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Games: Name That Implement

Here’s a fun game you can play with your submissive. It’s a simple quiz which only requires five right answers to win. The contestant is brought into the studio, blindfolded or hooded, and tied down. The moderator makes a note of the “Number of Right Answers Required to Win”, starting it at 5. The game then starts:

* The Mistress then picks an implement out of her toy bag and gives the contestant 10 stokes with it.

* If the contestant is correct in naming the instrument, then the “Number of Right Answers Required to Win” is decremented. If it has reached 0 then the contestant is a winner and can be released. Otherwise, the game continues.

* If the contestant was wrong, then she is told the name of the instrument and immediately given another twenty strokes as a refreshed. Two is added to the “Number of Right Answers Required to Win” and the game continues.

**Hint:** Evil mistresses know that it is not good to end the game too soon, so better submissives can be handicapped by being gagged for one or more rounds. (It’s hard to get the right answer with a gag in your mouth.)

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