pieclown: Potty Mouth – Cleaned Up – I

My most resent
has me paying for not doing all my [treatments](http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2009/01/pieclownatonement_bra_show). I am to wear panties and a bra.


This will go on until I get my potty mouth cleaned.

I am to ensure you entire bikini is shaved. Before I started with shaving cream and razor. I did a trim job with scissors. OUCH. I cut my self with the scissors. Shaving cream was next for my bikini area.



I am required to wear a diaper. Now I tried to use a towel for this. It did not work. One of my clown characters is a baby. It is used for Labor Day parade, Valentine’s Day(cupid), and baby showers. I used the diaper from the costume. The gal that made it makes clothe diapers for adults and babies. She asks me if I need to be a working diaper. I said no. She made 2, one is green and the other is yellow. The green does not fit the best and she made it as a trial.


I then placed clothespins on my nipples.


One my black bras and large red water balloon forms were place over the clothespins. I was lucky that they did not break.


My largest anal plug was now to become my new best friend. I knew where it had been and washed it very well. Learning from past mistakes, I place the plug on the table. I set up the web cam so I could get a few shots. A few timers were set so I could pause and take a picture. I then practiced my oral technique on my new friend, for 10 minutes.


Now my new friend was to help me out by keeping my mouth shut, by filling my mouth with itself. I mean I was to be gagged with a butt plug. This is not an easy thing to do with a 6-inch butt plug. I was also to write 2 copies of my sentence from my [profile](http://institute.cdpunishment.com/profiles/pieclown).


Now mistress must have thought that my mouth would be very dirty, so I had to clean it up, buy replacing the plug with a bar of soap. Again I need to write my sentence, but this times 3 copies.


I would like to apologize to the Ladies, clients, and any other reader for my handwriting. It is bad, but when I rushed to get it done, it becomes worse.

But now my new friend was jealous. So I had to spend 10 more minutes making my new friend feel loved.


I was next allowed “remove the clothespins, if you wish”. Oh I wished, and OH!!! did it hurt as the blood flowed back in to my nipples. I was off to bed next, still in my diaper.

It stayed on until the next morning.



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Was the butt plug in your throat deep enough? It doesn’t look it. you need to get your teeth ALL the way to the narrow part, if I might suggest it!
Knot Master O~~O

Are you sure that is a diaper? It looks more like a pair of old gym shorts to me.

@Knot Master
Dear Knot Master,
I wish to say thank you for your comment. I was never able to get the large butt plug down my throat. I do hope that you liked what I was able to do and the other adventures I have done here.

[…] you should always be careful what you say, as it may comeback to bite you. For instance, Myckie Jo commented “Are you sure that is a diaper? It looks more like a pair of old gym shorts to me.” […]

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