Back to School. I have finished Summer School Semester # 1 and I am now about to start Semester # 2. The Session Break was too short.

This Semester is dedicated to a class curriculum of “Sissy Girl” Home Economics. It is supposed to be a learning experience of what to expect as a Sissy Girlie Cross-Dresser in preparation for readmission to “The Institute for Cross-Dressing Punishment”. This Semester looks like a lot of difficult Sissy Courses and I am already behind in starting my first course and further behind in posting my course report.

My first week course entails the experiences of a “SISSY BABY”.

The following course requirements are:

– The sissy student must not sleep in her big Girl Bed
– The sissy student’s Bed shall be the Tub in Mistress’ Bathroom (it is about the size of a crib)
– The sissy student shall setup the Tub with appropriate Bed Padding, Baby rubber sheeting and little Baby sissy Girl sheeting. She will sleep in this each night
– Immediately when arriving at home, the sissy student is to go to the nursery, put on a diaper and rubber pants and baby romper set
– The sissy student shall insert her mouth spreader to promote sissy baby drooling
– From Monday till Friday the sissy student will only eat Baby Food and Baby Formula
– Before going to Bed sissy student will drink 32 oz of water and accept a “Fleet” enema to make sure she experiences the feeling of being a baby

As a result of this sissy student failing to start the course on time and missing the first two class days, this first week class will be extended another week with requirements not completing until July 1.

With reluctance and trepidation, I went to my first class of Semester 2.

My first lesson was to make up my Sissy Baby Bed in the Tub. It was really really small and I could not imagine sleeping in my sissy baby crib for the next 2 weeks.


Then I was instructed to lay out on the bed all the required sissy baby clothing and accessories required for the course to be inspected by the Class Mistress.


I was sent to the Ladies Room to properly add a diaper and sissy rubber diaper cover pantie.


And then proper “SISSY” Baby Attire was added. First came the sissy baby romper PJ’s and then a severe mouth spreader. I was drooling in minutes. Really disgusting.


Then it got worse. Mistress made me a very icky very blended meal of Baby Cereal and Baby Vegetables. She knows I dislike Baby Food, so she decided to color the icky baby food which made it look as bad as it tasted. The over-blended baby cereal was a disgusting blue.


I gagged from the first spoonful. I tried very hard, but I could only eat a few spoonfuls of each of the sissy baby food entrees and had to leave the rest.

Then it was off to my baby bed, but first an enema was administered. As I could feel the enema start to churn in my stomach, I also drank the large bottle of water.


I lay in my crib for an hour or so trying to squeeze my sissy vagina closed, but to no avail as I started to leak into my diaper from both my sissy vagina and my sissy clitty. A mess in my diaper formed over the next few minutes. I guess this is part of my training, but I now know how a baby feels to lay in her crib all night with a messy diaper. No wonder Babies cry at night.

The first night ended as I got up very early to clean my diaper. However, I knew it would be repeated the next night and the next night and the next night. A very unpleasant week and a half.


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I know somewhat how You feel. I am on my last diaper of one case and have another case already to take it’s place. That means another 88 DIAPERS to go (my second semester). There were diapers at the Salvation Army but I did not even look at the size because I am already cursed with enough for summer. Two correctols had my belly churning after eating Chinese food this weekend. Although i was well padded I did make it to a rest room while only squirting a small amount. I was not alone and felt it best for both of us.
BTY Great job on this assignment.Great picture, nice layout and the writing descriptions were indicative of the project.

o hi mistress that has a baby summer school to train sissy girl babys —well i am a baby man want to be a school girl baby –train into diapers lots od corporal discipline train –i am will to let you baby train my ass off —and you can gag me real good long gaging in a real tight horse rubber bit 4 tight belts on me –i will open up real wide for the rubber bit to be fit in my mouth so you can gag me real baby quiet –and i do not care if the gag bit is self hurt me in pain —i will never talk back just get my baby time train –i am will to cry ball like your baby in baby sissy discipline school —i will take real red black blue ass from you mistress to get me well baby train —i am 5-6 tall 138 lbs baby slave and you do not ever have to tolerate in my baby train in class school bye slavesuzie

a very nice way to trai na sissy baby…i should need this too

I feel both hot and grateful to be under the control of Auntie Susan Marie. I am never allowed to touch myself, and Auntie makes sure that I am clean at both ends. I enjoy the draining of my spunk, but the soapy enemas are too painful, even if they do end my compulsion to play with myself. The sissy nightgowns comfort me as I cry myself to sleep.

    It has been a long time since I have visited the Institute Site. I too am not allowed to touch myself and I am kept in a small Chastity Cage. I am seldom allowed to relieve myself as chastity is constantly extended when I am naughty.
    Are you new to the site as I have not seen you comment before? My Mistress is also very strict. I am a pathetic Sissy Girl and when I am naughty I am not only punishment with a soapy enema, but also have the soapy bar shoved in my mouth. Then I am sent to bed wearing an old granny flannel nightgown instead of my pretty frilly negligee.
    I often cry myself to sleep, but then Mistress just says because I am a pathetic sissy girl cross-dresser, I will be punished as I deserve to be.

Awwwww to bad,, we sissies can and will do what it necessary to stay in good graces.

I love laying in messed diapers and rubber pantys

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