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“sissy billy’s” Rehabilitation Summer – Assignment # 1 – A Sissy Shaving

I confess that I have been too long negligent and lazy in being an active sissy student client of “The Institute of Cross-Dressing Punishment”. I have therefore been enrolled in Summer School of the “Institute” by Mistress Rosemarie and with the concurrence of Head Mistress Katzenburg. This was mandatory and it was made perfectly clear that I must pass or I may be expelled. I will attend this Summer School with the utmost enthusiasm and the proper attitude so that I may regain my status as an active sissy client.

So my Summer begins:

Assignment # 1 – Since I had for so long refused to comply with the many past assignments of a Clean Shaven sissy body, I am to do the following:

When I return home on Friday night I am to prepare and take a fragrant sissy bubble bath to soften my sissy skin. I am then to shave my body from the Neck down with strong encouragemnt that I at least utilize a feminine wax kit for areas of my hairy non-sissy body.

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sissy billy has been a Naughty Sissy

I have been silent too long and have not wanted to participate, but I have completely supported Mistress Katzenburg in her attempts to train my Sissy. However, Mistress Katzenburg and I are in agreement and are completely disgusted with your feeble attempts and poor attitude. With urging by Mistress Katzenburg, I will no longer be passive, but will take a more active Role in assiting Mistress Katzenburg and the Institute in your training and punishments.

silly billy has been lazy, arrogant at times, completely negligent of her duties as a sissy client of The Institute of Cross-Dressing Punishment and just plain naughty. She has broken and failed to follow so many “Rules of the Institute” that we could not list all of them. It is time for her attitude to change and her rehabilitation to begin.

Since sissy billy seems not to have enough will power of her own to follow even the simplest rules or demonstrate a proper attitude, I will give her a strict and rigid schedule to follow over the next three months. She will either complete successfully every assignment given her or I will wash my hands of her and I imagine Mistress Katzenburg my suspend her and put her in the Hall of Shame.

“sissy billy” – read your fate below in the following agenda that we have set for you and obey completely.

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sissy billy’s Final Soap Test Analysis

There is no more Soap Testing. This sissy is so Happy and I hope that my efforts and my punishment discomfits can be of assistance to all in picking out the proper soap for them to use as a sissy.

After several weeks of thorough Testing and even an added week of Testing to Test a particularly Girlie Smelling Soap, the Results are in and tabulated. All that remains is to pick a Winner which will be difficult. The added dilema is that the Winner may be used on myself and others in the Future. I will try to be fair and unbiased and not to think about my future possible discomfit.

The First assignment was to purchase appropriate Soaps for Testing among all the available feminine Soaps.

Camay (My Pink everyday Soap), Olay (Age Defing), Caress (Velvet Bliss), Dove (Pink Rosa) and then the added Japanese Cherry blossom were chosen for testing.


The Testing then was started under strict and documented criteria.

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sissy billy’s Soap Test – Japanese Cherry Blossom

This is the fifth and final week of the Soap Test, Thank Goodness. It has been an extra long month and while the testing may prove of a benefit for Mistress Katzenburg in the future, conducting the testing has been a terrible ordeal for this sissy. Thank Goodness it ends on Sunday.

Japanese Cherry Blossom is the Soap to be tested this week with the punishment day scheduled for Monday as a result of my always whining. This soap and other miscellaneous lotions can be purchased at the Bath and Body shop and they smell as girlie as the Store does in general.


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Results of the Hairy Chest Poll and its Consequences.

In a twitter message and also several emails, my prep for the Additional Soap test came into question and got out of hand. I guess some of this was caused by my initial whining, which always seems to be a character flaw of mind. As usual the poll found against us poor sissies, but that is our fate and I do not dispute it.

It went from a bikini shave to Mistress Katzenburg asking for a complete body shave. I was understandably distressed about this turn of events. I have obeyed the requirements, almost. I once again must ask for some leniency knowing full well that this always gets me deeper in trouble.

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In a Row – Pieclown’s Results

[Mistress Katzenburg](http://institute.cdpunishment.com) has issued a new assignment. [In a Row](http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2011/03/in_a_row) has all clients becoming diapered maids.
We are to put on our bra and largest forms.


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Maggie-Rae: Shaving the Great Wooly Bison

This assignment known as Picture Perfect was the last thing I was assigned before my leave of absence from The Institute. As such, this assignment has been hanging over my head for some time, and it wasn’t until today that I finally managed to clear it. Even now I sit in its final result, which will last until I am up to date with my posting and have been restored as an active member of The Institute. The following images tell the ancient story of Cruel Mistress and the enigmatic Great Wooly Bison, how the Great Wooly Bison attempted to sway the Cruel Mistress with a show of sissy submission, only to ultimately be shaved bare and placed in a disgusting, gooey diaper prison. Continue Reading

pieclown:Sorority Bitch

When [Mistress Katzenburg](http://institute.cdpunishment.com) gave the assignment of [Dusting Off](http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2010/06/dusting_off) she let us there would be a [poll](http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2010/06/dusting_off_the_polling_booth) to see who did it the best. The winner would not have to do the next [assignment](http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2010/06/sorority_bitches). I was not the winner so had to participate in seven of the nineteen activities, spread over the four sections. One from each section.

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sissy billy – a Sorority Bitch

A short while ago we were all given an assignment. Because the Institute had become quite dusty, we were to present ourselves as a sissy maid prepared to clean. A Poll was established to vote on who had presented themselves as the most humiliated sissy maid.

The losers were to be trained further and experience further humiliation as “Sorority Bitches”.

From the Start my performance was inadequate and had 0 Votes until a late surge left me with 2 Votes, but still in last place. I guess I was the most in need of humiliation and training by the Sorority and now I was to be a “Sorority Bitch”.

The assignment was basically that you were to experience a Sorority initiation Training Exercise in obedience and humiliation. There would be four Training Sessions over the course of the Evening divided into a Pleasant Dinner at a reception hall followed by a punishment session for insolent Sorority Bitches. You were then to be taken back to the Sorority House for some additional Training Punishments. Then, finally, it was Bedtime and a pleasant Sleep. The actual training episodes were not so pleasant.

It was for each of us to determine our training activities. We were required to pick at least one activity in each session, a minimum of 7 total activities and the Judges were to decided which Sorority Bitch would graduate and which would need further training.

I intended to try as hard as I could to impress the Judges and would attempt as many activities as I thought I could accomplish. To start, I strove to make myself as pretty as I could and be the Best Sorority Girl I could. I was to attend a Dinner at a reception hall and the dress code was a Corset, stockings, high heels and a dress. Since it seemed like a formal affair, I chose an old, but very pretty Fancy Dress that I once imagined wearing to a Prom.

I stood ready to be a Sorority Bitch.


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New Standing Rule for sissy billy

[sissy billy][]’s [permalink id=2728 text=’Standing Rules’] have been updated to indicate that her legs are to be shaved (or waxed or otherwise) at any point she desires to wear pantyhose.

[sissy billy]: http://institute.cdpunishment.com/profiles/sissy-billy/

A Very Smooth Move

Last night [sissy billy admitted][1]: “I deserve punishment for this basic mistake of not knowing the proper name. What is my suitable punishment?” The punishment is very simple and will handle an different whining complaint that she made: sissy billy is to shave herself **tonight** from the neck down—sissy babies shouldn’t be hairy at all.

[1]: http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2009/04/taking_our_name_in_vain#comment-2369

If sissy billy wishes to put off this punishment, which I am pretty sure she does since she has an annual check up with the doctor next week, then two conditions will be added, First, each night until she decides to shave, she is to follow the directions in the following paragraph:

> sissy billy is very sorry that she did not take the time to properly learn that the name of this institution of correction is known as ‘The Institute for Cross-Dressing Punishment’ and not the other name that sissy billy wanted to call it. sissy billy will endeavor to use the name of The Institute properly in all future communications; will be punished much more severely in the future for this type of infraction; and will recognize that her Mistresses are always right in attempts to correct her. sissy billy also realizes that she is dressed up as a double stuffed sissy baby (with a water-balloon over-filled large bra, a regular diaper, a grossly overstuffed pink plastic diaper cover filled with all manner of absorbent material, and punishment level high heels) and has a wetted down bar of pink Camay in her mouth of her own accord because she chooses to put off her punishment. By writing out this paragraph five times each night before going to bed, sissy billy is learning a very important lesson about ‘The Institute for Cross-Dressing Punishment’. sissy billy is learning that Mistress Heavynne Yeardleigh, Mistress Amber Shummer, and the other ladies of ‘The Institute for Cross-Dressing Punishment’, are committed to punishing and humiliating all of their sissy clients, especially when the sissy wants to delay a punishment. sissy billy is also learning that when being trained by Mistress Heavynne Yeardleigh, Mistress Amber Shummer, and the other ladies of ‘The Institute for Cross-Dressing Punishment’, the punishment will only get worse the longer it is delayed.

Secondly, after she shaves, she will multiply the the day of the month (of May) that she decided to shave, and spend that many days following with the following punishment rules:

* She is to wear her clitty cage, panties and pantyhose to work.
* The only toilet she may use is the one at her job.
* She is to be diapered as soon as she arrives home from work, and remain so until she leaves for work again. Both cloth and disposable are fine, but the plastic cover must be worn over them.
* If she loads her diaper, she is allowed to change herself after [gagging on a cock][2] for 10 minutes. (Every sissy should be required to practice this way.)
* If she just wets her diaper, she is allowed to change it after 30 minutes.
* Pantyhose may be worn to help her compress the diaper if she needs to leave her house.
* And since she needs to pretty and likes to wear a negligee to bed, that will be allowed if she is wearing some appropriately [heavy duty cuffs][3] on her wrists and ankles—just so she doesn’t forget this is a punishment.

So if she waits until the 7th to shave, she will spend 14 days, from the 8th through the 21st under these rules. Or, she may surprise me and just shave tonight. Stranger things have happened.

[2]: http://www.extremerestraints.com/penis-gags_154/
[3]: http://www.extremerestraints.com/bondage-gear_10/strict-leather-premium-locking-cuffs_199.html

pieclown: Dream or ? – Part 2

[Pieclown](http://institute.cdpunishment.com/profiles/pieclown) turned to look at the door. It was the desk clerk, the woman, who had hit him with a pie in the face. Julie stood there with a scared little smile. [Mistress Amber](http://institute.cdpunishment.com/profiles/amber_shummer) spoke “Pieclown, this is Julie, oh right you two have already met. Julie has been in contact with me. She is interested in becoming a mistress for
[The Institute](http://institute.cdpunishment.com/) I have been instructing for a short time. Today she will get some hands on training. Since she is not quite a mistress, you will refer to her as Miss Julie. Pieclown stand up and say hello.” Pieclown stood up, turned, and said “Hello, Miss Julie”. Miss Julie took a step in, but Mistress Amber held up her hand. “Pieclown are you going to welcome her in or should she leave?” asked Mistress Amber. Continue Reading

pieclown: Potty Mouth – Cleaned Up – IV

My most resent
has me paying for not doing all my [treatments](http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2009/01/pieclownatonement_bra_show). I am to wear panties and a bra, every day until I get this done. I was to add panty hose on Monday, and girdle on Wednesday, if I did not post all four punishments. Me and my clown ways screwed up and thought if I started on time would not do this. Well if I had started on time and did it everyday I would b done before I need to add more clothing.
This photo is from Tuesday.


Here I added pantyhose.

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pieclown: Potty Mouth – Cleaned Up – III

Third time is not a charm.

My most resent
has me paying for not doing all my [treatments](http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2009/01/pieclownatonement_bra_show). I am to wear panties and a bra, every day until I get this done. I was to add panty hose on Monday, but I misinterpreted Mistress Amber’s instructions. She said if I started Thursday, I would not need to add any more clothes. Had I done everyday since Thursday, I would have been done on Sunday and not needed extra clothes. Well here is what I did wear.
This photo is from Sunday.

This photo is from Monday.

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pieclown: Potty Mouth – Cleaned Up – II

2nd Round

My most resent
has me paying for not doing all my [treatments](http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2009/01/pieclownatonement_bra_show). I am to wear panties and a bra, every day until I get this done.

This photo is from Friday.


This photo is from Saturday. Mistress Amber said in a recent conversation, that I should do a photo in a sexy way. So I snapped one normal photo and a little sexier.

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