Sleeping Tight

[Stacee Skye][] as she was sent to bed last night:

![Nighty Night](

[Stacee Skye]:


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Looks like she is tired with her head hanging low, or just ashamed.

After spending my Saturday working overtime and then running around in the <a href=”>No So Fluffy Diaper taking a bunch of pictures for Mistress Amber, after I finally got home, I was just tired.

[…] Posted by Amber Shummer on 23 Jul 2007 at 07:55 pm | Tagged as: Stacee Skye In a comment Yahoo 360, sissie maid jenna that Stacee Skye be required to write “i am a worthless slut” 100 times with perfect handwriting before being allowed to go to bed. […]

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