Geek Girl: It’s a Maid, Maid, Maid World

As I sit awkwardly here writing this—awkwardly as I’ve been sitting in a wet and messy diaper for the better part of five hours—I know I’m rapidly approaching the end of my assignment. The Geek Girl series of assignments have been quite unpleasant up to this point (and I’m not expecting them to get any easier as I go—it would be nice though), and this assignment was no different. If you are one of the hopefuls applying to The Institute, know that fates similar to this await you—you have been warned. Warnings aside, however, on to what has been my quite unpleasant morning, it’s a Maid, Maid, Maid World after all…

>You are to get dressed as follows and remain dressed until your time is up. You should pick a period where you have enough free time, because stopping your assignment will mean repeating it. Also, changing your eating or bathroom habits in preparation for this assignment is not allowed.

>Dress is very similar to Eight Legged Clean Freaks and consists of:

>*A super stuffed diaper.

>*Standard bra and forms


>*Wrist and ankle cuffs

>*A black garbage bag fashioned into a maid’s dress (with a belt and white towel for an apron).

>*Hair in dual pony tails

>Once you are dressed, you are to clean your apartment from top to bottom, until it can pass a white glove test.


>*Once every two hours during the entire assignment, you will submit a picture of your current condition.

>*Once your apartment is clean, you will submit to me a video tour of all areas of your apartment as proof of completion. This will be used to judge whether or not you pass.

>Your assignment length is determine by the following rules:
>1. Your assignment will not be over (and you cannot get undressed) until you have submitted the walkthrough video and made a post on The Institute website.
>2. The minimum assignment length is 36 hours.
>2b. The minimum assignment length will be considered to have been met once you stew is a messy diaper for at least 6 hours.
>3. You can change your diaper as often as you would like, but each change adds six hours to the minimum assignment length.

As Mistress Katzenburg stated, the similarities between this assignment and [Eight Legged Clean Freaks]( are unmistakable, though it’s sufficiently worse to call it an upgrade—it was going to take a little thought and some tough decisions. I was not planning on spending 36 hours in a super stuffed diaper and my large, heavy water balloon forms. I had actually forgotten how much I hated the super stuffed diaper, waddling and squishing around my apartment, having to end up crawling half the time because it’s so hard to walk—I really, Really do hate this thing. The alternative to the 36 hour span was only six hours, though six hours spent stewing in a messy diaper. Back when I was working with Ms Lisa, she kept me confined to messy diapers for far longer durations (in addition to pre-filling them beforehand), so this was really a no-brainer. It wasn’t going to be pleasant, but it wasn’t going to be the end of the world either.


When I woke this morning, needing to use the restroom, I knew I had the opportunity to get this assignment out of the way as quickly as possible, and set about gathering the requisite items, laying them all out before hand to give myself a glimpse into what was coming. Squirming my way into the ensemble took about half an hour, by which point I was already sweating (this time around was much more manageable, however, thanks to a godsend of an air conditioner), and I set about my apartment, tidying as I went.


After Eight Legged Clean Freaks, I’d started keeping my place much cleaner than I had been in an effort to avoid repeating that disaster, so when it came time to clean today, most of the work was already done. I had a few dishes that had piled up that I chewed through (washing dishes with forms in is a miserable process, bouncing all over the place—it really is a work out) and the toilet needed a bit of a scrub down. Picking up and vacuuming the living room took up most of the rest of my time and effort, with most of the experience seeing my crawling around my living room floor like a miserable sissy baby maid, my pink diapered ass sticking up in the air as I went—it’s really not nearly as glamorous as it sounds.

At this point I’d like to go a little bit off topic and say that I’m excited to see whether or not there will be any sissies brave enough to take [Mistress Katzenburg’s offer](, things could get interesting with a few more bodies in the mix. Mostly, I hope that with a few more people, the larger challenge/competitive assignments like Sorority Bitches and In a Row will make a comeback. It’ll be nice being able to win out in the first round and get to watch as the rest of the field gets to go through steadily more disgusting and humiliating ordeals until it’s narrowed to that unfortunate one who just gets wholesale screwed—to whoever you are in the future, you have my condolences, but you should have tried harder!

All that aside, I’ve still got about half an hour to stew here before I can strip out of this godforsaken mess and into something a little more pleasant. I’m hoping that Mistress Katzenburg finds my work to be acceptable, and that my assignment will be considered successful. I’m sure I’ll find all of that out soon enough when the latest installment of Pass or Punish rolls around, but until then I’m caught back up on all my Institute obligations and I’m ready to get back to being far, far less miserable.


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Oh my Gosh, maggie rae

That sounded horrible. I do know the icky disgusting feeling of being a diapered maid, but not for 36 hours and not in my messy diaper for six. I have so little continence, I would have suffered for a long time. I am happy you managed to do that. I could not have stand it and I know I, being the sissy I am, would have opted to re-diaper myself. Then again with 6 hours added each time I would probably still be in diapers.

I am so happy for you that you have caught up on you “Institute” obligations. Good for you.

sissy billy

i like to be your sissy male baby be turn into as a sissy girl baby and make me to do all things as a girl do and woman do and turn me into a sissy girl all the time and make to do the girl work andkeep me dress as a sissy girl baby to

Wow that sounds like a really interesting assignment. My appartment needs cleaning and i hope that i can get some assignments like this if i get enrolled so that i can clean my apartment while obeying mistress :)

This sounds like precisely what every sissy dreams and fantasizes about every time they touch themselves! I do wonder how all this is possible while entering society to go to work. Love the house work and suffering in any case.

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