Maggie Rae and the White Slime: Cleaning Up After sissy billy

Some time ago, well before I fully completed my return to The Institute in fact, [sissy billy was given a very easy assignment]( That very easy assignment never got completed, faded into the background, and disappeared for a good long while. Nothing ever permanently disappears at The Institute, however, and even sissy billy made the prediction that it would return. “I am sure, however, that it will surface again…” he said, and so very right he was. It was in my lap, however, that this assignment was dropped this time around, and if last time this assignment was just to find a recipe, then I’d say it came back much larger than before. This time, I not only had to find recipes, but had to test them on myself as well. Thanks, sissy billy.

I will agree with sissy billy on one thing—the number of decent fake cum recipes out there are sorely lacking. I’m pretty capable, however, so rather than just taking the sub-par ones I did find, I resolved to head into the kitchen to concoct my own. I did concoct, and I simmered, cooked, reduced, and science’d my way to what I believe is a solid solution to the task assigned me. The recipe and procedure is with Mistress Katzenburg now, and I will leave it to her to distribute as she sees fit. Suffice to say, my solution is safe, edible, easily washable, sticky, gooey, cheap, and fairly easy to produce.

See for yourself:



Now, I’ll be honest here—when I first got this assignment, I was none too thrilled with sissy billy. Were it not for him, I would have never had to put myself through any of this. Now that it’s done, however, my outlook has improved. Sure it’s unpleasant now, but I know that in the near future I will have put my Geek Girl past behind me and moved on to bigger, better, and far less unpleasant things, while sissy billy will likely still stumbling through hellish Fantasy Island trips the get progressively worse and worse while [choking down about 11 pounds of horrible liquid soap]( to boot. If he’d like to give me any other friendly leg-ups, maybe a *friendly* wager or two to help him on his way, I wouldn’t really complain too much.

Amendment: For all those interested, the recipe and procedure are as follows…
>The recipe is less precise and more adjusted to look and feel, so it takes a little eyeballing, some estimation, and some trial and error. Step one is to form a watery sugar syrup from about ~2 Cups of water and a little over half a bag of powdered sugar (it would be about16-18 oz by weight) in a decent sized pot. The mixture should be extremely watery at this stage. Bring to a boil over high heat, stirring constantly, and then reduce to medium-low heat and simmer. Simmer until the mixture reduces down a bit and starts to become viscous. Kill the heat and let it sit.

>In a second mixing bowl, combine about ~1 Cup of water with enough all purpose bleached flour to create what amounts to a thin batter. If the batter becomes too thick, just add more water–not all of this is going to get used, and it’ll be better to make too much than too little. Make sure that there are no clumps of flour remaining in the batter, or they’ll cause all kinds of problems in the next step.

>Finally, bring the sugar syrup back to a boil and reduce back to medium-medium low heat. The syrup should be mostly transparent at this point. A little bit at a time, mix the flour batter into the syrup, stirring vigorously the entire time, until the desired translucency and color is achieved–remember, it’ll look more opaque over heat because of the bubbles, so be sure to kill the heat when you’re checking. For my mix, I used pretty much all of my flour batter and came up with a fairly translucent mix. Once thoroughly combined, kill the heat and continue to stir. At this point, the mixture will begin to thicken considerably as it cools. As it does so, mix in small bits of very hot tap water and stir until recombined–repeat until the desired consistency is achieved. Mission Accomplished!



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Hello Maggie Ray,

I must say nice job on this. It looks like a thing frosting mix. Powder sugar and milk.

Hello Maggie Rae,

I am so sorry that this fell on you. It was and never will be my intent that any of my well deserved punishments should ever be another sissy clients to endure. It is not fair that Mistress Katzenburg make you suffer for my failings.

I will point out though, that if she was thinking of you, and it was your turn in the proverbial barrel, she may have concocted something even worse.

But, that is besides the point. I sincerely apologize and hope you forgive me.

sissy billy


If there is one thing I have learned at “The Institute” is that the “Barrel” is always alive and lurking usually never far away.

My Fantasy Island trips are still there to take. I have been very very busy, but that is a good thing. I am trying desperately to become a Smurf and at least get through the first round of trips.

Stress is “high” and to compound it Mistress Rosemarie is threatening to submit her own recommendation for a trip to Mistress Katzenburg.

I know I must get active again and soon.

sissy billy

The grading criteria is taken directly from the assignment email: “your assignment is to create several different recipes and try them out on yourself in different forms of dress. Post the recipes and the results.” I count one recipe (once the post was updated) and one set of results.

Who can post the meaning of the “several”?

    Several is typically more than two…

    Still, you gave me an example to emulate and I did my best come create something to that specification. Good, practical recipes are a little few and far between, and even the decent ones use ingredients that are either extremely non-standard and hard to come by, difficult to obtain, expensive, of questionable safety, or just plain won’t yield the desired look. I’ve managed to create something extremely viable here from scratch, that’s replicatable, cheap, safe, edible, and overall very usable.

    This was a good faith attempt which yielded good results…

sissy billy received a punishment very degrading

Maggie Rae,

I too found the difficulty in this and finding something suitable. I agree it was an excellent effort and worthy of praise and not further punishment.

I will refrain from further comment hoping to avoid involvment in this.

sissy billy

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