A sissy must be prompt in her assignments

I was recently, well actually a month ago, assigned a task by Mistress Amber to fill out a profile set up by her and to complete it as soon as possible. Well, I got busy with other assignments and finally pushed Mistress Amber’s patience to the limit. A sissy never has the excuse of being to busy to fulfill her Mistress’s instructions.

Mistress Amber was still very understanding, which I do appreciate greatly, and did not punish as severely as I deserved. I have been directed by her to dress up completely in feminine clothing every night until I completed this task. I further disappointed Mistress Amber by not starting my task immediately last night and now I am also to wear my sissy clitty cage.

Mistress Rosemarie is delighted with this because she had warned me to get going on my assignment and she so likes me to look pretty. She now forces me to dress as soon as I get home and to stay dressed all night. I make and feed her dinner, clean up and then go to the computer. Mistress Rosemarie tells me to take my time now because she wants me to dress like this every night, but I know I must complete and please Mistress Amber by finishing my Profile.

Mistress Rosemarie laid out a pretty feminine outfit and took pictures for all to see and delighting in my humiliation.


The first thing Mistress Rosemarie took out was the dreaded sissy clitty-cage. She was not too gentle as she clamped it on and shoved my sissy clitty into it. It hurt and I am always humiliated when she does this to me. I stood for some picture taking in my red lacy thong and sissy clitty-cage.


I then had to put on my pantyhose and walk around the house modeling them for her.


I completed my feminine dressing as instructed by Mistress Amber and picked out by Mistress Rosemarie. I wore a white frilly lace blouse, flowery white and lavender skirt, dress up red high heels and a very feminine pretty frilly lace apron to wear as I cooked dinner for Mistress Rosemarie. After eating and cleaning up the kitchen I was allowed to finally go to the computer and work on my profile. I love to dress up in girlie clothes, but dressing all night like a girl is uncomfortable and not as much fun as dressing and masturbating and then changing back and going on with my boy ways. I certainly would not like to dress like this all the time knowing full well that it probably is Mistress Rosemarie’s plan and desire that I do.

I need to complete this task quickly.



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Hello Mistress Amber and all you sissies out there. I have not made a comment in quite some while, but do enjoy seeing all you sissies humiliated and punished as all sissies should be.

I also commend Mistress in Training Myckie Jo for her domination of sissy billy. She certainly does deserve everything you give her and I enjoy her embarrassment.

I just had to remark how pretty my sissy looks though. She gets so embarrassed as I tease her.

I still have a little girl in me and I think I will make a visit to see Santa and sit on his lap and tell him all the things I want for Christmas. I am thinking dressing my sissy up in a fancy sissy Dress for an entire day sometime between Christmas and New Years is not to much to ask Santa to make happen. In fact, I think I will make a long list of Christmas wishes I have concerning my sissy. After I sit on Santa’s lap and get his smiling nod, I will come back an publish my list so sissy billy and everyone will know exactly what I want for Christmas. This could be fun.

Dear Mistress Rosemarie,

I must complement you on how good sissy billy looks. The top and skirt very nice and the apron ads the right touch. The heels and hose make sissy billy’s legs look fabulous. I wish you the best of luck with your visit with Santa.

Pie pie 4 now

Hello pieclown,

Thank you for your compliments about how pretty I looked. I am trying to be a pretty sissy for Mistress Rosemarie. Honestly though, I hope when she goes to see Santa that there is a long line and she decides not to stand in line and give Santa her list. I can only imagine what is on the list as I am sure much of it will be meant for me.

Anyway, Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year pieclown

sissy billy

sissy billy,
WOW!! your legs look marvelous. You look so good in your sissy outfit.

You’re a lucky sissy to have Mistress Rosemarie keep you in line. Here’s hope that you get many surprises from Santa. Deep down, i know that’s what you really want!

Monique Qua

Hello Monique Qua,

Thank you for the compliments. I did want to look pretty.

I am lucky to have Mistress Rosemarie and I do want to please her every way I kind. I am a little nervous though about what surprises Santa might bring me. I am sure Mistress Rosemarie will make me tell everyone what I got for Christmas.

sissy billy

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the Mistresses. I do hope that all of your sissies got what they deserved for Christmas. Where they good sissies all year. I would love to know what you got.

I did go to see Santa and Santa did leave a few presents under the tree for sissy billy. She has not been a really good girl this year, so I don’t think she will enjoy any of the presents that Santa left for her. Christmas was going to be busy with friends and family, so I gave her a choice of what night we should sit by the tree and open her presents. Like most of her assignments, she is late and seems to be putting off our fun night by the tree. I am not happy about this.

Well I have made up my mind for you sissy billy. Wednesday night you will dress as pretty as you can for me and you better be the prettiest sissy ever. We will have a have pleasant dinner and I will choose the menu. Then you will open your presents. I will take lots of pictures of my pretty sissy so she can share them with you if she chooses.

I will really enjoy these private moments with my sissy. I never kiss and tell, so I will leave it up to sissy billy if she would like to ask her Mistress’s permission to post what should be a fun night for us. She usually tries to avoid her humiliations, so she will probably try to avoid this as usual. Maybe her sissy friends can get her to share her fun night and tell all her sissy friends about how much fun she had.

I am looking forward to Wednesday night sissy billy

Mistress Rosemarie

Dear sissy billy,

So did you have a fun night? Are you going to share what you got and what happen?

AND Happy New Year to one and all.

Hello pieclown,

Mistress Rosemarie was smiling when we finally went to sleep so I am sure she had a fun night. It was not so much fun for me though. I do enjoy dressing up and I wore a fancy lacy dress from a few years ago that Mistress Rosemarie always said I looked pretty in. The evening was part dress-up and opening presents and the rest a punishment for not doing it Christmas Eve when I had promised her. The reasons for my delay were all my fault, so I guess I should not complain.

My presents were embarrassing and some, I am sure, will be used to humiliate me in the future by Mistress Rosemarie. I would rather not “show and tell” right now. I am still blushing.

Anyway, I hope your Christmas was good and I to would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and a great 2010.

    I did have a very good time last night sissy billy and I am disappointed that you did not. Everyone will think that I am a mean Mistress and I really am very kind and understanding about you being a sissy and your many other faults. However, you should remember that you are a sissy and you are allowed to serve and please me per our agreement, so I really do not care if you did not have a good time. Your concern should be that I had a good time.

    Yes, your presents were humiliating, but you are a sissy and you deserve to be humiliated. Pieclown was only asking if you would share what you got from Santa. I am sure she would understand about sissy humiliation. I did tell you that it was your choice, but maybe you should reconsider your apparent decision not to share all the effort I went to in asking Santa to bring you all those nice sissy presents. You should also consider that I promised that I would not make you tell, but I did not promise that your other Mistresses might insist on it. Your choice Sweetie.

    And yes, those lovely sissy presents your received will most certainly be used to humiliate and punish you as the need arises.

    I think I will send my pictures to Mistress Amber just so she will know what nice things you have in your closet. She has told me that she does love new “delicious” things to better train her sissies. I will also put them on your disk in case you change your mind.

    I hope everyone had as nice and wonderful Christmas as I did. sissy billy did fulfill all of my special requests. I also wish everyone a Great New Year and may it bring good things to all of You.

    Mistress Rosemarie

Hello Pieclown. I still feel embarrassed by the presents and still remain reluctant to share them. However, they will all be exposed eventually I imagine. If you can find you way to my diary, I was already required to use two of my presents by Mistress Rosemarie.

Another satisfying, but humiliating fantasy.

sissy billy

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