Maggie-Rae: Babyface

A long time ago, at the end of the Dusting Off series of assignments, Ms. Lisa spotted the assignment called [Babyface]( which would be used as the highest level punishment for the ultimate loser of the series. After the completion of Sorority Bitches, she made sure to remind the Mistresses of The Institute so they wouldn’t forget it, ultimately dooming sissy billy to complete the task. Additionally, Ms. Lisa volunteered me for the task, despite my inactive member status at the time. At the time, I laughed at the torment that sissy billy had to endure, and it wasn’t until my time came that I felt the same pain he had. If he had performed his Sorority Bitches better, then maybe we both could have avoided it, but as it turned out, that was not the case. Now, I’m faced with the threat of repeating it, or worse, whatever the next and final step of the Dusting Off series would have been (seeing as I’ve already completed it once) dependent on how the evaluation of my own Sorority Bitches assignment goes. This is a record of my own instance of Babyface…


Ms. Lisa had me come to her house a little before 2:00 so that she could perform the final preparations. At 2:10 she snapped a picture of the clock, and my 24 hour trial began. Very thankfully, Ms. Lisa had a personal objection to me being gagged by my own pissy panties, and so she exercised her Mistressic License to void that part of the assignment, but rest assured, she made up for the omitted steps and more. She began in earnest with having me strip, the easiest part of the assignment, and filling me with a pair of disposable enemas, which I was then allowed to release a short time after before being sat upon the Naughty Chair to contemplate how lucky I was that she was being so nice.

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She left me impaled upon my dildo and busied herself in her room for a while, before returning to retrieve me a short while later. She bound me to the bed and without requiring me to beg nearly at all she set about laying into me with the heaviest, stingiest implement she had, hammering away until my bottom was bright cherry red. With that complete, she led me back into the kitchen where she placed me up on the table, double diapered me, pulled on my plastic panties with a snap and locked them on. She then allowed me to dress before we’d head out for dinner and a movie.

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I wasn’t feeling well all through dinner, and I didn’t eat much of anything. When Ms. Lisa questioned me about this, I admitted to her that earlier that morning my friends had invited me out for breakfast and I’d had quite a bit of unnecessarily greasy breakfast food. She was very put off by this, even more so that immediately after I informed her that evidently the enemas had not done their job and that I was experiencing terrible stomach cramps. She wasn’t about to sit next to me in a fully loaded diaper all through a movie, so she headed back home instead. It was a painfully long drive, all the way across town, and by the end of it I couldn’t help but let go and mess myself there in the car. She graciously allowed me to change both my diapers when we got back to the house, as well as rinse off before diapering me back up to engage in the night’s festivities.

She felt, that as a dirty little baby who messed himself in the car, that I should be crawling the rest of the night instead of walking, and she reinforced the notion with both a super stuffed diaper and the first of my little activities. She watched, in obvious amusement, as I crawled up and down the hallway, legs spread by my diaper, massive forms swaying beneath me as I went, pushing a big pink marshmallow up and down the hall with my nose. It was exhausting work, and by the time she got around to labeling me with the assignment’s “SISSY BABY SLUT” brand, it hardly took on my face. Afterward, she guided me through Sorority Bitches styled Exercise Time, only this time with the addition of the super stuffed diaper. She was gleeful as I grunted, moaned, and pushed myself through the difficult exercises.

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After my exercise, Ms. Lisa decided that she could get some actual use out of me while she was getting her entertainment, and guided me to her filthy bathroom where I would spend well over the next hour of my time. Armed with nothing but a toothbrush, still sporting the huge forms and diaper, I slaved away at the mess until she was thoroughly satisfied, leading me back into the kitchen. She placed me back on the table and gagged me with my ‘pacifier’ before securing me down and torturing me with one of her favorite pain inducing substances, Icy Hot. Melted down, Icy Hot causes extreme burning in whatever it is applied to without any actual damage, and it’s a good thing that she’d strapped my pacifier on tight, or the neighbors would have likely heard the screaming.

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After my table torment, with the inside of my diaper still burning from the Icy Hot, Ms. Lisa put me down for the night, diaper and forms still in place, wrists clipped together with a blanket thrown over me so I could make it through the night. Somehow I eventually managed to drift off to sleep, only to be rudely awakened the next morning, dragged back into the kitchen, this time secured tightly to the chair for a morning ‘feeding”. Very little of the sick green mush actually made it into my mouth, but by the end I may has well have showered in the stuff and it was hardening onto my skin as she sent me to take an actual shower.

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I assumed at this point, I was finished—a little early, it was only about noon—but when I left the shower, toweling off and sighing in relief, Ms. Lisa was there with yet another diaper, a bar of soap (smothered in dish soap for effect), and a sheet of lines for me to write. I promised Ms. Lisa, one hundred times, gagging through the sharp taste of soap that “I Won’t Eat Before Coming To Ms Lisa’s House To Play”. Once completed, Ms. Lisa checked the clock and released me from my diaper, the ordeal completed—for real this time.


Ms. Lisa exercised her creative license throughout this assignment, but it seems that’s what makes it as bad as it is. Being that so much of it is dependent on the person administering the punishment, it seems like trying to repeat this assignment would yield something subpar; like trying to trap lighting in a bottle, it’s something you manage maybe once. I cannot imagine a more severe punishment along these lines so I’ll request that the other clients, and those that may be reading through are lenient in their opinions and their voting, lest I get stuck on a return trip to hell.


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That was such a fun day for me! I’m glad to see this finally posted so I can read and relive the fun. :)

OH MY GOSH – That was really horrible. I have tried for a long to forget my punishment and had until now. I shiver as I remember it.

I really am so sorry for you maggie-rae for having to endure that.

I hope now that Mistress Katzenburg can put this punishment away in the back of the file or the bottom of the closet because I am sure that none of us will ever be that naughty again to deserve that again after seeing it once again.

The only good thing is that it is over maggie-rae.

A sister sissy who feels so bad for you.

sissy billy

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