The Guard Changes On

As you may have noticed, recently one of our oldest clients dropped off the site and stopped accepting assignments, completing punishments or posting in general. The bad news is that this client has stopped posting for good. Almost a year ago Mistress Rosemarie’s sister Marilyn moved in with her and threw a wrench into her sissy’s training plans. Fortunately for us, Mistress Rosemarie’s sissy wasn’t very good in hiding her true nature.

When Marilyn found what was going on, she became very interested in the sissy’s training. It turns out that she was much more strict than Mistress Rosemarie ever wanted to be. So now the sissy, rechristened Lacee Lynne has re-entered training at The Institute under a much stricter mistress at home — Mistress Marilyn.

Please help me in welcoming Lacee Lynne, and her sister-in-law Mistress Marilyn.


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Welcome back to the trenches Lacee Lynne, it’s been getting lonely down here without you. I eagerly await your new assignments–they should be as amusing as ever.

Welcome Mistress Marilyn, it will be exciting to see the direction you take with your sissy. Know that we’re all rooting for you.

just looking,,,stricter,,,,,gotta love it.

Thank You Maggie-Rae for your welcome, although like lacee lynne you may eventually regret it. I have so many fun ideas for you sissies, but am in need of Mistress Katzenburg’s help in learning how to implement them. Perhaps Mistress Katanburg will let you share in the adventures we have planned for her as I am sure she will join in some of yours.

As far as Lacee Lynne’s joining your sissy fun, I am not so sure she is very excited. I am sure you could enjoy the company though. It looks like you are having so much fun and no one to share it with.

I look forward to helping with all of you Sissies Training.

Mistress Marilyn

Mistress Marilyn,
I’m sure Mistress Katzenburg will just love the idea… I serve at the pleasure of all Mistresses here at The Institute and will of course participate in anything that is required of me.

I hav been away for a very long time, i believe i need to be given over to a super stict Mistress and re christened just like Lacee…. welcome back and looking forward to seeing what is done with you. in turn i dont know what should be done about me, if anyone wishes to e-mail me at i would welcome suggesrions.

Well Hello Ladies. So glad to see all you Sissies commenting. I am sure Mistress Katzenburg is very pleased that everyone is adding comments as they are supposed to several times a week. It seems that all of you have been lacking in that area.

Maggie Rae, my voice will be only a whisper as I learn from Mistress Katzenburg, but I am sure Lacee Lynne will enjoy your company and you will hers. Two Sissies performing there duties together is always better then one.

Lacee Lynne is very shy though, so I think she will endure some very strict and private tutoring under Mistress Katzenburg before she is at your level.

Sleep tight in anticipation Sissies

anticapitation never works out as things seem to happen unannounced and when thought over begins again. The sheer torture of not knowing what will happen keeps my mind on the prize.

Welcome back lacee Lynne! It would seem your future is well cemented at The Instutute! At the risk of appearing jealous, I think you are fortunate to belong here!

I not only asked, I begged,, now my Ownership anklet will soon be cut off in favor of a tattoo..

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