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A sissy must be prompt in her assignments – Morning 3

It is Sunday Morning and I have been very busy, but still have not completed my profile. So I am once again completely dressed in the sissy girlie outfit of Mistress Rosemarie’s choosing.

I have rephrased and corrected sections of my profile and added another section. I was certainly hoping to have completed this by now, but I have one question that I must ask Mistress Amber because I am not sure how to do a link. After several months of trying to be a good sissy client you would think that I would know all of these things by now, but I do not. I quess I am still in need of more and extensive training and punishment as a sissy client.

I will, hopefully, finish my profile as soon as Mistress Amber helps me with my question.

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A sissy must be prompt in her assignments – Night Two

It is Thursday night and I am back fully dressed as a pretty sissy. This is definitely not pleasant being dressed as a sissy all evening. Not only I am making dinner for Mistress Rosemarie, but she is making me go to the Ladies Room often during the evening to fix myself – you know – fix my makeup and lipstick and fluff and straighten my skirt and blouse. It certainly is difficult being a girl and looking you best.

I have found and collected training photos and have uploaded them to my profile page. I hope to complete some miscellaneous items of my profile on Saturday and can finally go back to my normal dressing life. I hope

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A sissy must be prompt in her assignments

I was recently, well actually a month ago, assigned a task by Mistress Amber to fill out a profile set up by her and to complete it as soon as possible. Well, I got busy with other assignments and finally pushed Mistress Amber’s patience to the limit. A sissy never has the excuse of being to busy to fulfill her Mistress’s instructions.

Mistress Amber was still very understanding, which I do appreciate greatly, and did not punish as severely as I deserved. I have been directed by her to dress up completely in feminine clothing every night until I completed this task. I further disappointed Mistress Amber by not starting my task immediately last night and now I am also to wear my sissy clitty cage.

Mistress Rosemarie is delighted with this because she had warned me to get going on my assignment and she so likes me to look pretty. She now forces me to dress as soon as I get home and to stay dressed all night. I make and feed her dinner, clean up and then go to the computer. Mistress Rosemarie tells me to take my time now because she wants me to dress like this every night, but I know I must complete and please Mistress Amber by finishing my Profile.

Mistress Rosemarie laid out a pretty feminine outfit and took pictures for all to see and delighting in my humiliation.


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Why There Are Rules

There are rules on the names of files so that given the name of a picture, I will know what is contains and that the various versions of that picture will all be of the same content. Which is why I get extremely frustrated when the rules are flaunted.

[Pieclown][], your next task is to explain why some of the pictures from February 26, 2008 have duplicated names. I expect a suitable explanation and the problems to be fixed.

[Pieclown]: http://institute.cdpunishment.com/profiles/pieclown

A Rules Based Culture

In looking at the recent client posts, I realize that I haven’t done a good job in making all of the rules that must be followed on the site all that clear. That will be rectified soon. In addition to the existing rules, I am adding a new one to help ensure that assignments and punishment are completed in a timely manner: “Treatments”.

There are now four types of objectives that may be given to a client:

* **Assignment** is the default type of objective given to a client in order to train them in our methods. It will usually involve dressing, bondage and humiliation.
* **Punishment** is a stronger form of an assignment, usually reserved for when clients break the rules or otherwise perform poorly. It will usually involve stricter (or longer) dressing, tighter bondage and greater humiliation.
* **Treatment** is a requirement that a client brings on herself for failure to promptly complete assignments and punishments. It will involve dressing full time.
* **Task** is similar to an assignment, but doesn’t involve training. It could be better described as administrative.

Treatments begin the same day that an assignment is made (or punishment given) and continue until completion. On the given day you must start wearing the prescribed daytime item under your normal clothes, and substitute your nighttime clothing for what is given. All clothing is additive, (Example: On day 10 you will be wearing what was already assigned for days 4 and 7, plus what is new for day 10.)

Day | Daytime Items | Nighttime Items
—|—- | —
4 | Panties | Nightgown
7 | Pantyhose |
10 | Bra | Bra, Breast Forms, Panties, Pantyhose
12 | Ankle Cuffs |
15 | Corset | Ankle Cuffs, Wrist Cuffs, Collar
18 | A good sized plug |
20 | Wrist Cuffs | Ankles locked together, wrists locked together
22 | Collar |
25 | Skirt (or slacks) | Blindfold, earplugs, hood
27 | Blouse |
30 | Breast Forms (XL) | A good size plug

When the results of the assignment are posted, there will be a section at the end for treatments required. You will post a thumbnail showing each treatment with a note stating “I chose this treatment by failing to finish in a timely manner.”

Note that the treatment schedule is subject to change and may be modified at the whim of any of The Ladies, or at the request of a client. Failure to keep track of the current rules does not exempt you from following them.

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