Geek Girl: Eight Legged Clean Freaks

Even after enduring her hellish torments at the hands of the evil sorority sisters in [Mouth of the South](, Geek Girl’s torments were not over yet.

> It took Geek Girl almost three hours to waddle back to her apartment across town barefoot. Long enough that her sweatsuit was almost dry now. She had considered taking it off, but after a quick dip in the fountain in front of the college’s administration building, the smell stopped invading her nostrils and she decided to leave it on. Luckily she had not seen anyone out on the early Saturday morning, and she breathed a sign of relief as she shut her apartment door behind her.

> Geek Girl waddled to the bathroom and started the water in the tub. A nice long soak and a nap would help her attitude immensely. She stripped off her sweatsuit quickly and went to pull off her diaper. What she had thought were plastic panties with super-strong elastic were actually reinforced kevlar panties with locked aircraft cable ties. Her diaper wasn’t coming off without some heavy duty tools. Tools Geek Girl didn’t have. She checked out the tag on the panties and it simply said “Come back when you are ready to be changed.”

> Apparently her adventure was not yet finished.

I was so not looking forward to whatever punishment these sisters could come up with.

> Geek Girl couldn’t do anything as the sorority girls sat on her couch and talked about her fate. SHe hoped she had done the right thing by inviting the three of them over instead of trying to make the trek back across town with her huge diaper still filled. She had followed their directions and been blindfolded when they arrived. After having a penis gag shoved down her throat, her breasts were smashed into the floor as her arms were bound behind her back. A few strategically placed straps kept her in a position of genuflection on the floor in front of her captors.

> “Okay, here’s the deal. We can over to release you from your diaper and end your torment, but we find your living conditions so deplorable that we are compelled to action. Your diaper, which I am sure is now plenty full, will remain locked on and we will add some clothing suitable for a cleaning spree. We will return after 24 hours. If your apartment does not pass our white glove inspection, then you will be severely punished and dressed for another 24 hours of cleaning. This will continue until your apartment passes. Now we will get you untied and dressed.”

For the last leg of my reinstatement punishments, I was to relive Geek Girl’s cleaning spree, suitably dressed to make such an easy chore into a waking nightmare. Once I’d completed my task, Ms Lisa would then grade my work and punish or reward me accordingly. It was my consolation that, after completing this assignment, my reinstatement duties would be complete and I’d be eligible to potentially be accepted once again as a full active client of The Institute.

> Geek Girl wasn’t sure how she was supposed to get any cleaning done. Her workout stash has been raided and she now found herself with 10 pound leg weights around each ankle and four pound weights around each wrist. To keep the now ready to burst diaper cover from getting dirty, they had tied a heavy oilskin apron around her waist. The top, instead of being around her neck though, was clipped to each of her nipples, and they were already on fire. With nothing else left to do, Geek Girl turned and started to waddle to the kitchen, grateful they hadn’t also put her in sky high heels.

For the duration of my Geek Girl cleaning, I would be dressed in the humiliating garb of a sissy baby maid, wearing a super stuffed diaper, my largest bra and forms, and a black trash bag maid’s outfit. To make the exercise a little more exhausting, I was to tape metal bottle caps to the bottoms of my heels to “keep my on my toes”. Finally, because my attempt at Mouth of the South had been less successful than I’d hoped, I voluntarily subjected myself to a suppository laxative as an act of penance. A few minutes after I actually started my cleaning, I was already regretting my little addition.

[![](]( [![](](

Before I’d started cleaning, I didn’t think much of how difficult the assignment would actually be–it would be extremely humiliating, of course (I hate the role of a sissy baby), but that would be about it. Five minutes in I knew just how wrong I was. Between the weight of my bra and forms (which I thought I was used to by now), the suspenders keeping my super stuffed diaper up, being forced up onto my toes by the bottle caps, and the surprisingly warm trash bag outfit, even the simplest tasks had me dripping sweat. All the exertion made it more that difficult to focus on holding the suppository as well, so after about twenty minutes of work I was forced to count a thoroughly messy diaper among my many inconveniences. After nearly an hour, my legs were so sore that I was forced into crawling to continue my cleaning–crawling around in a massive, messy diaper while my massive breasts swung beneath me, and while I continued to sweat through everything I was wearing. By the time I’d actually finished cleaning (three hours later) I was damn near tears and only wanted my punishment to end, to strip out of the sticky wet clothes and the disgusting messy diaper and just get a shower. I was just about done.


All that remained was for Ms Lisa to sign off on my cleaning, to clear me as finished, and to declare the last of my reinstatement assignments done. In preparation for her inspection, I redressed in my sissy baby maid’s uniform and waited kneeling by the door for her arrival. Little did I know that she would get just a little bit lost on the way (or maybe she just took the scenic route), which left me kneeling by the door in my diaper and forms for the better part of an hour. When she did finally arrive, she was rather surprised to see the state of my apartment, and passed me, complimenting me on my job well done. She graced me with her presence for a while longer (even more time I spent dressed in my despised outfit) before giving me a few good swats on the bottom to keep up the good work before she left.

– ~ — • — ~ –

With this assignment completed, I have completed all my assigned reinstatement assignments ([with the *possible* exception of a *possible* repeat of Babyface]( and hope that I can soon be reinstated as a full, active client of The Institute.


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