Stacee Skye: Calculating a Punishment

As part of the activities earlier this week, [Stacee Skye][] had to visit two women who were willing to par with some used clothing they no longer needed. I’m not sure what story [Stacee Skye][] was using when she met these women in person, partially dressed–who knows, she might have even told them the truth. In any case, many of the fashion choices are likely to be questionable. (Not that [Stacee Skye][] did any better when she went to pick out her own clothes when Mistress M took her out shopping.)

So my recommendation for meting out the punishment earned earlier this week is to turn her into a Fashion Model.

First [Stacee Skye][] is to get dressed up in some under clothes that would make the outer clothes look a bit better. (I would suggest starting with her penis harness, black corset, G-string, tights, girdle panties, jumbo black bra, forms and high heels. Then her ankle cuffs, wrist cuffs and posture collar (all locked on) would ensure she knew who was in charge. Finally, for all of the trouble she’s given me this week, I would put a hood and gag her–maybe even blindfold and plug her ears, just it make it more difficult–but I’m feeling especially evil right now.)

Then, she is to

* puts on each piece of clothing
* hits the shutter on the camera
* pose for that picture, and
* get in position for the judging

Judging for each piece of clothing is done on a scale of 1 (“That looks so cute on you”) to 10 (“That is hideous, I never want to see it again” or “That doesn’t fit”). An optional rating is 20 (“That is so cute–I’m putting it in my closet”). The score is then paddled to [Stacee Skye][] who must give it correctly, or it will be repeated.

And she has a few new pieces of clothing to repeat this with:

* 7 pairs of pants
* 6 shirts
* 4 sweaters
* 1 jacket
* 1 dress
* 1 skirt/blouse combo (2 pieces)
* 1 peach pants suit (3 pieces)
* 5 sleeping gowns
* 2 sleeping pants sets (2 pieces)
* 2 bras

If Mistress M loves everything (highly unlikely) then its a paltry [35][35] strokes, unless she wants to put everything in her closet (even more unlikely) when it zooms up to [700][700] strokes. Assuming a mid-range score for every item leads to [175][175], but my scientific method of prediction leads to a guesstimated total of [300][300]. It could be a long evening for [Stacee Skye][].

As nice (and random) as this modeling might be, given her plans to use [Stacee Skye][] as a Ladies Maid during her next training session, it may be better to just stick with the [tried and true][disaster]. (And besides, it was after this activity that I “encouraged” [Stacee Skye][] to practice her bikini trimming skills on herself, at the suggestion of Mistress M of course. Apparently Mistress M likes to have her husband “all neat & smooth”.) [Stacee Skye][] had just one task to complete on Thursday: take a front view picture of herself wearing each of her bras with two sizes of forms (three with the larger bras).

She had a few rules to follow:

* Take the one picture with each set of forms
* Take the pictures in order, smallest forms to largest
* Do the jumbo bras last

She had a few steps to follow:

* Put on the bra and proper forms
* Walk to the camera
* Press the shutter button
* Walk to the pose location (without touching the bra)
* Pose straight ahead
* Wait for the picture
* then, repeat

And the only time limitation she had was that she couldn’t be slow as molasses–if the camera turns times out and shuts down (after five minutes) or runs out of batteries then the assignment is failed.

With 10 regular bras (2 pictures each) and 4 jumbo (3 pictures each), it was only 32 pictures for her to take. [Like last time][distaster], the results were disastrous. (Again they were so bad, I didn’t even allow her to post them on her weblog.) Out of all of the pictures she took:

* All 32 had two locks missing from her collar. (1 point)
* All 32 had two of the three locks missing from her gag. (1 point)
* There were 20 forms showing outside the bras. (This is better than last time, but still horrible.) (1 point)
* One of the sets of pictures were taken out of order (3 points)
* One pictures was taken twice (3 points)
* 23 of the pictures were out of focus (5 points)

She made a gallant attempt, but she apparently hasn’t learned to clip the bra on behind her back and the long line bra does not spin well at all. By the time she finally managed to get it spun around, one of the (removable) straps had popped off. So she pulled off the other strap and tied to do it strapless. This worked well for the two smaller forms, but there was no way the larger forms would work. It was all for naught anyway, she failed completely (50 points) because she let the camera turn off.

She could have snapped a throw away picture (3 points), but she chose total failure. I even made it easier for her by not putting her into high heels and not putting a real blindfold under the hood. Those two gimmes are definitely worthy of the same punishment as her failure, 50 points each.

The grand total if Mistress M uses this method of counting? [Four-hundred and nineteen][419] strokes with a punishment implement. I can only hope that Mistress M follows through on her promise “[blister that beautiful ass][blister]”–her husband sure needs it.

**Epilogue (Late on Thursday):**

So while I’ve been toiling away writing up her punishment tonight, [Stacee Skye][] has been taking it easy, trying on some new clothes and generally making a nuisance of herself. She was supposed to be cleaning the bathroom in preparation for her training session with Mistress M, but apparently she couldn’t be bothered.

Since she didn’t start cleaning the house, and I’ve finished her punishment suggestions, I’ve [sent her outside][hiding] to wait for me to call. When she figures out that I’ve just gone home to get some sleep, she’ll check this site and then start fussing and cussing when she sees what I hope Mistress M will do to her. Goodness knows she deserves it.




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