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The Intoxication of Pink Camay Soap

When posting a comment under Joining the Institute, sweetsuds spoke highly of the Pink Camay soap:

> Now that I’ve found where I think I belong, may I please explain that it must have been the scent of the Camay soap the Mistresses here use to torment and clean poor sissy billy’s mouth. That and the frequent enemas must make him the cleanest sissy ever, and I envy him. Let me say I am not fond of either having my mouth washed out with pink Camay soap (certainly not as often as sissy billy appears to) or of having my bottom regularly douched with soapy enemas. But the smell and pink color and the rich lather of Camay are so feminine and seductive, I am lured here as if the Lorelei themselves had drawn into this sissy world of pink soap. I think it is the ultimate humiliation for sissy billy to have Mistresses taking pictures of the poor sissy lugging his own full enema bag around while wearing only a sheer pink nightie. And all the diapering he endures…oh the indignities. The poor fellow. If he ever wants a break, may I beg to take his place.

> I feel like I have found home here. That Camay scent is intoxicating and makes me do weird things and have sissylike desires to have my mouth and bottom both soaped at the same time while all the Mistresses watch and enjoy.

The first hint of her being in over her head was the next comment she posted:

> I have registered here and have my username and password. What else must I do to “complete the application and inititation process?

It would be apparent what the process is if she had read the text at the top of the page. [sissy billy][] even helped her out some:

> There is an application and some preliminary assignments to do. If they are not there, then Mistress Katzenburg will get back to you as time permits for her. A sissy is never to bother her. Trust me, it is never a good idea. I won’t tell you what the training is like because I would like you to join us sissies and do not want to scare you away. We all do survive and endure the training and punishments though and we do them together. You should know that Mistress Katzenburg is very strict and you must be dedicated to being a sissy and being punished.

This warning however didn’t stop her from publishing even more:

> I confess since finding the Institute the other day, it is fast becoming part of my daily ritual. I hope I can handle the requirements. I am also a cross-dressing sissy for many years, but have no Mistress currently to guide me on this path.

> The one thing that drew me to this place was the mentoion here (fairly often, it appears) of the practice of washing out a sissy’s mouth with soap, even specifically pink Camay soap. In my other repies I have already exposed my own fascination with both pink Camay and the equally rare practice of using it to punish sissy’s dirty or back-talking mouths and whiney attitudes. You and I are in a rare segment of the sissy world, I suspect, who have actually had our mouths washed out with pink Camay, so we understand each other’s plight in that regard. Although at the times of our mouth soaping punishments it seems indeed unfortunate to be undergoing such dreadful oral cleansings, we both know that we are most fortunate to have cleaner mouths and sweeter attitudes for having received such punishments.

> Yes, I am patient and will quietly await any opportunities/requirements concerning deeper involvement and participation here at the Institute for Cross-Dressing Punishments. I will now observe my own advice in keeping my mouth closed more often to avoid the chance a lathery bar of pink Camay may be headed for that opening.

So I sent her the initial email. I even spell out the most likely scenario: “There have been a great number of sissies who think that they crave the humiliation we have to offer, only to give up at the first simple task and relegate themselves to the [Sissy Hall of Shame][1]. The goal of The Institute is simple: Cross-Dressing Punishment and Humiliation for All. Too many people request the training and humiliation that we provide, but have no intention of following through.” And the result was all too predictable:

> I apologize for wasting your time. This is not what I had expected or actually want. I have but limited time or resources to be able to participate as fully as either of us might wish. I will follow The Institute as an outsider and keep my thoughts to myself. Just me and my pink Camay soap.

At least she was right about one thing when she said the “Camay scent is intoxicating and makes me do weird things”.

[1]: http://institute.cdpunishment.com/membership/sissy_hall_of_shame

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