The Actual Return of Maggie Rae

Back at the end of January, Maggie Rae filed for re-instatement with The Institute and was given a [short list of tasks][1] that she had to complete in order to do so. As was noted back then, the outcome was less than spectacular and I have her four options of how to proceed:


1. I will update the rules to fix the hole(s) you found and you can attempt to fix them and all of the others errors on your own. When you start this process, you will spend at least 24 hours straight in the bra and forms you have become so accustomed to recently. (Other clothing does not matter.) As proof of this, you will upload a new picture to Dropbox every hour for proof of compliance, unless you are sleeping or are outside of your apartment. If you are out, then upload proof you were gone when you return. You will be able to submit as many times as you would like, but I am working full time and will only have limited time to check your results. At the end of 24 hours, if the assignments have not yet been accepted, you can continue in the bra and forms, or appeal for a different option.

2. I will tell you the hole(s) you found in the rules and specifically which rules were broken in the postings and/or which parts of the assignment were not completed correctly. The same requirements for #1 apply AND you will be given an additional assignment/punishment that must be completed. I will update the rules to fix the hole(s).

3. You can leave these assignments as is. I will fix the posts and update the rules to fix the hole(s). You will be given a number of new punishments (at least five) to make up for your current failures. In addition, Babyface would have to be repeated, since your Sorority Bitches assignment did not get a better grade than Pieclown.

4. You can give up.

She picked number 3. And now, finally, after two months of activity, all her posts are ready to be shown (and I can talk about irony): she ended up fixing the posts herself (as in option 2). Instead of spending 24 hours in a bra and forms, she spent over two months doing assignments (including 30 days of spending at least 4 hours a day in those same forms). What a great trade-off.

All of her recent activities will be posted over the next week or so, starting her return in abundance of this request submitted with her reinstatement packet:



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Hello Maggie Rae;

Welcome back

I have been trying to follow your ordeal on twitter, but it has been tough to follow since only snippets of what was happening was included. I will not say that I was glad it was you and not me because it would get me in trouble with Mistress Katzenburg and I do share sissy sympathy for what you are going through.

Oh My Gosh though – it certainly sounded terrible and difficult.

I am glad to have you back in the sissy sisterhood,

sissy billy

Yes, of course Mistress Katzenburg, I have no doubt about that.

I, however, am not looking forward to it and have enjoyed my vacation from my sissy requirements.

sissy billy

You are so lucky to be reinstated, I cant seem to get contacted at all by the wise and powerfull leaders of the insitute, I have been gone for a long time and know i must do much to be reinstated myself.

[…] brought to my attention that I had agreed to recomplete the Babyface assignment as a part of the reinstatement option I’d chosen. I was not terribly keen on the concept, and tried to make a deal to avoid it—I would submit to a […]

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