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Never Trust Mistress Amber

As soon as got back on the property, Mistress Amber called to tell me to put the clothespins on. Like I didn’t see that coming.

And by the time I get back to the house, they are really hurting, so I ask if I can take them off. And Mistress Amber says “i’ll do you this one favor.” So she takes off my jeans and the panties and the penis harness before putting on a corset and four layers of an adult diaper. Four layers and then the same panties I was wearing.

And she puts in the small forms. Not that it really matters, because the elastic in the bra is so far gone that it doesn’t give any support, so every time I move, the forms move. Up and down. Right and left. Oh, and they grab the clothespins as they move.

As I was trying to put my jeans back on (over the huge diaper), surprise, surprise, they don’t fit. She says ‘don’t worry, you can just use this skirt instead,’ as if it is an equal trade. And as punishment for the jeans not fitting back over the diaper that she put on, I’ve got to wear high heels now.

So now, as a part of her “favor”, I’m sitting her typing this as my nipples still burn. She said she will consider taking them off when I get back inside. I’m coming to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter what I do–the punishment is always going to be the same.

This is freaking ridiculous.

Stacee Skye Paddles Herself

[Stacee Skye][0] had to use the bathroom when she arrived home to find [Mistress Amber][1] waiting, [Stacee Skye][0] was forced to paddle herself and make a video. [Stacee Skye][0] also must write in the third person until [Mistress Amber][1] thinks she is worthy. Once [Stacee Skye][0] is finished with this post, she must get ready for an exercise routine.

[0]: http://institute.cdpunishment.com/profiles/stacee_skye
[1]: http://institute.cdpunishment.com/

A Freakin Clown

Apparently this [pieclown][] has [Mistress Amber][1] pissed off. Why else would she start locking me out of the deck again? I thought we were past this. Now she’s [asking me about punishments][2] for this clown and threatening me if she doesn’t come through.

How is that going to be my fault???

[pieclown]: http://institute.cdpunishment.com/tag/pieclown

[1]: http://institute.cdpunishment.com/
[2]: http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2007/11/pieclown_atonement

Wet Spot

[Mistress Amber][1] likes to talk big about how she made me put [a wet spot on my jeans][2], but she manages to leave out a few details. Like her continually massaging the front of the diaper to squeeze out what little was in it. And the milking “accident” that sent her home before she got the chance to tuck me in, like she so dearly wanted.

When the the whole truth gets told, its a much different story.

[1]: http://institute.cdpunishment.com/
[2]: http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2007/04/incorrect_assumptions

Really Big

As a part of my punishment week, Mistress Amber forced me to take some pictures of me with my really big breasts:

![Really Big](http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2007/02/btsp_070201-021s.jpg)

She also had me make a movie of me [morphing from very small to very large breasts][1]. Please post a comment on the transformation if you download the movie.

[1]: http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2007/02/btsp_070201-027.mov


When I got back from Wal-Mart, Mistress Amber took one look at me and stormed out. A bit later I got this message from her,

> Stacee Skye,
> If you’re not smart enough to leave the clothespins on until I tell you to remove them, then you’re probably not smart enough to figure out why I left. I’m considering canceling the entire punishment week.
> If you’re ready for a reconciliation, then get dressed for bed. Then post this email on your weblog along with a picture of you gagged and blindfolded. Then wait like this.
> I’ll be by to either tuck you in to bed or drop off the keys.
> Mistress Amber

And so I wait.

![Ready for Bed](http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2007/01/btsp_070131-013s.jpg)

Endless Punishment — Bedtime

Mistress Amber has promised that the clothespins will come off when I am dressed for bed. She just hasn’t said what that will include or how long that will take. Apparently she thinks I didn’t get enough bedtime bondage two nights ago. At least getting the clothespins off is something to look forward to.


As expected, getting dressed for bed took much longer than expected. She had me take off one article of clothing or bondage at a time, then take a picture of myself using the 10 second delay on the camera. After taking each picture I had to come back and type which item had just been removed.

* Left ankle cuff lock
* Right ankle cuff lock
* Right ankle cuff
* Left ankle cuff
* Black girdle panties
* White girdle panties
* Blue pantyhose
* Black g-string
* Forward snap on the penis harness
* Back snap on the penis harness

And then she has me put the new sleepwear on one item at a time:

* Red shaping panties
* White waist cincher

The gray tights were supposed to go on next, but no, they have to go under the previous two pieces, so I have two more pictures to strip down before I can start taking them again to build up:

* Black G-String
* Gray Tights
* Right Ankle Cuff
* Left Ankle Cuff
* Clip between ankle cuffs
* Left ankle cuff lock
* Right ankle cuff lock

And that is when it got ridiculous. To put on the red panties I had to take off the clip between the cuffs, so that was another picture. And since she wanted the clip on, I had to put it back on. Three pictures to get the red shaping panties on. Then its time for the white waist cincher, but she decides, in her infinite wisdom, that she wants the red panties on the outside, so it’s another three pictures to take the panties back off.

I managed to pull the white cincher on over my clipped ankles, so this time through each hook and eye closure becomes a new picture to take. Three on the crotch, six on the waist. Since it takes about 30 seconds per picture, that’s another five minutes of clothespin hell to get the waist cincher back on. And another three pictures to get the red panties back on and one final picture for the pink nightgown.

It’s at this point I think to ask if she is going to make me sleep in my rubber corset. The answer is no–if I want to go through the process of taking it off, which would require me to strip down, once piece at a time. Since my clothespins were nearing the two hour mark, I declined to remove the corset. I may regret that later though.

So finally my clothespins can come off, one piece at a time remove the night gown, picture, remove the clothespin, picture, put the night gown back on, picture. For all four of them. Another 12 pictures. So after an hour of useless picture taking I am finally ready for bed. Almost.

Mistress Amber doesn’t think that I will sleep well in the corset, so will have to come off. And, since I didn’t think of it before I started getting ready, this time I will be required to change all my clothes in high heels. Oh, and a collar would be added to my sleeping arrangement. And I will be gagged for the remainder of the pictures, which will start as soon as Amber gets done with her break, during which I am being sent back outside–in my nightgown.

If I had known getting “dressed for bed” for bed would have taken this long, I’d have started at 8pm.

**Update 2:**

The good news is that Mistress Amber relented on me taking all the pictures. The bad news is that I don’t have to take all those pictures because I will be sleeping in my corset. In fact I will be sleeping just as I am now, except she will remove my gag and high heels. Once I pickup everything in the house that she got out during my punishment. Assuming I don’t drool on my new gown.

![Ready for Bed](http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2007/01/btsp_070103-059s.jpg)

Sent To The Store

After a fairly easy night, Mistress Amber is sending me to the store to purchase a few items. She has agreed to remove my breast forms, but for this privilege will be putting on clothespins. She was going to let me go as is, but since I need to use the restroom first, will be putting on the penis harness. And since I am leaving the house she is also requiring ankle and wrist cuffs to be locked on.

My shopping list (so far) includes:

* A Pair of Tights or Pantyhose
* A Pair of Panties
* Sleepwear

She also will be calling Mistress M to see if there are any other items that should be purchased–either for household use or my punishment.


Mistress Amber is very good at leaving out details. She did let me exchange the water balloons for clothespins so my plight wouldn’t be too obvious when I went to the store–she just neglected to inform me that the exchange could only be made once I got to the car. I guess I should be grateful she didn’t make me wait until I got to the store to make the switch.

Then when I get back I watch her laugh at me from the window as I try to put the balloons back in without wrenching on the clothespins. I succeed in that, but once I got inside she didn’t think the balloons were down in the bra cups well enough. So instead of taking off the clothespins as was promised, she just readjusted the balloons. So now, with the high heels back on, I’m worse off than I was at the store. At least it should be time to go to bed soon.

Endless Punishment Continues

My punishment continues to be a bit perplexing. After going inside without permission, I was sent back to the garage. Amber even removed my second rubber corset.

Now that I have been outside for almost an hour, I am starting to get cold. I hope that Amber decides to quit stewing so that I can go back into the house. Whatever the punishment will be.

Endless Punishment

When The Ladies left early last night, I thought that my introduction to the new year was over. This was confirmed when they did not meet me at the door when I returned home from work this evening. Apparently it was a ruse as Amber showed up several minutes later, mad that I was not yet dressed up for punishment.

She put me into two rubber corsets, panty hose and high heels, stuffed my bra, took a picture and sent me to the garage to type up my thoughts on what she had planned for the evening. Actually, she didn’t just send me to the garage. She first sent me to unlock the door, then had me retrieve the camera, then to retrieve my laptop and finally to get my instructions, before allowing me to return to the garage for a final time. I believe that the multiple trips were just so she could see me walk across the breezeway several times to the detached garage. Usually she will give me a coat to cover myself, but this time I was completely exposed for any neighbors that happened to be looking. I am thankful she did not turn on the porch light to give the neighbors a better view.

![Dressed for the Garage](http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2007/01/btsp_070103-001s.jpg)

The part of my punishment that has me the most concerned so far is that she put me in no bondage–which is usually a staple. And now due to the pressure of the corsets, I really have to use the restroom. I don’t want to think about what my punishment will be of returning to the house before I am called, but at the current time I have no choice.

New Maid Uniform

For my training this past weekend Mistress M bought and made me a whole new set of clothes to serve her in.


She said that this uniform does a better job of accentuating my girlish figure and she is proud of the way her sissy maid looks. What do you think of the new maid uniform and super short skirt?

101 Reasons I Should be Paddled

1. I ripped one of my stockings and did not replace it.
2. I have not replied to all of my Yahoo 360 messages.
3. I did not volunteer to wear high heels while walking.
4. I took off my penis leash without permission while going to the bathroom.
5. I did not tell Mistress about my training last week.
6. I put the wrong ankle cuffs on and had to fix them.
8. It took me too long to get dressed.
7. I could not come up with any more reasons.
9. I had to be chained to the exercise machine to be forced to walk.


After being dressed and bound as soon as I arrived home from work, there are man things I am thankful for with regard to my “standing on the porch” punishment by [The Ladies of The Institute][1] this evening.

* They did not paddle me for my other mistakes.
* I was not required to sit down.
* I was allowed to wear a long coat.
* They did not plug me up.
* No pictures were taken.
* I was not bound with the figure eight stretcher.
* My 5″ heels were not locked on.
* A second rubber corset was not used.
* The larger breast forms were not used.
* The posture collar was not used.
* The largest breast forms were not used.
* My neighbors were not outside.
* It as dark outside.
* My wrists were not locked together.
* My ankles were not chained together.
* I will be allowed to remove the two clothespins on each nipple after one hour
* The rest of my punishment will be short.

[1]: http://institute.cdpunishment.com/

September Maid Training

My training for this month started early this morning with fixing breakfast in bed for Mistress, then drawing her a bath and helping her dress. After helping her get ready for the day I was sent to scrub the kitchen floor by hand.

Missing a spot and taking to much time led to a number of paddlings, in a variety of positions.

At the [suggestion of maid jenna][1], as a part of my punishment today, I was wrapped in plastic wrap and covered with the layer of clear packing tape to help me lear to better gauge time (since it took me too long to scrub the kitchen floor).

[1]: http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2006/09/stacee_skye_mistress_flies_solo

My June Duct Tape Paddling

When Mistress arrived at home she was in the mood for punishment. She duct taped my legs together, bent me over the desk, pulled up down my panties and paddled me good.

After the paddling, Mistress kept me chained on the floor until she was ready for the main event–a duct tape hogtie.

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