Stacy Skye: A Cold One

Somewhere in the middle of training yesterday, Stacee Skye started complaining that she had too much clothing on that was too tight and making her warm. So when she arrived this evening, I had her strip and then get dressed in a manner that is not fitting with what I would normally do.


Under this nice dress, all she had on was a bra and panties. So I sent her outside to the back deck to sit for a while and think. I think it was about 40 degrees Fahrenheit when I sent her out, and when I finally called her in, she was more than willing to come inside.

In even better news, to help keep her warm, Mistress M has said of her husband’s training

As always, I have high expectations for anything he does and if he fails to meet them, I will indeed blister that beautiful ass.

Betting on Stacee Skye to be a good girl during one of my training sessions is like betting on a wounded fish with a shark in the area. Mistress M should get her paddling arm limbered up, cause Stacee Skye is going to need it. I can guarantee it.

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