After failing at her [Sorority Bitches][sb] Assignment, [sissy billy][] will have to complete the last assignment in this series, babyface. I was thinking of dropping it, but after Miss Lisa showed interest and sissy billy treated her so poorly, I thought it better to re-institute the final round.

1. Strip.
1. Put a pair of panties in a cup or bowl.
2. Empty your bladder onto them, then set them aside.
2. Note what time it is.
3. Perform _at least_ two cleansing enemas to make sure you are good and clean.
4. On your hands and knees, beg your Mistress for a good spanking. Continue begging until she relents or you have kept it up for 20 minutes and throughly annoyed her. An evil Mistress might allow the first 18 minutes to get good and annoyed, and then lay into her sissy.
3. Put on a disposable diaper which has slits cut in the bottom to allow it to leak. (Alternatively, you can use a re-usable diaper.)
4. Secure this diaper with duct tape (or other means). It will be on for a while.
5. Pull an additional (un-cut) disposable
6. Put on a bra
7. Lock on ankle cuffs and wrist cuffs.
8. Put on whatever other clothing your Mistress requires/allows.
9. Take her out of the house, wherever she wants to go. (Shopping, eating, a movie, etc.) She will decide when it is time to return.
10. On returning, you **will** have a wet diaper. Not having on, constitutes a failure. (An evil Mistress might keep the trip short enough to ensure failure, but then insist, since it’s already started to continue this failed attempt.)
10. Stuff your bra. Besides what is given here, dress as your Mistress sees fit.
11. Over-top the disposable diaper, put on one that is “super-stuffed”. (Like [these pictures of Stacee Skye]( The diaper should be secure and stuffed enough to ensure that you can only waddle.
12. Using a black magic marker, write “sissy” on your forehead, “baby” on your right check and “slut” on your left.
13. Spend some time sucking on your pacifier. (Actually a nice dildo.) If your Mistress has a strap-on, you should suck on that one too.
13. Do whatever other tasking your Mistress desires.
14. After 22 hours, you are coming to the end.
15. Gag yourself with the panties you set aside earlier and think about your punishment for a few minutes.
16. Once you have posted the results, you can remove the gag. You are finished.


* You are allowed to change the outer disposable diaper as often as you would like (and your Mistress allows).
* Mistressic license can apply.

[sissy billy]:


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Oh My Gosh, WOW, Oh My Gosh, Oh WOW, Oh My Gosh. I am taking deep breaths. Oh My Gosh. I read through this once and am afraid to even read through it again. This sounds like both the baby face assignment and the Night on the Town assignment. I though I was going to have a choice. Oh My Gosh.

This looks very scary and I really am afraid. Looking up quickly I also see that this is for 22 hours. That means if I start tomorrow after a graduation party I have to go to in the early afternoon, I will miss the next day of church and Lunch with friends and not finish till Sunday afternoon. WOW! I know I should not be putting expletives in my response, but I can not help it. Oh My Gosh. This is terrible.

Ms. Lisa – I did not mean to be rude to you. It was not my intent and I did not think I was even rude.

Mistress Katzenburg – I tried so hard on my Sorority Bitches assignment and I think that I only just failed it.

I realize that I am on the verge of whining and I do not mean to, but Oh My Gosh, this is really unfair. WOW! Oh My Gosh! I know, Mistress Katzenburg, that you said that it was not wise to lose the Sorority Bitches assignment and that all third level assignments were not something I would like, but, WOW, this is really very difficult for a sissy like me.

I know I should just delete what I just write because it will probably get me in more trouble, but, Oh My Gosh, I can not believe this.

Oh My Gosh, I do not how I can do this. I hope there is no thing as a 4th level punishment.

I am so upset.

I can’t look at the assignment and I can’t even look at what I just wrote.

WOW! I did fail the Sorority Bitches assignment and I fail, so I guess I do deserve this, but, Oh My Gosh, I do not want to think about it. I will go to bed know and try not to think about it and will talk to Mistress Rosemarie in the morning. I am sure she will be mad for me saying this but, Oh My Gosh and will add to the assignment after what I just wrote, but Oh My Gosh, this is so unfair.

I am taking a deep breath. I could cry. In accordance with the Rules and Regulations and hope that I have not whined too much, I formally accept this punishment for my failure and will start tomorrow afternoon and give up Church and Lunch with my friends and complete this on Sunday afternoon.

I know have to go back and read my assignment and what I wrote. I am so scared of trying to do this. I am such a sissy.

Oh My Gosh, sissy billy

    This is the third in a series of progressively more humiliating assignments. Do not presume to know that I took elements from “On the Town” and integrated them in. Does “babyface” involve shaving your legs? Going to a salon to get a pedicure and manicure? Going out for a walk while attempting to hold in an enema?

    “I tried so hard, but I failed” is not a very good excuse.

    And about life? Yeah, it’s not fair. Suck it up.

      Yes Mistress Katzenburg. I did not mean to presume that I knew what my assignments were from. I was just upset and I am sorry. I regretted what I wrote last night. I certainly would be deathly afraid of having to go to a beauty salon. Mistress Rosemarie once made me go for a walk with an enema and yes I did leak all over the sidewalk as I walked.

      I do know that there is nothing unfair in my treatment as a sissy.

      I will perform my assignment.

      sissy billy

Well maybe you need a good filling of something before you are required to wear the first non removeable diaper for whining?

    Please sissysarah, I was crying (whining) because it scared me. I am sure you agree that it will not be pleasant and I am also sure you would not want to do this assignment.

    I could say something mean, but I will bite my tongue. Please be kind and not give the Mistresses any other ideas.

    I am sure my diaper will be overflowing with filling before I am done.

    sissy billy

To all – I apologize for writing what I wrote above. We got home late last night from a party and I guess I partied to much. I should know better. I am sorry for whining and crying and complaining. I wish I could take back what I wrote. I did not expect this assignment this soon and was hoping that Mistress Katzenburg would not pursue it at all. I was shocked when I read it. I guess I should be thankfull that Ms. Lisa has not added additional requirements.

It is so long (24 hours) and has so many humiliating things to do and many I do not think I will be able to do. I will talk to Mistress Rosemarie this morning to try to figure out how I can accomplish this. I have just read it again and there are so many outside things I would have to do besides all the disgusting private things in the house. I do not expect much sympathy from Mistress Rosemarie for all the whining I did above last night and expect she will make me do everything Mistress Katzenburg has stated or something in its place even worst. She will probably add a few things of her own.

I did fail my Sorority Bitches assignment and therefore I do deserve this punishment. I accept this assignment/Punishment and will start it this afternoon.

I hope this is the 3rd and Final in the series and that there is not another level if I fail in this.

sissy billy

Well sissy billy, you do seem to get yourself deeper in trouble by opening your mouth. I told you to come to bed last night and not respond, but No, you just had to say something.

sissy billy – this Baby Face assignment certainly should test you. I can guess now which tasks you will want some relief from . I do understand your fears and I will adjust some of these tasks, but only under the conditions that you understand and accept that Mistress Katzenburg always has the final say and if you do not follow explicitly her tasks, that will be a reason for your failure in itself. But that is your decision and your risk whether Mistress Katzenburg will agree after the fact.

Oh, Mistress Katzenburg, I do have several tasks I can think of to occupy her time over the next day.

It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if we see her either out on the Town or at the next level or even doing this assignment again in the near future.

I will enjoy watching this play out, Mistress Rosemarie.

Wow that does sound hash i hope i can get though the application process.

wow this is such an interesting assignment, I havent come across one as intricate and detailed as this, obviously with so much to do in order to complete an assignment such as this there is a large scope for failing due to missing a vital piece out. I hope if I am ever to be allowed to join the institute that I can give assignments as this the required standard of concentration and obedience.


maidsadie xx

very interesting and cool assignment

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