Be Careful What You Say

When you are posting comments, you should always be careful what you say, as it may comeback to bite you. For instance, [Stacee Skye][] [commented][1] “Are you sure that is a diaper? It looks more like a pair of old gym shorts to me.” While technically correct, she was out of place. So I reminded her what a real diaper looks like. This picture was taken after I poured two quarts of ice cold water down her diaper:

[Stacee Skye]:

Then I put her in a dress more befitting the afternoon. I will let her go eventually, but there will be hell to pay if that dress ends up wet…



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The diaper punishment always seems so much more effective when applied to someone who does not usually engage in that sort of dress. It seems, barring some unusual circumstance or addition, wearing a diaper long enough results in the potential victim becoming desensitized to the garment. At the same time, I can safely say that two quarts of ice water more than count as a significant addition.

I havent ever worn a diaper (or nappy as we call them in the uk) I’m not sure how i would cope with wearing one, especially if they had plastic panties over the top, they do look irresistible though. Although not my thing I dont think.

maidsadie xx

yes Mistress Katzenburg thank you.

Are You sure that is a diaper, it looks more like a apir of old gym shorts to me also.

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