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All clients are instructed to wear panties or other female underwear for the summer. No male underwear will be allowed for any client during the summer season (starting June 21). Due to her failure to purchase appropriate thongs at the store during her last punishment, sissy billy will be wearing a thong for the duration.


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Oh My. This could be embarrassing. Shorts, sunbathing, working in the yard without a shirt, I am afraid to ask what conditions there may be or if there are exception times during the summer. Whenever I ask a question, I usually do not get an answer I like. myckie_jo and pieclown, you both have been clients for some time. Are there many other seasonal and holiday celebrations Mistress Amber likes to promote. Again, I know I should not ask this question, but I am always curious and I can’t resist. pieclown, I will understand if you don’t answer since the last time you tried to help me you got yelled at.
Oh My again, I just realized that I only have the one red thong that I bought on the internet. As usual, I should have thought of way to buy the thongs when I was supposed to. I need to find a way pretty quick to somehow buy some thongs or I will be wearing one smelly thong. The 21st is Sunday and that is not a long way away. I will find a way Mistress Amber and I will obey the assignment.

Dear Mistress Amber,

I have read and understand this assignment. My question lays in reporting. How often would you like for us to make a post on this assignment?

Sissy billy, I know of now holiday that Mistress Amber holds higher then any other. This is a pretty laid out assignment. Panties are to be worn from Jun 21 until Sept. You seem to think that every thing you do will show off your thong. You may need to re-think your activities. Try to think of a way to wear your thong so it is not visible to the world. In some sto5ries, myckie jo has gone out, dress in some things, but she was able to have a coat on. You could wear your coat while doing yard work.

You will still be on gaurd to that some one could see you thong. Think of how the plumber bends over and one sees the crack.

best of luck on the assignment.

@pieclown Thanks for the advise pieclown. The assignment is simple in its concept, I just naturally tend to overthink things and worry about how I will get embarrassed. I have been thinking of ways to be carefull. I am very much like the plumber. Bending over this summer is to be avoided. I also need to look at other postings to see the types of thongs you and others have worn and posted pictures of. I need somehow to buy some thongs quickly. Good luck to you too on the assignment.

I’ll have to find a way to keep my sister from finding out that I’m still cross dressing and wearing diapers my mother offered to pay until i find a job but
my sister recently found out i was cross dressing and told my father so now I’m screwed

@pieclown: I’m glad to see that one of you two has some sense. If you don’t normally have trouble with your underwear being seen, you won’t have trouble wearing a thong for the summer.

There is no required reporting for this at the current time—I trust that there will be no cheating. If I have reason to suspect there is (which was not already been admitted to me), then the reporting requirements will become very stringent.

I had written an entire paragraph defending my self, but decided that it would be interpreted wrongly which is not my intent and I am in enough trouble as it is. I ask questions and ask for advice because I do not know how to be a good sissy. I feel terrible that I am not doing better. I do worry about someone seeing my underwear. I have way to big a belly which is my fault and my shirt is constantly untucked because of it. It is my worry and it is my problem to be careful. I promise you that I will not cheat and I have worn my thong every day, including playing on Sunday. If for some reason I can not, I promise to inform you and I will accept the consequences. I will become a proper sissy.

Hello All,

Mistress Amber has said ” no required reporting for this at the current time”, but I thought I would share what happen today. It is intended to easy silly billy’s mind. I had to go to a physical therapy appointment for my knee. I was sure that the therapist would want to see the knee, so I brought a long some shorts. I changed in to the shorts. The shorts were long and so I need to pull them up. I was not worried about her seeing my panties. Then she wanted to check my scar on my one hip. OK, I tried to pull up the panties and shorts out of the way. She inspected my scar, to a point that I was sure she would have seen my purple and white panties. If she did, she went about the rest of the time as a professional.

So silly billy if your doctor or other medical personal see something, there is a good chance that they will keep on with the rest of the examination.

Pie pie 4 now

Hello pieclown. You are confident in who you are. I doubt if I could have done that. I certainly lack your experience in this and your confidence. I had a women Doctor for many years when I was younger and I found her a lot less embarrassing when she did a prostate exam and other things. I think women are a lot more understanding as I have come to learn lately. Your example is exceptionable. I should have been able to show my Doctor that I had shaved my sissy clitty and explain to him why. I think he probably would also have been understanding. If anyone, he should be the first I confided in and who would understand and yet I still lack the confidence and experience great humiliation in thinking about what I do. pieclown – may I ask a favor. Next March when I go for my annual physical, could you remind of this. I would also like to thank you for directing this somewhat at me. I am still extemely humiliated by my last punishment, what I did and what others would think. I am glad that you thought of me with some kind and helpful advice. Thank you, sissy billy

Mistress Amber has told me to sign up to this exercise which, of course, i am happy to do. I have read the preceding comments and think that as a task it is pretty small beer for a sissy, almost a given. I have little experience of being a sissy, but a little more of crossdressing (i think there’s a subtle difference) but have never worn panties to work on a regular basis. Under normal clothing, i don’t see it being a problem, although it will be a good reminder to me that i’m a client of the Institute.
With regard to the medical inspections aspect, whenever i hear people giving the advice to always wear clean underwear (or male underwear in this case), in case you should have an accident and end up in hospital, i always trust that the doctor or paramedic would have more interest in treating my injuries than what underwear i was wearing…i’m sure that would be the case :) Also, of course, there is the case of ‘patient confidentiality’ so its not as though they can go running to the press anyway. Hope this helps.


this would be a great assignment for me, maybe better if tanned somewhere?

what a nice way to spend summer me thinks!

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