Stacee Skye’s Goatee

I think that one of the reasons that [Stacee Skye][] hates going out in public so much is that she is afraid of getting caught. It is possible the she would be able to pull off the look of just a very ugly, big breasted girl except for one thing: her goatee.

It’s been shaved off a couple times before, but Mistress M tends to like her husband with it and is in no hurry to have him shave it off, so I don’t think [Stacee Skye][] will be out in public fully dressed in anytime soon.

[Stacee Skye]:


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missy maid is so happy when you put up new pictures of stacee skye. she takes them to mstr reginald so that he can see what other submissives like missy are forced to do.

missy maid would suggest stuffing stacee’s mouth with a pair of panties and wrapping her mouth with a bandage to hide that goatee. missy maid would suggest duct tape, but knows that is too painful to remove. missy maid should know.

hi i strongly believe if its what Mistress wants then thats how it is no question.but still public shame is the best im shamed every were i go its in skirt dress tights white tights never is for real girls not sissies.curtsey but it reminds us we below even the smallest girl in same store so u look at floor n meekly except shame for being fail man.pathetic sissy and if mommy gets mad my favorite doll goes to store with me.poutpoutpout.curysey??????

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