Why There Are Rules

There are rules on the names of files so that given the name of a picture, I will know what is contains and that the various versions of that picture will all be of the same content. Which is why I get extremely frustrated when the rules are flaunted.

[Pieclown][], your next task is to explain why some of the pictures from February 26, 2008 have duplicated names. I expect a suitable explanation and the problems to be fixed.

[Pieclown]: http://institute.cdpunishment.com/profiles/pieclown


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I see now I have two tasks before me to do.

No, you don’t have “two tasks”. You have one task, one assignment and that thing from the end of last year. I just wrote the definitions of these words. DO NOT MISUSE THEM.


I have done my best to find out the problem.

The 5 pictures on the page have different names. The pictures are featherduster.jpeg, pieclown_080226-001t.jpg, pieclown_080226-002t.jpg, pieclown_080226-003t.jpg, and pieclown_080226-004t.jpg.

The four pictures link to the larger version of the same pictures: pieclown_080226-001s.jpg
pieclown_080226-002s.jpg, pieclown_080226-003s.jpg, and pieclown_080226-004s.jpg. These all have different names.

The feather duster picture comes from some site I found 5 to 6 years ago. This picture, and another picture, was sent using my one of the free email accounts I have. The main photos were sent from my personal email account. They are: pieclown_080226-001.jpg, pieclown_080226-002.jpg,
pieclown_080226-003.jpg, and pieclown_080226-004.jpg.

These all have different names.

The photos are saved in the same file site images/2008/03.

Now I did not get access to the ftp site until July 20, 2008. I got limited posting and edit privileges and the rules for the posting of pictures October 30, 2008. This about the time I got the privileges to post. This assignment was done February 26, 2008.

I sent the 4 pictures with the right name. I left the feather duster picture the same name I found it. I did not make the post, change the names of the pictures, or change the size of the pictures.

I do not know who did this and it appears the the names are not duplicated.

I can not find the error, so I can not fix the error.

@pieclown: Have a look at your profile and keep trying.

The error was this. I take more then one picture on some of the poses I do. This is done to get the lighting right. What good is it to see me dressed up if I am a massive blob? I had taken 2 profile shots of me in the maid dress. These 2 photos were very much the same in quality. So I picked on to use for the feather-duster posting. This first photo became 002 out of the group. I did not change the name of the second similar picture.

When I was doing the profile group of photos, I found the second photo. I did not remember that I had used the name 001 for the picture of the feather duster itself. So I labeled this second photo 001. I have renamed it 005 and it now on my profile page with the right name.

Which is why you should always rename all of the pictures that come off your camera immediately.

wow all that over something so simple! LOL! OMG! LOL! you guys are too funny! that was great stuff!

i made a mistake on the website address on my last comment. sorry about that and its fixed.

Corrections for wrongs, making things right, a wing feather removed , that use to give flight

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