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The Guard Changes On

As you may have noticed, recently one of our oldest clients dropped off the site and stopped accepting assignments, completing punishments or posting in general. The bad news is that this client has stopped posting for good. Almost a year ago Mistress Rosemarie’s sister Marilyn moved in with her and threw a wrench into her sissy’s training plans. Fortunately for us, Mistress Rosemarie’s sissy wasn’t very good in hiding her true nature.

When Marilyn found what was going on, she became very interested in the sissy’s training. It turns out that she was much more strict than Mistress Rosemarie ever wanted to be. So now the sissy, rechristened Lacee Lynne has re-entered training at The Institute under a much stricter mistress at home — Mistress Marilyn.

Please help me in welcoming Lacee Lynne, and her sister-in-law Mistress Marilyn.

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