectful, playful, creative and diligent.

I hereby, humbly, apply for membership and ask for consideration.

Hello to everyone at the Institute. I am a sissy from Edinburgh in Scotland. For years now i have longed to be a diapered sissy under someone elses control. Right now i dress myself up with my diaper on and sissy clothes but the true humiliation of being forced to do this and being made to do tasks by someone else is missing. This control is what i am searching for. I would be very grateful if i could be considered for applying to the institute. I will do all tasks asked of me and take pride in doing them. I hope so much that this can become a reality for me, as i am very commited to becoming a very good diapered sissy.

Hello Ma’am

This sissy wishes to be considered for entry into Your wonderful institute. she would love to do her best to please such a wonderful Mistress as Yourself. she has privately dressed up in panties and dresses since she was a little girl and has longed to please another by providing entertainment for Them by forcing her to dress this way and perform tasks for Their pleasure. she would be committed in performing each of the tasks You ask her to perform. she eagerly awaits your response.


sissy marisa

Hello. I have been reading this site for a couple of months now, always thinking to join but never having the courage until now. I’m a panty wearing sissy and have been since I was about 12 years old. I used to sneak my mum’s and sister’s panties, but I now own my own. I’d love to have the humiliation and pleasure of being forced to dress up and perform tasks for the wonderful Mistress’ here. I will obediently perform all tasks asked of me by them. Please consider me for membership.

thank you


To any Mistress iy may concern

I sort of found this site & have been hanging around for a few days.

I am a mature male that has been crossdressing for a long time. I have become skilled at it and pass well in social situations. My wife passed recently and I miss her and her subtle teasing of me. It certenly was not a fem dom marriage but she really did know how to blush my cheeks (all of them).

I have had an intrest in CD humiliation, petticoat punishment, chastity and of course submitting to a Mistress. I have never done it as I have been married and of course faithful. As a sissy male I feel I would not have the right to do anything with out approval of a woman.

My Goddess wife used to remind me in no uncerten terme who wore the pants. She would have me try on womens shoes in major department stores, I was fitted for a bra, bought and wore high heeled boots, have had a make up demo at a major store.

Do you Mistresses think there is a place for a untrained sissy like me

jan the sissy

I wish to be considered for training because I am a submissive girl who requires discipline. There has never been any doubt as to my gender identity; I have identified as female from a very young age, and although I was born male, I have ‘crossdressed’ since the age of two (though I don’t personally feel as though dressing in my identified gender is ‘cross-dressing’). I wish to be trained because I wish to incarnate my best self, and I believe my best self to be a woman who serves a capable and wonderful mistress.

Hi, i am recently out of the closet as a crossdresser. I have always worn nappies as they are my ‘main’ interest, but dressing has been a close second.
I used to wear my sisters underware when i was about 12/14. I have always kept some undies hidden away with my nappies.
Recently i have began experamenting more and buying more fem clothes.
I am over weight, hairy and married to a fantastic woman, who goes with me to buy my fem clothes, but has NOTHING to do with me while i am dressed fem, although i am able to wear nappies 24/7 around her, even to bed.
She is my Mistress/Wife.

Hello Mistress,

I have known I am a girl since I was about 5. Currently I am 60. During all of these years I have diapers and plastic panties and dressed in girls clothings. Additionally I frequently played with girls and their games as a child.

Now as an adult I frequently dress as a woman and as a little girl. I love wering panties but usually can’t so stay diapered.

I am married and wife of xourse knows I wear diapers and plastic panties. She has know I am TG for about 20 years. We have a pretty normal sex life, however I have been know to take the liberty to suck cocks now and again. However I am working very hard nowadays to be faithful!

I am certain that you can see I need to be trained to be a good sissy. I have lots of female clothes, eepecially LG with cute little sissy dresses, fluffy petties, baby bibs, bottles, paci’s, rompers etc.

You will find me to be a very good student if you accept me. I am very honest, loyal and obedient.

I certainly hope you can find a bit of time to train this wretched sissy to be something useful the rest of her life!!


Karen Jack

I feel as though I’m a natural sissy, for years I’ve been wearing my mothers clothes secretly and wanting to move onto the next level. I really feel that I can move forward with the direction of the superior mistresses here.

I’m really into all sorts of cross-dressing, humiliation and so forth and I would love to push myself to expand beyond just dressing up occassionally.

I am eager and desperate to please you and I am certain that if you give me a chance I will prove myself to be one of your best sissys!

I am a limp-dicked pathetic “male” who is looking for a Female to take control of me and feminize me the way i was meant to be.
I’ve failed as a man, but perhaps i could become a useful, pretty sissy or just a tarted up sissyboi cocksucker for real men.
I have no doubts about my future and have no doubts about ever being an actual man.
I’m very anxious to start my transition into whatever She wants.

I came across this site by happenstance and I am glad I did….Though originally, I merely got off by crossdressing, I soon began to realize that over time not only did I begin to feel dressing in a feminine fashion was becoming normal for me but that I started subscribing to women’s magazines as well. I found myself more and more drawn to chatting with men. It even got to the point I started to develop breasts. I had my first experience with a man some years back after being involved with online chatting for some time. And I realized when I saw him naked and he saw me in my bra, panty, and high heels, that he was getting excited and he made me take his penis into my mouth…..Now, I’m wondering how I will feel when or if people start to recognize me who never knew I was really effeminate and attracted more to men.One man I am chatting with wants to post pics of me sucking him or even with his cum all over my face. I`m hoping the Institute will help me realize I will always be nothing more than a sissy faggot. I will do to the best of my ability all that is required of me.



If I may be allowed, I should also like to add a number of women with whom I chat online have told me more than once that if I am going to be a sissy faggot, not only do I have to suck men`s cocks and please them but that a sissy faggot should be publicly exposed for what they are. It is my firm belief the Institute will not only encourage my sissiness but will see to it that I am publicly exposed. The humiliation I will receive from people who never knew that I was really effeminate, a sissy and a faggot should make the Institute very happy indeed



i have wanted to be a sissy since can remeber but just never had the guts to admit it.looking for help to be the best sissy fagot i can be

i am a sissy. i needed to find this site and be traped into real sissy punishment and slavery. i should be allowed no other life, but serving as a lowly sissy and be humiliated for all to see.

Please accept my application to be a member of your Institute. i have always been submissive and a beliver that men should cross dress as a great way to appreciate what a woman has to endure every day. If accepted, i hope the Institute will help me realize that i am inferior and that all things female are superior.

i am a sissybaby and i know i am i havent found anything that makes me embarressed anymore i wear diapers reg at home and on occasion in public under my colthes i am serious to see what u can dish out if u get me to blush i will gladly bow to you

Please accept an application from me at The Institute. i am currently a chastised sissy slave that is cocklocked in a pink CB-2000 chastity device. Mistress is accelerating exposing and humiliating me on the internet and She came across this site. i am to beg You to send an application to me and to follow any and all instructions from there.

I would love to be a member of your institute because I need really strict women to punish me and make me behave like a good fattie sissy baby. I must be punished and embarrassed and humiliated in front of lots of people and everyone should see what a fat smelly sissy baby I am. I need to be taught a lesson on how to be a good fat piggy girl and need to be dressed up in sissy clothes that are so tight so my fat hangs out. Please let me fill out an application so I can have a chance to have you make an example out of me for all the sissys to see.

can i join please. im a pathetic loser and have lots of numiliating outfits and toys xx

Hi Miss,

My name is john and I’m a closet sissy fag. My wife thinks i’m macho but doesn’t know that i dress in her clothes sometimes when she’s out. On our wedding night i waited until she was asleep and put on her wedding lingerie, dress, veil and shoes and masturbated thinking of how sissified i looked. I once also let a man dress me in pvc lingerie then spank / masturbate me whilst making me say I was a gay frilly sissy who loved men and loved wearing womens clothes. Another man also made me wear tights (pantyhose) and made me mince around for him while he felt my ass and cock :( I cannot stop dressing as much as i’ve tried and know i deserve to be completely exposed and humiliate for everyone to see what a fag tranny i am.

I would love if you would consider me for your institute. thank you miss.
hope to hear from you.

Yours sincerely,
Frilly sissy john.

my name is sissynatalie, i am a 23 year old sissy and would like submit myself for consideration to be a member of the Institute. i hope to be able to please the Mistresses of the site.


Wish to be trained as a maid.Looking for someone to train me.

I love all women. Nothing is more fulfilling to me than worshiping a strong woman. As a man, I aspire to become better. To me this means to become (as close as possible) a woman.
I am already a sissy,unfortunatly not a very good one. I lack the discipline. I humbly ask to have the opportunity to serve. Thank you.

I seek guidance and someone to teach me how to be a proper girl.

I am in need of forced fem can you help ?

Would like to join institute to recieve punishement for my crossdressing although havnt dressed for a while . But will be a good girl if made to .thanks

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