pieclown: Writing on the Wall [Results]

pieclown’s [Writing on the Wall](http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2008/04/pieclown_writing_on_the_wall) assignment is finally finished, and, overall, the results are not too bad:

«pieclown_080503-007» «pieclown_080503-010» «pieclown_080503-013» «pieclown_080503-016»

«pieclown_080503-019» «pieclown_080503-022» «pieclown_080503-025» «pieclown_080503-028»

She picked a decent shade, sent all of the requested pictures, and even included a few extra “just for me”. I give the effort 85/100. (Of course, I am always open to suggestions on grade modification. For her sake, I hope it doesn’t go much lower–I’ll have to start posting the rest of the pictures as punishment.)


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Three of the eight words are completely unreadable in the pictures, and she still gets a passing grade? You would have had me hogtied with the words written across my face with a permanent marker for turning in work like that. I wouldn’t even give it a 50/100.

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