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Impediment == Speech

I think this speech, which is being sent to [sissy billy][] explains everything fairly nicely:

> sissy billy would like to apologize to Mistress Rosemarie and Mistress Katzenburg for falling so far behind on her assignments. sissy billy realizes that she has been afforded an excellent opportunity to pledge Kappa Delta Pi, but cannot start on time because she has neglected her other assignments for a very long time. sissy billy is very sorry that she has embaressed Mistress Rosemarie by not being ready for this opportunity. To rectify this, sissy billy has been given this speech and will follow the directions written herein.

> Before going to bed, sissy billy will get dressed in her silky nightgown and record a video of herself reading this entire speech. After reading the speech sissy billy will, show herself stuffing a bar of soap in her mouth. sissy billy will then save the video and upload it for Mistress Katzenburg’s amusement the following morning. sissy billy will be allowed to remove the bar of soap when allowed by Mistress Rosemarie. sissy billy will not be allowed to rinse her mouth out or change clothes before going to bed.

> sissy billy will continue this ritual every night until she is caught up on her assignments. sissy billy will work diligently to catch up as she realizes Mistress Katzenburg will make this ritual harder over time and the longer the delay, the more Mistress Rosemarie is humiliated.

[sissy billy]: http://institute.cdpunishment.com/profiles/sissy-billy/

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