In a Row

All current clients are hereby given this assignment (since I’ve always wanted to have pretty maids all in a row). You will dress as a maid, given the following requirements:

* A bra and your largest forms.
* A super stuffed diaper. (One of these [spreaders]( would be awesome, but outside the budget for most.) But that is the intended look which will enforce a full time waddle.
* A black garbage bag fashioned into a maid’s dress (with a belt and white towel for an apron). For more information on making one, see [this Dilbert cartoon](
* A collar.
* [10 lb weights]( around each ankle **-or-** metal bottle caps (top side down) taped to the bottom of your heels.
* [2.5 lb weights]( around each wrist **-or-** clothes pegs on your nipples and a tall posture collar instead of a decorative collar.

There is an opportunity to lessen the amount of time of your assignment. For each of the following that you do (in conjunction with the assignment), the assignment time will be lessened by the Value number of hours. (For instance, if you are shaved from the neck down, your assignment will be 1.5 hours shorter.)

| Plus Up | Value |
| —————————— | —— |
| Bottle Caps *and* Weights | 1 |
| Painted Nails and Toes | .5 |
| Freshly shaved/waxed torso | .5 |
| Freshly shaved/waxed bikini | .5 |
| Freshly shaved/waxed legs | .5 |
| Retained Enema before Starting | 2 |
| Gagged for the Duration | 2 |

Once you are dressed and have your plus ups decided, it will be determined how long your assignment will be. There are two different methods for calculating this. When replying to accept the assignment, announce which method you will be using.

1. For each die, divide by two, rounding up to the next integer. Multiply the two numbers together, giving you a number between 1 and 9 hours
2. Add sum of both dice plus two, divide by two, rounding up to the next integer giving you a number between 2 and 7 hours.

After determining the value of your rolls, subtract out the value of your plus ups to determine the length of your assignment. If the length is 0 or .5, round it up to one hour. If your assignment length is negative, roll again and recalculate _without_ considering your plus up values this time.

Now that you are dressed and know the length of your assignment, you will have some time to perform maid-ly activities. This list shows all of the maid-ly activities that will be considered for points. It is **highly recommended** that you try to get as many points as possible. The client with the highest total will get a surprise. Clients without enough points may find themselves repeating this assignment.

| Activity | Value |
| —————————————— | —– |
| Scrubbing the Floor | 1 |
| Cleaning the Toilet | 1 |
| Sweeping | 1 |
| Picking Up the Yard | 6 |
| Servicing the Man/Lady of the House | 4 |
| Cleaning Windows | 2 |
| Shopping at the Market | 10 |
| Serving Drinks | 1 |
| Caned/paddled by the Man/Lady of the House | 4 |
| Drawing a Bath | 1 |
| Taking the Trash Outside | 6 |
| Tied up by the Man/Lady of the House | 2 |
| Punished with a Mouth-soaping (Required) | 1 |
| Taking a Smoking Break Outside | 2 |

Good luck to everyone. This assignment is due Sunday, April 3rd. If your post (and Dropbox files) are not in place when I check on Monday, your assignment will be late.


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Mistress Katzenburg:

I have received this (fairly familiar) assignment, and will be using the first option to determine the duration. I will be performing the assignment under Ms Lisa’s supervision tomorrow night, evidence should be submitted to the Dropbox shortly thereafter.

Maggie Rae

Mistress Katzenburg

I think I should take the same option as Maggie-Rae since she seems to be familiar with this, but she would have a head start on me because she has already shaved, would get the point deductions and I have not.

I assume the surprise for finishing 1st is that one of us clients gets to stop and the others get another assignment.

I will pick option 2 in hopes this will let me start ahead of Maggie-Rae and of at least doing better than Maggie-Rae. I will complete my assignment this weekend. I do hope I have not outsmarted myself.

sissy billy

Dear Mistress Katzenburg,

I have read the above assignment. I will take option 2.

I will endeavor to do my best. I do not own an over size diaper, but use several towels to create the waddle effect you desire. If choosing the “Gagged for the Duration”, can the gag be removed for the “Taking a Smoking Break Outside”? I do not have someone else here so may I earn points by doing through self paddling or self bondage?

Thank you for your time.
pie pie 4 now

I am sorry Mistress Katzenburg, but as usual I have a question please. Retained enema before starting. How long do you have to retain the enema before I start.

Thank You

sissy billy

What a super idea , a dress make with a garbege bag..
i love

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