The Actual Wedding Punishment – Sissy Maid Service

It is Sunday Morning and I am so tired. I hardly slept last night bundled like a sissy baby with ankle and wrist cuffs locked and humongous breasts keeping me from rolling over. I was so glad to get out of my sissy baby wear and into a sissy maid outfit. I am having a tough time doing this. I bought this sissy maid outfit a number of years ago and I am humiliated every time I put it on and now I am glad to have it on instead of sissy baby clothes. I changed my diaper and had trouble milking my sissy clitty again. This is so humiliating that I can not do it several times in one weekend. Maybe I am becoming a sissy.
I have put on my overstuffed diaper, have voluminous breasts in my big bra, a white sissy maid crinoline, my pink frilly maid outfit, red high shoes and have applied my feminine makeup. I am blushing looking in the mirror at how pretty I am.
I have lots to clean and it will take several hours. I will get back to you.


All day and I have finally cleaned my filthy house. I hope that it is done well enough for Mistress Amber’s inspection. It is late and this will be short. It is not easy cleaning a house in high heel shoes and I only have on 4″ heels. I can not imagine pictures that I see of sissy maids in 5″ and higher heels. My feet are killing me. Cleaning is a girl’s job and something I had not done until the last few years. I need to start doing a little each week instead of all at once just once a month.
I can not write anymore. Attached are some sissy maid cleaning photos.





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oh i wish i could find someone rthat will make her or his full time sissy maid

he looks so wonderfull and wearing heels and nice big breast keep him as a maid tell him tere no turning back now,once you got him to wear that unform and everything els he be always a maid,

I tink this is an apt punishment and that nothing is too severe! he he

i like to be someone sissy male maid all the time and you can make me into sex slave to well i am tie up all the time and you can rent me out to.

hi my name is sissy maid karen so my mistress she told me that I am going to get my breast implants done to the size 48 double ds and that I will marry brother so that I will be his sissy maid wife. and that I will be getting laid very night by my master husband

So lucky I wish I had a sissy male maid ????

Mistress will You have me do this for jeffy?

I love to be a sissy maid to some woman and they can keep me. Dress. As their maid 244-7 to

still crazy after all these years

A very pretty sissy in that uniform but if needs to be a real maid she should be wearing proper maid uniform that is plain and easy to keep clean and smart. How she is at present is for her own enjoyment and pleasure and not to carry out the task her mistress wants done properly. I have just spent a day with a mistress in a Alexander uniform just like any other maid and she was pleased with the work I had done. She did however give me 6 with the cane to remind me that I am just a lowly domestic servant

Yes, so lucky I wish I was a sissy male maid

Oh Dady! I promise to be a good girl for you! I will do anything you want, and do it with a smile (a creamy one, to be sure!). If you will only marry me, I will become the sweetest, most humiliated, loving sissy girl you have ever had! Forever!
Miss Roxanne,
Your Woman

Doing the cleaning as a proper maid would do whould not mean wearing that sissy dress. A proper maid dress and apron is the correct thing so that visitors will know immediately that you just a lowly servant on fit to do hard work for your mistress and hopefully her lover

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