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Geek Girl: It’s a Maid, Maid, Maid World

As I sit awkwardly here writing this—awkwardly as I’ve been sitting in a wet and messy diaper for the better part of five hours—I know I’m rapidly approaching the end of my assignment. The Geek Girl series of assignments have been quite unpleasant up to this point (and I’m not expecting them to get any easier as I go—it would be nice though), and this assignment was no different. If you are one of the hopefuls applying to The Institute, know that fates similar to this await you—you have been warned. Warnings aside, however, on to what has been my quite unpleasant morning, it’s a Maid, Maid, Maid World after all…

>You are to get dressed as follows and remain dressed until your time is up. You should pick a period where you have enough free time, because stopping your assignment will mean repeating it. Also, changing your eating or bathroom habits in preparation for this assignment is not allowed.

>Dress is very similar to Eight Legged Clean Freaks and consists of:

>*A super stuffed diaper.

>*Standard bra and forms


>*Wrist and ankle cuffs

>*A black garbage bag fashioned into a maid’s dress (with a belt and white towel for an apron).

>*Hair in dual pony tails

>Once you are dressed, you are to clean your apartment from top to bottom, until it can pass a white glove test.


>*Once every two hours during the entire assignment, you will submit a picture of your current condition.

>*Once your apartment is clean, you will submit to me a video tour of all areas of your apartment as proof of completion. This will be used to judge whether or not you pass.

>Your assignment length is determine by the following rules:
>1. Your assignment will not be over (and you cannot get undressed) until you have submitted the walkthrough video and made a post on The Institute website.
>2. The minimum assignment length is 36 hours.
>2b. The minimum assignment length will be considered to have been met once you stew is a messy diaper for at least 6 hours.
>3. You can change your diaper as often as you would like, but each change adds six hours to the minimum assignment length.

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Geek Girl: Eight Legged Clean Freaks

Even after enduring her hellish torments at the hands of the evil sorority sisters in [Mouth of the South](http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2011/04/geek_girl_mouth_of_the_south/), Geek Girl’s torments were not over yet.

> It took Geek Girl almost three hours to waddle back to her apartment across town barefoot. Long enough that her sweatsuit was almost dry now. She had considered taking it off, but after a quick dip in the fountain in front of the college’s administration building, the smell stopped invading her nostrils and she decided to leave it on. Luckily she had not seen anyone out on the early Saturday morning, and she breathed a sign of relief as she shut her apartment door behind her.

> Geek Girl waddled to the bathroom and started the water in the tub. A nice long soak and a nap would help her attitude immensely. She stripped off her sweatsuit quickly and went to pull off her diaper. What she had thought were plastic panties with super-strong elastic were actually reinforced kevlar panties with locked aircraft cable ties. Her diaper wasn’t coming off without some heavy duty tools. Tools Geek Girl didn’t have. She checked out the tag on the panties and it simply said “Come back when you are ready to be changed.”

> Apparently her adventure was not yet finished.

I was so not looking forward to whatever punishment these sisters could come up with.

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Geek Girl: Mouth of the South

Following my choice to [fail my initial reinstatement assignments](http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2011/01/the_return_of_maggie_rae) I was introduced to my new persona of Geek Girl, the big-breasted bad luck girl whose lust for humiliation always seems to get the best of her. When we’d last left Geek Girl, she was [sitting alone in her apartment downloading gallery after gallery of humiliating porn](http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2011/03/maggie-rae_reinstatement_wrap-up), safe and innocent enough. It was when she ventured out into the world to seek the same humiliation she’d seen online that she really got herself into trouble.

> Geek Girl became obsessed with sorority initiations and decided to go down to the local college and do a little peeping. After scoping a few of the houses, she finally found one with a window that she could look in, while still providing her some cover from the street. Her patience was rewarded as she looked in and saw several young ladies, looking downcast, wearing only panties and holding large paddles out in their hands. Entranced as she was, she only realized after the snapping of twigs and the sweet smell of chloroform that she had fallen into their honeypot.

> As Geek Girl woke up, she could feel ropes encircling her ample breasts, still inside her black sweat suit, and keeping her tied to a wooden chair. With her hands roped behind the chair back and tied to her feet, she knew they had her. And when she found her hair was tied down, keeping her looking at the ceiling, she knew she was truly stuck as their prisoner until they decided to release her. After this beginning, the thought of what they had planned for her both excited and terrified her.

> After what seemed like hours or staring at the ceiling, listening to whispers in the corners of the room, Geek Girl was surprised when a girl wearing a leather helmet and brightly painted lips leaned over into her field of view. Geek Girl listened closely as she began.

> “As we like to keep control of our own property, without the involvement of outside law enforcement, we offer you two choices. The first is that you will stay with us for a little while and endure the punishments that we have voted and laid out for you. While they will be painful and humiliating, they will be over quickly. Your second option is for us to call our local police, who do not take kindly to peeping toms. With the judge and police chief being alumnae of our sorority, you can be guaranteed at least six months in jail, where we will do everything in our power to ensure that ‘dropping the soap’ in the men’s shower will be the high point of your day. Every day.

> “So, do you want us to call in the police? Or will you submit to our punishments? Before you answer though, let me at least tell you what they are. In ‘Artsy Fatsy’ you will be made up for a more appropriate look for the rest of the time. ‘Fire n the Icehole’ will keep your mind occupied while performing ‘Mouth of the South’. With ‘Way Down a Creek’ you will experience what I assume you came here to see. And finally, after ‘The Golden Child’, you will be sent away. That is all you need to know. So, do you accept our punishments?”

> “No police” was all Geek Girl could manage to whisper.

Below are the details of the five tasks—how they were applied to Geek Girl and how I implemented them.

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Maggie-Rae: Reinstatement Wrap-up

When I applied to be reinstated as a member of The Institute back in January, I was given a small number of relatively easy tasks to complete before I would be formally be re-admitted. I completed those simple assignments, but I was lax in my posting of them—not only lax, but careless and rushed. Toward the end of my write-ups, I was in so much discomfort that I was just scribbling down anything that came to mind, formatting be damned. Furthermore, when Mistress Katzenburg gave me the option of reattempting the posts, I wanted no more to do with them, and so resigned myself to a new series of five punishments: Daily lessons, where I spent 4-6 hours a day in my largest bra and forms for more than a month, with nothing but panties available for underwear; Geek Girl: Subjugation of the Silver Surfer, where I had to download a large number of image galleries while dressed in a humiliating, often painful manner with extras chosen randomly; Geek Girl: Eight Legged Clean Freaks, where I was forced to clean my apartment in the extremely humiliating and uncomfortable garb of a sissy baby maid; a Sissy Inventory and a Sissy Shopping Trip, to detail for Mistress Katzenburg the sissy clothing and accessories available and to purchase new clothes for that inventory; and finally Geek Girl: Mouth of the South, a series of five uncomfortable, humiliating, downright painful tasks that I completed to the best of my ability (however badly they may have turned out).

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