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The assignment [In a Row]( marks my first Institute-wide activity since I applied to be re-instituted as a fully active client, and it was an assignment that felt very familiar indeed. Since one of my earlier reinstatement assignments, Eight Legged Clean Freaks, was essentially the inspiration behind this assignment, I had a pretty good understanding of exactly what I was getting into. Being a bit of a geek helps as well, as I was already pretty well initiated into using dice to determine random attributes of my assignments which let me make good, informed decisions to minimize the length of my assignment. While this assignment was by no means pleasant, I was able to quickly and efficiently complete it with no major hiccups.

For the assignment, I (along with all the other active Institute clients) would be donning the outfit of a sissy baby maid, complete with an extremely padded super stuffed diaper, black trash bag maid’s outfit, my biggest bra and forms, and all sorts of little extras to make otherwise simple maid-ly activities that much more challenging. The assignment began, however, before we even dressed for our eventual trials.


Before we began (in fact, at the moment we accepted the assignment) we were to select how we would determine the length of the assignment. I believe I was the only client to select the first calculation option (dividing each of the two six-sided dice we rolled by two and then multiplying them together), though to me it made the most sense. Sure, the maximum potential for the first option was higher, but the odds were long indeed for rolling a dreaded nine hour session. When you actually calculated the odds of each outcome, durations of 2-4 hours were most likely, with six hour sessions being fairly possible, and the one and nine hour sessions being far less likely. Before I rolled for the duration of my assignment, however, I had to determine the plus-ups I would be using to shorten my eventual session.

It is true that, as a condition of my currently ongoing Daily Lessons I am required to stay shaved from the neck down, but that’s sort of a misrepresentations. Precisely, I don’t shave, I trim (otherwise my body becomes VERY angry at me due to existing medical conditions), so I didn’t feel right claiming the plus-ups from shaving. Further, my nails are still painted from the Color of the Month assignment (I really like the color and tend to wear it, even when not required by an Institute assignment), but the paint was chipped enough that I wasn’t going to count that either. Given the average duration range from my option was 2-4 hours, I could safely take 2 hours worth of plus-ups without worrying about rolling under and losing them all. Based on that analysis, the only plus up I ended selecting was to be gagged for the duration of the session. At that point, all that was left was to get dressed and roll for the length of my assignment (with Ms Lisa watching carefully to remove any temptation to nudge a dice, not that I ever would).

Once I was fully (and uncomfortably) clothed, my wrist weights were fastened on and bottle caps were taped to my heels, I rolled my dice to find the duration of my cleaning session. With a result of 1 and 4, the base time was 2 hours (1 divided by 2 rounded up is 1, 4 divided by 2 is 2, multiplied the result is 2 hours), my 2 hours of plus-ups were subtracted (I knew I planned this well) for a total of 0 hours, which became the minimum of one hour. From that point on it was off to score as many points as I could.


My first duty was scrubbing the kitchen and bathroom floors (1 point), while Ms Lisa followed gleefully snapping away with the camera. She was particularly amused with watching me attempt to waddle across the very narrow kitchen in the overstuffed diaper–she tends to revel in my sissy baby humiliation, though I’m glad at least one of us is enjoying it.


After finishing up with the hard floors, I broke out the vacuum sweeper to deal with the carpets (sweeping, 1 point). I made quite the little homemaker with my huge breasts and my vacuum, and Ms Lisa continued to be absolutely giddy at my humiliation.


Next it was time to scrub the toilet (1 point), which would normally be a pretty terrible job, save the fact that I’d just cleaned it during my previous cleaning assignment. It was still extremely difficult to squeeze into the tiny bathroom in such a huge diaper, but I managed to get the job done and pick up my points.


The next task on the list was cleaning the windows (2 points), not the most settling of tasks when dressed in such humiliating fashion, but two points is hard to pass up. While I initially wanted to stay off to the side of the windows while cleaning, a lack of room beside the windows and the lack of mobility afforded by my outfit quashed that idea. Instead, I got the job done as quickly as possible and moved on.


At this point, my cleaning duties were complete, but there was still some unpleasant business left to complete. Following my around with the camera had made Ms Lisa quite thirsty, so I took the opportunity to bring her a drink (1 point) in the meantime. While she enjoyed her cold glass of water, she decided that I could cool down for a bit as well, though it would involve chewing on a bar of soap for the next five minutes (1 point). I spent the next five minutes kneeling at her feet trying not to drool soapy suds all over my gigantic fake chest which was not a terribly enjoyable experience.


Finally, to take up the remainder of the time, Ms Lisa bent me over the bed and proceeded to give me a good paddling with her favorite hairbrush (4 points). She started out the paddling on the super stuffed diaper, but was annoyed at how little I would actually be able to feel and ended up pulling down the outer padding to paddle directly on my disposable diaper. After about 10 minutes of paddling, she pulled down my disposable as well and proceeded to spend the rest of the time flailing away on my bare bottom. By the end of the hour, my ass was good and pink, and Ms Lisa’s arm was starting to get extremely tired. With about five minutes left to go, I got her a refill on her water and proceeded to upload pictures of the night’s activities until the full hour was complete.


Throughout the course of the night, I managed to accumulate 11 points (Ms Lisa had intended to bring rope for another two points, but I think she intentionally forgot to keep my point total low) over a one hour period. It seemed like a pretty respectable total, as anything higher would more or less require going outside in that humiliating outfit, which is something I desperately wanted to avoid. I’d like to think that what I accumulated would spare me from completing this assignment yet a third time and potentially put me in the running for whatever the ‘surprise’ might be (depending on how everyone else’s assignments are graded). Regardless, it was nice to complete the first of my official Institute assignments, and I look forward to continuing to contribute to The Institute in the future.



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