Maggie Rae: Story Assignment 3—Back and Forth

Let me tell you about the worst night I’ve had in a while, and bear with me because I haven’t had nearly as much sleep as I should have. [This week’s story assignment]( looked bad on its face, many of them do, but it’s not until you’re well into it before you realize exactly how terrible it is. The principle sounds simple enough—my assignment was to transfer pennies one at a time from a cup in one room in the house to a cup in another, with increasingly unpleasant additions as I went. Now, my place isn’t that big, and even spread out as far as possible, there were only about 15 steps between cups—not awful you say, that’s 30 steps per penny. Well, allow me to show you how wrong you would be…


Like most assignments, however, I started by laying out everything I would need beforehand… Ominous, isn’t it?


If you recall the story, there were a grand total of 1000 pennies to be moved—100 pennies in the first three parts, then 200, then finally 500. 30 steps per penny means that all told, I should have taken about 30,000 steps over the course of the assignment, and for the first hundred that held pretty much true. For the first hundred, I only had to wear cuffs and a collar—not a huge deal, and I got through them at a pretty good pace—it only took me about 20 minutes to get through them. Then things started to get iffy…


For the second hundred pennies, I was to be [packaged]( tightly and have clamps added to my nipples for the duration. I evidently did too good of a job with my packaging, because the length of the steps that I could take got cut in half—any longer and the twine I used tugged painfully at my bits and dug into my ass (imagine a twine thong, then make it worse). With each of my mincing the clothes pins I used as nipple clamps bounced painfully, making the whole experience worse. Without being able to go nearly as fast as before, the second hundred took more than 45 minutes to get through. I knew, however, that things were only getting started.


The third hundred pennies started to get bad, because at this stage a plug got added to the mix. Now, I’m fairly out of practice with my anal training, and it took a good and painful 10 minutes to finally get my large plug up my ass. Once I repackaged myself up, the twine I used pushed against the base of the plug, holding it firmly in place, and with every little step I took I could feel the invader up my backside. I wanted nothing more than to get this done as quickly as possible at this point and to get the damn thing out, but I knew from the story that I had at least 300 pennies to go before I could.


After a hundred pennies, however, things only got worse, as a bra and panty set was added to the mix, along with a pair of heels. Now, I’m not bad at walking on heels, but between the packaging, the plug, and the burning that was starting in my calves, the two hundred pennies that I had to transfer with this setup felt like it took forever. I had started at 5:00 PM that evening, and it was after 10:30 by the time I’d finished the first 500 pennies of my assignment, and I knew what came next.


I was fortunate enough at this point to get to remove my plug, packaging, bra and panties, and clothes pins, but what got added in their place made the whole thing worse. In place of the panties, a super stuffed diaper that I can hardly even waddle in. In place of the bra, an L cup monster with matching gel forms. A cock gag topped the whole thing off, and my heels didn’t get to come off either. I could barely move in the setup, let alone transfer 500 more pennies, but I soldiered on regardless. By 1:00 AM, I had managed to transfer 150 of the 500 pennies required, and my assignment required me to sleep at some point during the last 500—I didn’t get to change of course, though Mistress Katzenburg was gracious enough to let me remove my heels and gag to sleep in. I tossed and turned for most of the night—I had turned the heat off earlier and even cracked a window—it was the only way I avoided melting during the whole ordeal. The only solace I could take was that I managed to keep my diaper clean and dry—otherwise the next morning would be even more horrible,


I was up around 7:00 this morning, determined to finish this hell of an assignment, but after two slow hours and only another 130-something more pennies getting transferred, my will was starting to break down. I still had more than 200 to go, and each step took everything I could muster to take. I never made it to 500 pennies—hell, I don’t even thing I made it to 300. By 10:00 this morning I couldn’t even move, and I was forced to admit failure. I can’t imagine that Sean made it much further than I did in diapers and heels, and so it seems like we both failed this one. I can only hope that this is as bad as it gets, for both our sakes.


I stripped the diaper off as soon as I physically could after—I desperately hope that I’ll be able to avoid them in the near future… Bitch Baby is someone else’s title, and they can keep it, my training is bad enough without it. I can’t imagine that it can get much worse than this assignment—even as I type this, I’m still exhausted. Hopefully next week will be easier, and I’ll be able to succeed at my next assignment.





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