Maggie-Rae: Reinstatement Wrap-up

When I applied to be reinstated as a member of The Institute back in January, I was given a small number of relatively easy tasks to complete before I would be formally be re-admitted. I completed those simple assignments, but I was lax in my posting of them—not only lax, but careless and rushed. Toward the end of my write-ups, I was in so much discomfort that I was just scribbling down anything that came to mind, formatting be damned. Furthermore, when Mistress Katzenburg gave me the option of reattempting the posts, I wanted no more to do with them, and so resigned myself to a new series of five punishments: Daily lessons, where I spent 4-6 hours a day in my largest bra and forms for more than a month, with nothing but panties available for underwear; Geek Girl: Subjugation of the Silver Surfer, where I had to download a large number of image galleries while dressed in a humiliating, often painful manner with extras chosen randomly; Geek Girl: Eight Legged Clean Freaks, where I was forced to clean my apartment in the extremely humiliating and uncomfortable garb of a sissy baby maid; a Sissy Inventory and a Sissy Shopping Trip, to detail for Mistress Katzenburg the sissy clothing and accessories available and to purchase new clothes for that inventory; and finally Geek Girl: Mouth of the South, a series of five uncomfortable, humiliating, downright painful tasks that I completed to the best of my ability (however badly they may have turned out).

My initial assignments began with a Request for Reinstatement, a standard for new applicants to The Institute which I would be treated as for the duration of my reinstatement. After a series of mildly humiliating pictures, and begging for further humiliation, my request was completed. Next, I needed to clear up my backlog of past obligations to The Institute, completing the Picture Perfect assignment that I’d been given more than a year prior (before my departure from The Institute). After completing the assignment, it was quite humorously renamed [Shaving the Great Wooly Bison]( (a very accurate title). It was quite a chore, and toward the end it because quite unpleasant and humiliating, but I managed to finish it satisfactorily. Next up was my actual reinstatement assignment, where I would perform the [Dusting Off and Sorority Bitches]( assignments that had been given to clients during my period of suspension. At this point, things became very unpleasant and I regret not being active when they were first assigned—missing the opportunity be exempted from Sorority Bitches all together. Finally, I would make a post detailing [the instance of Babyface that Ms. Lisa had subjected me to last summer]( True, I didn’t have to do anything new for the assignment, but it still brought up plenty of bad memories.

As I said before, I was unfortunately lax in writing my posts for these assignments, and in return I [sentenced myself]( to another month and a half of difficult, painful, and humiliating activities. In hindsight, I know I made the wrong decision in choosing to fail my assignments, but there were other obligations that needed my attention as well. Frankly, I didn’t want to deal with having to spend any more time in the bra and forms that I’d just spent the night in—I just wanted to move on. I didn’t know that the first of my new punishments would involve spending so much more time in them (and by the time I did know, I wouldn’t have been able to take it back anyway). Mistress Katzenburg even graciously offered me the option of changing back to the second option once I knew what my new punishments would be like—I told her that I’d made my decision and that I was going to live with it. As a future warning to myself and others—a bit of immediate temporary comfort is not worth suffering for two months.

My Daily Lessons were a huge pain (specifically back pain) that I had to endure for nearly a month and a half. For the entire month of February, I was restricted from wearing any male underwear, being allowed only panties, as well as being required to keep up trimming my body hair to prevent a return to Wooly Bison-dom. Most unfortunately, however, I was required to spend at least four hours a day (which later increased to six hours a day, at my own fault) in my largest bra and forms. Believe me, it becomes very difficult to do a lot of things when you have to schedule large blocks of time every day to don the gigantic breast forms of a sissy slut, but I managed (with only one mistake—a malfunctioning camera, and my decision not to alert Mistress Katzenburg and just post the picture when it was fixed) to last the whole month. If nothing else, I became accustomed to working around them—a skill which I foresee myself using in my future Institute duties.


In the midst of all this, I was to complete a Sissy Inventory of clothing and accessories to aid Mistress Katzenburg with crafting future assignments. Unfortunately, Mistress Katzenburg found my inventory lacking and assigned me to a Sissy Shopping Trip with Ms. Lisa. Before setting out to hit a few thrift stores, Ms. Lisa dressed me in a bra, my cuffs, and because she still thinks I should be treated like a sissy baby, a diaper and an extra-large plug so I wouldn’t make a mess. After waddling around a pair of thrift stores for an hour (more from the plug than the diaper) Ms. Lisa picked out four very loud dresses to bulk up my wardrobe. It was her choice whether or not I would have to try them on there in the store, a humiliation which she thankfully spared me, and I instead modeled the outfits when we returned home instead, with everything fitting surprisingly well.

While I was still undergoing my Daily Lessons, I was also introduced to my new persona as Geek Girl—a girl who has *extremely* terrible luck and a penchant for submissive behavior and humiliation (I noticed some similarities between her and I). Geek Girl started off innocently enough, living in her parent’s basement, curious and inquisitive, but unable to really act on any of her tendencies. It was when Geek Girl got an apartment of her own and started exploring the Internet and all the smut associated with it that she began to develop into the little humiliation slut she is today. After downloading hundreds of galleries of humiliating BDSM pictures, Geek Girl got up the nerve to go out into the world and try to find some of these activities in action, and what she got was more than she’d bargained for. While eavesdropping on a sorority initiation, she was kidnapped by a gang of merciless sorority sisters and subjected to a long series of terrible punishments. Even after they’d sent her home she found that she’d yet to escape their clutches, as they’d confined her to a rapidly filling diaper secured with strong, locking plastic panties. At the (current) end of her adventures, Geek Girl had yet to escape from her diapered servitude, and if I’m to continue in this persona I must say that I hope she escapes soon. To recreate the adventures of Geek Girl, I was given three assignments to complete:

1. Geek Girl: Subjugation of the Silver Surfer, where I replicated massive acquisition of porn
2. Geek Girl: Mouth of the South, a series of extremely painful and humiliating tasks replicating Geek Girl’s treatment by the sorority sisters
3. Geek Girl: Eight-Legged Clean Freaks, an unpleasant sissy baby maid cleaning adventure where I was confined to the same diaper as Geek Girl

The first of her adventures was the Subjugation of the Silver Surfer, in which I would have to don the garb of Geek Girl as randomly assigned by a series of four six-sided dice and one 20-sided die (she is a geek after all). After getting dressed, I would then spend some period of time downloading a large number of assigned galleries of porn (a number that kept growing as I occasionally began to neglect the assignment). It is only recently that I finished downloading all the galleries and successfully completed this assignment. This was a pity because for the duration of the assignment I was forced to keep my water-balloon breastforms in the refrigerator while they weren’t in use, making other assignments even worse…

[![](]( [![](]( [![](]( [![](]( [![](](

The other two of my Geek Girl adventures (Mouth of the South and Eight-Legged Clean Freaks) were considerably more intensive, and so they will be receiving posts of their own in the near future. Be sure to keep an eye open if you want the juicy details on the hellish torments that went on during those two very unfortunate nights.

– ~ — • — ~ –

Even after all of this, there is still potentially one more obligation to complete before my return to The Institute is final. Originally, it was stated that if my Dusting Off and Sorority Bitches received a better report card than Pieclown’s, and I received an affirmative vote in a reader poll to follow, then I would be free from having to repeat the assignment ‘Babyface’, otherwise, I would have to repeat it “perhaps upgraded, since you have done it once”. Unfortunately, as a condition of my choice to fail all of my original assignments, I would have to repeat Babyface because my Sorority Bitches assignment was considered failed as well. Now, not long ago I made a deal with Mistress Katzenburg—I’d seen how busy she had been recently, and that my original posts hadn’t been touched at all (option three made them her responsibility to correct)—I would go back and correct my old assignments in return for being afforded a poll to decide my fate as it pertained to repeating Babyface. I went on to pledge that, were I to receive a negative vote at poll, I would submit myself to any upgrades, modifications, or changes to the original punishment that Mistress Katzenburg felt were appropriate. I believe that if it goes to poll, people will agree that I’ve done my penance and will exempt me from having to repeat it. If they don’t, if they feel that I am still deserving of punishment, I will accept it tenfold, “Babyface II: You’ll Wish You’d Never Been Reborn” or whatever people come up with—I feel that the point is moot, because people will side with me.

With all five of my punishment assignments completed (with the *possible* exception of Babyface), I hereby wish to formally request that I be reinstated as an active member of The Institute for Cross-Dressing Punishment. I am ready to accept whatever is prescribed for me as a (re)new member of The Institute, as deemed appropriate by The Institute’s Mistresses and staff. What lies for me beyond this point is anyone’s guess, I can only assume that whatever it is, it won’t be terribly pleasant.



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Oh My Gosh, you poor thing maggie-rae. That was absolutely horrible and the last two are even more intense. I do not know how. Again my congratulations to you for your perseverance.

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