Taking Our Name in Vain

In the middle of one of the first email exchanges that I had with sissy billy, I had to gently correct her on the name of this institution:

> Our name is not “The Institute for Cross-Dressers Punishment”. The
proper name is printed at the top of EVERY SINGLE WEB PAGE!

And of course, she couldn’t help but reply:

> You must think me an idiot Mistress Amber.

Well, she should have helped, because that was the wrong thing to say. So, I gave her what I thought was a suitable punishment:

> Your punishment is as follows:

> * You are to wet down a bar of pink Camay
* You are to dress in a negligee, different than your previous punishment.
* You are to put 10 clothespins on your body (at least 2 on your nipples as
* You are to shove the wet bar of pink Camay in your mouth
* You are to write out (longhand) the following sentence 50 times:
“sissy billy is very sorry that she did not take the time to properly learn
that the name of this institution of correction is known as ‘The Institute
for Cross-Dressing Punishment’ and not the other name that sissy billy
wanted to call it. sissy billy will endeavor to use the name of The
Institute properly in all future communications; will be punished much more
severely in the future for this type of infraction; and will recognize that
her Mistresses are always right in attempts to correct her.”
* If a mistake is made in the sentence, it should be lined out AND the
total due is increased by 2.
* If the soap leaves the mouth for any reason, it is to be soaked in water,
replaced in five minutes AND the total due increased by 10.
* Sentences shall be written in ink on lined paper.
* The line before each sentence shall be a status line containing
+ Date
+ Time
+ Number of this sentence
+ Total number of sentences to complete

Then she really started the whining:

> I don’t think I could get it done all at once. It will take me hours.

(Apparently her day is much shorter than mine.) I was even nice enough to offer her some relief in having to finish her punishment (which she declined to take) and her performance was miserable:

> As I can tell you finished two sentences (plus two incomplete) and had
twenty added for dropping the soap. My count shows you adding 24 sentences
to the 50, completing 2 for a total of 72 remaining. That is a spectacular
> You should realize that the standing rule has been that a failed assignment
is given again until it is repeat correctly. In addition, a punishment is
added for the first failure.
> I will let you know when I come up with a suitable punishment for this
miserable failure.

And though it has taken a long while, I finally have a punishment suitable just for her.


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