My Only Regret

During [my previous visit][1], [Stacee Skye][] called Mistress M and begged her not to come home and use the paddle on her. Apparently she had already forgotten, or didn’t realize that I would give the list of reasons she she be punished (which I had her write out herself) to Mistress M when she got home:

> Mistress M,
There are the reasons that I deserve to have my skirt raised and be paddled. All of these have occurred during the brief time you have been gone. Mistress Amber would prefer for you to assign a level for each infraction.
* I did not put on my collar without being told
* I ignored the firm request for forms
* I wasted 4 balloon forms
* I made a mess at the bathroom sink
* I made a mess at the basement sink
* I am not wearing the tight corset
* I let my stockings have a run
* I made a mess on my shirt
* I am not wearing my high heels

Of course, after she was finished, I added a second page of recommendations, since she wasn’t good enough to sign the end of her letter:

> Hopefully [Stacee Skye][] will have corrected all of these items before you arrive back. In addition, you should find her with a hood over her blind fold and ear plug with her posture collar locked on, sitting primly on the edge of the bed, gagged with her cuffs clipped together. She was instructed to fix herself up like this after I left and I know you will give her hell if you find her otherwise.
— Amber

The only loose end from this training (that Mistress M didn’t beat out of her), was her refusal to put in the original forms I brought for her. So I came back Saturday, and I hope you like the results:

![Beach Balls 1](

![Beach Balls 2](

My only regret is that I didn’t have enough time to get her into a smaller corset and to wrap her little package in a tight little bundle. Oh well, there is always next time…

[Stacee Skye]:


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OH, those are GREAT, are the truly forms or what??

They are actually 24″ beach balls.

I was walking through the store the other day, and they had 48″ beach balls–twice the diameter–and I was thinking “if I only had a way to strap those on to her”.

Thank you for your reply. No how is Myckie Jo keep those on? What size bra is she wearing? I have a 44 K, but it is not wear able to take those.

When I put Myckie Jo in the beach balls, they are just stuffed under a shirt, which keeps them in nice and tight. For the second picture, they are in an undershirt, and then with a larger outer shirt to make them look nice.

Thank you for sharing. What is Myckie Jo’s bras sizes for some of the other pictures? If I may ask.

pieclown, For recent pictures, Myckie Jo has been wearing two different bra sizes. For the most part I have been getting her get by with a 46DD, but when more punishment is required she gets bumped up to a 52J.

Thank you for the replay. May I ask what are the different forms you use?

pieclown, you seem to have a great deal of questions, but precious few answers. Where is your Mistress posting the pictures of you in your 44K bra, ready to serve her every whim?

I do not have a mistress. I have done some things for mistress on ebanned and ebay. But there is no real web site with my pictures.

I am sorry if I bring forward to many questions. What quesation do you have for me?

pieclown, First, you will email me sissy pictures of you so I can post for all to see. You don’t want Stacee Skye to get lonely, do you?

I have tried to send one by way of the email that sent me my password. If this is not a good email for you what should I look for or use?

pie pie 4 now

Email them to Amber.Shummer [at]

I sending several pictures today and will try to get you most of my pictures I have in the next day.

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