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Winter Camping All-Client Punishing Sleepover

Between Thursday and Saturday night of this week, all clients are required to attend a punishing sleepover. The sleepover is to last a *minimum* of eight consecutive hours. Required dress for the night includes:

* Panties
* Pantyhose
* Nightgown
* Bra and Extra-Large Breast Forms
* Ankle Cuffs, Ankles locked together
* Wrist Cuffs, wrists locked together
* Blindfold
* Earplugs
* Hood

In addition to the panties in the first bullet, you are free to wear a diaper over them. The panties are not optional. Just know that you are not allowed to get up before the eight hours have elapsed, so wearing a diaper (or two or four) may make the assignment completable without making a mess of your bed.

Speaking of beds, since this is a winter camping punishing sleepover, sleeping in your own bed is not allowed. If you follow in the true spirit of winter camping — outside in a tent — you will be allowed any type of bedding you would like. If you stay inside, you will be sleeping directly on a hard surface floor with your pillow and blankets to keep you company. If carpet it more your style, then you are allotted one thin blanket.

Extra points are available only if you have someone else tuck you in. (They will have to bind you tightly enough so that you cannot get up in the morning until they release you and they will be responsible for taking pictures tat you could not possibly take.)

Sleep tight and ensure the pictures are in the dropbox before Sunday night. No need to make a full post–you can have sweet sissy dreams. In addition to the unmodified pictures, also upload two pictures (in both t and s size) which you think best reflect your situation and a text file with a short description of why your night was the most punishing.

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