Maggie Rae: Babyface II, Part I

Over a month ago, when I was still in the midst of my reinstatement proceedings, Mistress Katzenburg brought to my attention that I had agreed to recomplete the [Babyface]( assignment as a part of the [reinstatement option I’d chosen]( I was not terribly keen on the concept, and tried to make a deal to avoid it—I would submit to a reader poll to decide my fate on the repeat. If people voted my way, I would avoid the repeat altogether; while if lost, I would accept my punishment tenfold. I didn’t think it could come to it, but I ended up losing in the polls by 20 votes, and so began the saga of Babyface II.

Babyface II was a direct extension of the original punishment that included two repeats of the original punishment, with a 20+ day punishment time between them for the 20 votes that I lost the poll by. Officially, the punishment was as follows:

>Babyface II will begin the same way as the original–as described in the original post. The changes Ms Lisa made are OK–and she is under no requirements to have this one be the same.


>Since you lost by 20 votes, after this has been completed, the following daily lessons will be enforced.

>0) You will continue to be shaved at all times.

>1) You will be dressed for bed between the hours of 8pm and 6am. This will include your standard forms, footed jammies and diaper. No change will be allowed during this time, so it should be a good, thick diaper.

>2) Diapers and a bra are to be worn any time you leave the house. Panties and a bra will be worn at all other times (except as specified in these rules).

>3) You will spend at least four hours of each *day* (i.e. when you are not dressed for bed) in your forms.

>4) You will be available at all times for any tasking your Mistress requires. She will ask you, so be sure to inform her you are available.

>5) After twenty nights have elapsed, you may petition your Mistress to repeat the event that started off this assignment and finally end the assignment. On the morning after the 20th night, rule #3 above will change to “all the time you are at home”.

With the poll closed and my fate decided, I set off to accept what I’d brought on myself—a month of extremely unpleasant punishment…

As with [my previous experience completing this assignment](, Ms Lisa would be the one administering my punishment, and all tasks were subject to her discretion. The punishment officially began at 2:00 PM with her having me strip while she prepared my cleansing enemas. Unlike the small, pre-prepared enemas that were used in original assignment, however, this time I was subjected to a pair of two quart enemas to make sure I was good and clean. I’ve never been able to take enemas all that well, and even the relatively gentle hot saline caused me waves of cramps as I filled and emptied twice. One day, I may get better at taking them, but until I do, it’s going to be a vastly unpleasant experience every time.


The unpleasantness was only beginning, however, as next up was Ms Lisa’s personal favorite part of the assignment, my spanking. She secured my wrists to my ankles so that I couldn’t squirm too far away and didn’t even wait for my begging before laying into my backside (I wasn’t too keen on begging for what was to come anyway). She kept up for at least the 20 minutes that otherwise would have been spent begging, and more, not stopping until my bottom was bright red and she was satisfied that I knew that this was a punishment. Given what I knew was coming up, however, I was finding that fact a little difficult to forget. It was time to put the “baby” in “Babyface”.


I knew, as Ms Lisa led me to the kitchen, that I was about to spend at least the next 20 hours in diapers, and most of that time I was going to be wet. At this point, I knew there was nothing I could do about it and took my place up on the table to receive my punishment. I was double diapered, as the punishment stipulated, before being locked into my pink plastic panties in preparation for our trip out to eat. My pink and black bra was added, which even without forms always seems to put me up a cup size, and my pink cuffs were locked onto my wrists. Finally, Ms Lisa allowed me to dress and we left the house for our little trip. She picked the restaurant (one of our usual locations), and I deliberately tried to eat light—I may have been cleaned out beforehand, but a meal too large or too greasy was going to make the rest of the night more unfortunate that I really wanted. Sometime around my second glass of soda, I gave in and completed the next part of my punishment, wetting myself right in the booth. From there, it was time to head back for the rest of the night’s activities.



Upon returning home, my bra was switched out for my much larger one, and my painfully heavy water balloon forms were added. My diaper was supplemented by a wide, thick body pillow, which reduced my movement to a waddle (a waddle that still took more effort and luck than I would have liked—for most of the rest of the night, I settled for crawling). Next up was another little dose of humiliation, when Ms Lisa picked out a pretty green marker, using it to scrawl “SISSY” across my forehead, “BABY” across my right cheek, and “SLUT” across my left. At this point, one look from anyone would have told them exactly what I was. Now all dressed, humiliated, and prepared, it was time for my night of tasks.


At this point, however, things started to break down a little—Ms Lisa set me to work cleaning off the bathroom sink and counter (which looked as if it hadn’t been cleaned since the last time I’d completed this assignment) before setting off to prepare my other tasks. Combinations of technical difficulties and fatigue managed to wreck nearly every one of her other plans, however, and by the time I’d finished with the bathroom, she was ready to call it a night. She put me down to suck on my pacifier for a time while she prepared for bed. After she felt I’d been working at it long enough, she allowed me to retire to the couch to suffer through the night.


It turned out that the next day, Ms Lisa had a far fuller day of work than she’d originally anticipated, and that she would be unable to finish the rest of the assignment as she would have liked. Instead of leaving me alone for the day, or trying to force something, she invoked her Mistressic license and decided to end the punishment then and there. I was personally thankful that I was going to be spared another day of unfortunate tasks, but I also knew that as it was, this punishment was not going to be enough to satisfy my promise to Mistress Katzenburg or those that voted in my poll. When I returned home, I prepared an email for Mistress Katzenburg, apologizing for my performance in this punishment, promising to make it up in my final Babyface repeat some 20 days away. It seemed like the right thing to do at the time, but as I’ve found, our words often return to haunt us. For the moment, however, I’d completed the first of two repeats and prepared myself for the interim portion of my punishment…


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Hello maggie-rae,

Your punishment seemed absolutely awful. I remember parts of my Baby Face punishment, however the memories of how awful and humiliating it was have faded as yours will. I am so glad for you that it is over.

Reading you post I can appreciate how hard you tried. I hope Mistress Katzenburg also does appreciate it. I do think she is a strong task master, but that she does know how hard we try.

I am sure if the poll was retaken, that the visitors would also appreciate it and this time vote in you favor. I know I would vote for you.

With such a great effort – I hope your final Babyface phase is less hurtful and humiliating. My support is behind you. Good Luck.

sissy billy

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