In a Row – Pieclown’s Results

Mistress Katzenburg has issued a new assignment. In a Row has all clients becoming diapered maids. We are to put on our bra and largest forms.

We are to also wear a super stuffed diaper. Now I do not own one, but in the past the Mistresses here have used towels in a diaper to give the wearer the desired effect. They must waddle. I used a belt to keep the whole wad in place.

We are to make a garbage bag into a maid’s dress. This is to include a belt and white towel for an apron.

I collar and weights were to be added to this uniform. I come to find out that I am missing half of one of my two weight sets. I had to come up with some way to attach 2.5 pounds to each of my wrist. I put the weights in a bag and then wrapped the bag around my wrist. I had to use packing tape to keep it there. 10 pounds were added around each ankle.

Now we had to figure out how long we would be dressed like this. We had two options to choose from. I choose to add sum of 2 dice plus two, divide by two, rounding up to the next integer.

As you see I rolled a 2 and a 4 equaling 6, plus 2 makes it 8, divided by 2 leaves a grand total of 4 hours. I did put on my collar as you see. Why the gag, you may ask. We had a chance to reduce our time as a diapered maid by adding to our uniform. The collar reduced me by 2 hours. This was a design sent to me by Mistress Amber Shummer. I have used this in the past for assignments here.

It was now 2 hours. I was also able to reduce the time by shaving my legs and bikini area.

This removed 1 more hour. I am now down to 1 hour.

I could reduce more by painting my toe and fingernails.

The pink I used did not come across very well on the camera. I had to do a second coat.

So I am at .5 hours, but this had to be rounded up to 1 hour.

Next we had to do our choice of maid duties. Some duties it was harder to get a good picture then do the job. Each job also gave us points for the final score. The client with the highest total will get a surprise. The clients without enough points may find themselves repeating this assignment.

I cleaned the toilet for 1 point.

I scrubbed the floor for 1 point.

I swept the stairs for 1 point.

I was sweating so hard I was coming out of my bra.

I drew a bath for 1 point.

Is this not a great bath? I even have pink bubbles in it. HEHE. Yes I did it both ways.

I took the trash outside for 6 points.

I picked up the trash in my front yard for 6 points.

I took a smoke break outside for 2 points. Now I do not smoke but on the rare times I will have a cigar. I needed to take a break. My real life has not been the best. Oh, I put the lighter where any lady does, in my bra.

Now all clients were required to be punished with a mouth soaping for 1 point. I let the dice decide on how long, 6 minutes.


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WOW pieclown – that was great.

I knew I should not have looked before I finished mine. Now I am really depressed. You have three times as many points as I have. I will finish my post because it is what a sissy should do, but I am embarrassed that I will be so far behind you.

Oh – that was really terrible of me. I am crying about how poorly I did. That certainly is not very good sissy sportsmanship.

Congratulations on a job well done.

sissy billy

    Dear sissy billy,

    Thank you for your compliment. Please do not depressed about this. There is far more depressing thing in the world at this time. My life is not the best. But I did get this assignment done. Do not worry about the points. It will fall to Mistress Katzenburg to grade these assignments. I can see her not allowing points for task complete. They may not meet her standards. sissy billy, you should put forth your best effert. You are lucky, that you can do maid task requiring another person. Self spanking was not allowed. So maybe Mistress Rosemarie could help you out. But it is due Sunday. I wish you luck. pie pie 4 now pieclown

Hello pieclown,

You are right, I should not get depressed over silly things like that. I did do the best I could and I tried hard. You are also right about Mistress Katzenburg. She can find the smallest mistakes we make and penalize us for them.

I really did like the comic elements of your posting.

I am lucky to have Mistress Rosemarie, but she is never of any help regarding my assignments. Mistress Katzenburg and her collaborate often and Mistress Rosemarie will give her ideas occasionally. She has also been know to inform on me when I do not follow the rules.

However, she made it clear to me from the start that she does not necessarily approve of what I do and will not participate in things like spanking me. So I am as Mistress-less as you are when that is concerned.

I just posted my “All in a Row”. Actually a whole day early. That is a first for me.

It is late and time to go to bed. Good Night.

sissy billy

Hello pieclown,

I saw the tweet this morning, but I do not know how to communicate privately with you. I am not sure if Mistress Katzenburg allows us to help like that.

I will help anyway even if I do get in trouble.

I looked at the post a number of times. The only thing that I saw was that the first picture is a large picture and does not link to the small (bigger blowup) picture that the others do. I am not sure of the exact rule for this, but maybe you could go back and check it. Maybe it is the size of the picture or that it does not link to a big picture.

I will look at the post again and if I find something else I will send it to you.

sissy billy

    sissy billy, thank you for your help. I have check for the double space after a period. It is not allowed in Markdown. I have also looked at grammer and spelling. I have found a few things that I missed on my first 2 checks of this. I need to go now. I will check during the day when I can. My son is here and he is more inportant then this site.

this assignment sounded kind of fun.i wish i was a part of the institute when it was assigned. i love wearing really stuffed diapers and things. i have never done a lot of those things tht you did but i jope that soon mistress katzenburg will assign me things like that:)

A word of advice sissy_girl.

Be careful what you wish for. I have wished for things that I later regretted. Be careful.

sissy billy

Hello pieclown,

Am not sure if I have gained wisdom as Mistress Katzenburg said, but I do hope I have learned a little something from my punishments. Only time will tell if my “knee jerks” faster then my brain.

Either way – it is good to hear from you. I do hope things are improving with you.

sissy billy

Hello Pieclown,

I just finished Fantasy Island – 4. Happy Reading. I do know that at least you commiserate with my humiliating adventures. They are difficult. Mistress Katzenburg has said that I must post one per day to be reinstated after my Leave of Absence over the Summer. It is proving difficult, to say the least. The other part of her daily assignment is even more distressing.

I am so glad you are starting to get back on your feet. I hope things go well for you.

I do hope you become a part of the “Institute” as things progress for you.

sissy billy

Appreciate that pieclown.

Hope you do.

Be well, sissy billy

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