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Maggie Rae: Story Assignment 3—Back and Forth

Let me tell you about the worst night I’ve had in a while, and bear with me because I haven’t had nearly as much sleep as I should have. [This week’s story assignment](http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2013/01/maggie-rae-chapter-3-back-and-forth) looked bad on its face, many of them do, but it’s not until you’re well into it before you realize exactly how terrible it is. The principle sounds simple enough—my assignment was to transfer pennies one at a time from a cup in one room in the house to a cup in another, with increasingly unpleasant additions as I went. Now, my place isn’t that big, and even spread out as far as possible, there were only about 15 steps between cups—not awful you say, that’s 30 steps per penny. Well, allow me to show you how wrong you would be…


Like most assignments, however, I started by laying out everything I would need beforehand… Ominous, isn’t it?

[Pic1s]: http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2013/01/maggierae_130126-001s.jpg
[Pic1e]: http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2013/01/maggierae_130126-001e.jpg

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The Actual Return of Maggie Rae

Back at the end of January, Maggie Rae filed for re-instatement with The Institute and was given a [short list of tasks][1] that she had to complete in order to do so. As was noted back then, the outcome was less than spectacular and I have her four options of how to proceed:

[1]: http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2011/01/the_return_of_maggie_rae

1. I will update the rules to fix the hole(s) you found and you can attempt to fix them and all of the others errors on your own. When you start this process, you will spend at least 24 hours straight in the bra and forms you have become so accustomed to recently. (Other clothing does not matter.) As proof of this, you will upload a new picture to Dropbox every hour for proof of compliance, unless you are sleeping or are outside of your apartment. If you are out, then upload proof you were gone when you return. You will be able to submit as many times as you would like, but I am working full time and will only have limited time to check your results. At the end of 24 hours, if the assignments have not yet been accepted, you can continue in the bra and forms, or appeal for a different option.

2. I will tell you the hole(s) you found in the rules and specifically which rules were broken in the postings and/or which parts of the assignment were not completed correctly. The same requirements for #1 apply AND you will be given an additional assignment/punishment that must be completed. I will update the rules to fix the hole(s).

3. You can leave these assignments as is. I will fix the posts and update the rules to fix the hole(s). You will be given a number of new punishments (at least five) to make up for your current failures. In addition, Babyface would have to be repeated, since your Sorority Bitches assignment did not get a better grade than Pieclown.

4. You can give up.

She picked number 3. And now, finally, after two months of activity, all her posts are ready to be shown (and I can talk about irony): she ended up fixing the posts herself (as in option 2). Instead of spending 24 hours in a bra and forms, she spent over two months doing assignments (including 30 days of spending at least 4 hours a day in those same forms). What a great trade-off.

All of her recent activities will be posted over the next week or so, starting her return in abundance of this request submitted with her reinstatement packet:


pieclown’s apology

I got a note back from missy maid the other day:
> mistress amber,
> missy maid is very sorry to hear that all of miss pieclown’s pictures and video were uploaded since missy maid cannot understand why miss pieclown cannot follow the directions. missy maid was right to think that miss pieclown would find a way to cheat. missy maid is also upsets with mistress amber because missy maid knew that miss pieclown would not complete [her apology][1] correctly.
> missy maid

I have already sent my apologies to missy maid, as I forgot that I must give pieclown *very explicit* directions. While I told her to “Get yourself dressed up, proper feminine makeup required, with properly sized and weighted breast forms…properly corseted, plugged, packaged and ball gagged,” I did not specifically mention *this* time that the pictures must reflect this. So there is a whole lot of pictures of her meditating and writing that all pretty much look the same.

![Meditating](http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2008/09/pieclown_080809-012+001.jpg) ![Writing](http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2008/09/pieclown_080809-044+001.jpg)

Was there a digital clock in any of the pictures? Not a chance. (Well, there was a computer added timer, but that wasn’t quite the point.) And apparently, my directions should have said “Take *readable* photographs (or scan) the original apology letter.” There’s nothing like an apology you can’t read.

I did manage to catch a couple of pictures with pieclown all dolled up, so I will be sure to post those soon. As soon as I hear back from missy maid. (Maybe pieclown will feel sorry for missy maid and send some full body pictures. I am not holding my breath.)

[1]: http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2008/07/pieclown_apology_to_missy_maid

pieclown: Apology to missy maid

After further consultation with missy maid, this is the punishment for pieclown. It is due by the end of the month.

Since missy maid is concerned that you will try to cheat in this punishment, all activities are to be recorded via (1) video camera, (2) web camera, (3) automatic (every 30 seconds) camera, or (4) a friend taking pictures for you. (Missy maid would like the last one, so they you can be forced to serve them after this apology is finished. I don’t really care that much.)

1. Get yourself dressed up, proper feminine makeup required, with properly sized and weighted breast forms. (Definitely no smaller than the ones you used for the second alphabet.) You will be properly corseted, plugged, packaged and ball gagged.

2. Prepare the location by setting up the camera, then a digital clock and an analog clock in the background (that will still show up in the pictures).

3. Kneeling, with your hands behind your head, meditate for 30 minutes. (Note that it is improper to have any external input interrupt or end you meditation.) If you will have trouble with your eyes darting all over the place, then you should use a blindfold during the meditation.

4. If required, bring a chair and/or table to the camera area.

5. Handwrite an apology to missy maid, explaining what you did wrong and offering a retribution punishment for the grief you caused her. (1500 words would be an appropriate length, but that shouldn’t cut you off.)

6. Move the camera setup to the computer (of vice versa) and type the apology as a comment to this post.

7. Take photographs (or scan) the original apology letter.

8. Post all of the pictures and video to The Institute’s [ftp site][1].

Remember, this is due by the end of the month and you should always let me know that you have received the punishment by sending email or posting a comment.

[1]: ftp://shummer@institute.cdpunishment.com/

pieclown: Another Bowl of Alphabet Soup

I was up thinking last night–something just didn’t seem quite right with [pieclown’s alphabet][1]. It just irked me until I finally found it. It was [her comment][2] about what she was going to do:

> It is a pink swim suite with white hose. Pictures will be taken in front of a black backdrop.

So how did she look in white hose? I have no idea. That wasn’t what she took pictures of. So she is going to do another alphabet.

pieclown, your punishment is to get dressed up and create a me another set of [alphabet fitness][4] letters and numbers (0 through 9)

* The pictures must be taken against a solid color backdrop
* You must be wearing the same dress or blouse/skirt combo in all of them
* Using inanimate objects to make portions of the letters or numbers is forbidden
* All of the characters must be sufficiently distinguishable
* Pictures may be cropped, but will otherwise be used as is.
* You will be properly corseted, plugged, packaged and gagged. (It is your judgement what is considered proper, but you do not want to skimp in this area or you will be doing this again.)
* You will be wearing properly sized (aka LARGE) breast forms. (Foam balls? I don’t think so. You need something with heft that will move around with you.)

Your punishment pictures are due to me by June 29th. Hop to it.

[1]: http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2008/06/pieclown_alphabet_soup_assignment_results
[2]: http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2008/06/pieclown_alphabet_soup#comment-354
[4]: http://www.alphabetfitness.org/

Properly Packaged, Plugged and Gagged

Brenda Lee’s first assignment (at the end of January) was to present herself properly packaged, plugged and gagged. This results of this assignment have been judged to be “Satisfactory”, but no higher than that.


She even sent a close up of her cute little sign:

![PPPG 2](http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2007/03/sign_cu_sm.jpg)

More assignments may be completed in the future, assuming she finishes her [current punishment][1].

[1]: http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2007/03/brenda_lees_bed_time

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