Maggie Rae: Chapter 4, The Reason for the Season

After [last week’s]( grueling assignment, my prayers have been answered and it seems like this week will be a bit of a lull. While I can’t say that the assignment that I’ll be facing this week is all that pleasant, it does seem a lot easier than last week. While this week’s story does include some ominous lines, for the time being it seems like the worst is over. Remember to check back this Sunday to see the write up from this week’s assignment, [follow]( [us]( on [twitter](, and consider applying to [join The Institute yourself](

Now, without further ado, this week’s chapter…

>Sarah looked down at the sorry, lump of a husband at her feet. “Sean, I can’t believe that a big, strong guy like you couldn’t even finish a tiny little assignment like take $10 into the other room. I guess that was just too much for you and you decided to take a nap. Before you get too comfortable, I guess I owe you a bit of an explanation.

>”Normally the villain explains the whole plot just in time for the hero to break free and extricate himself from the devious plot. Unfortunately for you, I am more than the sex object that you always treated me as. I’ve got some brains up her too. And though I have the ability to scramble your circuits, I have no plan to. As I carry out my revenge on you, I want you to know exactly what you used to have and how it went all wrong.

>”Since you always treated me and the rest women in your life like objects to be worshiped, you will be given all of the same traits that you desired in them. You will be presented to the world like a Barbie bimbo slut. You will always be shaved. You will wear high heels. You will present yourself with the largest tits that I can find. You will be infused with a voracious sexual appetite.

>”And since you always considered cleaning he house to be a woman’s work–and beneath your high station–you will be given all of the house work to do. Whether you are sweeping the kitchen or cleaning the toilets with your tongue, you will do everything.

>”You should always know that there will always be more to endure. I have only laid out the beginning of the plan. And why should you go along with any of this, dear husband?” Sarah asked as she strolled to the side. “When I finally decide to remove the diaper you are currently wearing, you will discover that there has been a device locked onto your useless dick. There are a number of technological features contained in the small package which you will learn about later, but for now you need to realize that I control everything you might ever want to with your little bits. Unless you want to take the chance of them never functioning properly again, you should not attempt any sexual gratification, try to remove it or run away from me. I can guarantee that if any of these happen, you life will be irreversibly changed forever.

>”Now, since you are tired, I will let you sleep. I’ll come back to check on you in 24 hours” Sarah said as she turned off the lights and locked the door leading into his tiny room.


>It had taken a while, but Sean had finally realized that what his wife had said was true–if you are forced to waddle in a huge diaper long enough, you will find out that you will have sore muscles that you didn’t even realize you had. He was also learning that Sarah would stay true to her word. She had left him for what seemed like 48 hours, alone, diapered and bound in his room. At least he out of that closet and was in a clean diaper now, though the diaper seemed even bigger than before.

>Sean was also mad at himself for ever telling Becky any of his fantasies. Before settling on Sarah, he had spent some time with her best friend Becky. In a moment of weakness he had revealed a few of his fantasies to her and that bitch had apparently shared them with Sarah. That could be the only explanation for how he was dressed now. There is no way that Sarah would have come up with this on her own…

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