The Return of Maggie Rae

If you have been reading the comments on the site or have been following [me on Twitter][k] you may know that Maggie Rae has been attempting to re-activate her membership in The Institute. In order to re-activate her membership, she was required to do the following:

* Finish the new 13 Pictures assignment (required before new sissies are able to make an application) and post a request to be re-instated.

* Find someone to give her a manicure and pedicure, painting her nails a color of their choice. The color, at least on the toes, remaining until the end of February. The evidence was then to be delivered directly to me.

* Complete the [Dusting Off][1] and [Sorority Bitches][2] assignment and post the results. If she gets a better [report card][3] than Pieclown AND gets an affirmative vote in a reader poll to follow the grading, she will not have to repeat [Babyface][4].

* Perform the “Picture Perfect” assignment she was given by Mistress Amber over a year ago.

* Post the results from the version of [Babyface][4] that Ms. Lisa put her through back in the summer.


Earlier this evening she said she was done with her posts and I tried to make sure that she was absolutely sure she wanted to submit them as is:

> [@BadBabyRae][r] I can send you a list of rules to review and you can sleep in your bra/forms again tonight, or you can submit as is. Let me know

And she was concerned about her comfort:

> Mistress [@katzenburg][k] If I submit, do I still have to sleep with my forms in?

So I tried to get her to reconsider once more:

> [@BadBabyRae][r] No. If you want to submit as is, you are finished for the night. Go to sleep comfortable in the fact I may be trying to help.

And so she made her final, fateful choice:

> I choose to submit my posts as is Mistress [@katzenburg][k]

And I am fine with that. One of the five objectives was completed and posted about correctly. (Unfortunately, this one pointed out a hole in the rules and is not up to the standards that you or I expect.) So we will go from here, putting her though more uncomfortable assignments and humiliation, until she has proved ready to return (and the posts are completed for your enjoyment).



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Hello Maggie Rae

I am so glad you are returning, but it sounds very difficult. It is difficult to follow you and your sissy ordeals on twitter though. It would be so much better if you could relate some of you re-initiation assignments on the site. It would be so much easier to commiserate with you and help you with kind words.

Good luck in what seems very difficult assignments.

sissy billy

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