Stacy Skye: Planning Ahead

In the past, I have been unfairly criticized for not planning ahead enough on [Stacee Skye][]’s punishments. Well, this time will be different–her next punishment will be in just over two weeks:

March 5 – 7

Mistress M will be going out of town on the 5th, so I will be meeting [Stacee Skye][] as soon as she arrives home for the evening. (Or, I may even have her start when she is leaving work for the day and have her dressed up before she arrives.) Her training will continue though her start at work on the 7th.

So now that you’ve got your when, you need to let me know how and what: both how [this little slut][Stacee Skye] should be punished and humilated and *what* pictures should be posted. You wouldn’t want her getting off easy would you?

[Stacee Skye]:


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Well March is the start of Spring, so a good spring cleaning. Of course dressed in full maid, and punished for any missed spots. Now if Mistress M has not let you paddle her, then you can run her through her spanking machine. Now if she realy screws up then she can do the dusting over with a feather duster shoved up her rear. I have seen a photo on the internet of this.

Also with sping coming, she should look at getting into shape for bikini season. Now it is too cool for laying out, but exercising would be good. Now if she does not have any videos, then get a few exercise videos/CD from the library. Then the is the old fasion exercise. Could she do sit-ups in the largest forms???

pie pie 4 now

pieclown, Get some pictures (or possibly even video) of her exercising might be a good task for her training. We’ve had her exercise on the elliptical machine before–she just wasn’t too happy about it. Maybe I can find some of those old pictures and remember why she was in such discomfort. Or maybe I could find out just how uncomfortable se could be while doing jumping jacks.

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