Geek Girl: It’s a Maid, Maid, Maid World — Redux

I have spent more time in this outfit than I care to think about: [Eight Legged Clean Freaks](, [In a Row](, the first [It’s a Maid, Maid, Maid World](… This is not a pleasant outfit, especially when the super-stuffed diaper must be messy before any cleaning can actually take place. I am desperately hoping that this is the last time I have to endure this assignment—I’ll take anything else if it means not having to do this again.

Functionally, this assignment was identical to the three that came before it—get dressed up, clean apartment, submit evidence along the way and at the end, proving that apartment is indeed clean. As this was a punishment for doing poorly on my previous assignment, however, new elements are restrictions were put in place to make the assignment even more difficult. First, my wrist cuffs had to be clipped together (which makes for extremely difficult cleaning) and my ankles had to be bound together on a short chain or rope. When you combine the ankle bondage with the super-stuffed diaper, all sorts of misery ensues, just from how you’re forced to walk. I hope this is the last time those two things ever make an appearance in the same assignment. Additionally, I had to mess my diaper before I started, and I wasn’t allowed a change until I finished—I haven’t finished by the way, so four hours later I’m still sitting in the same messy diaper, can I be done yet?

This assignment had a second big twist compared to the first three that merits mention: Instead of simply taking pictures to prove that I’d successfully cleaned, I was to star in a short movie where I present my work to Mistress Katzenburg. She has said that the movie may or may not be posted at a later date, so that remains to be seen. It’s fairly long, considering, and it may end up posing bandwidth issues, so we’ll see.

I would definitely like for this to be the last time I have to deal with this assignment, if nothing else so that I can move on to bigger and better things, regardless of what those end up being. I have finished it, however, and that’s a big monkey off my back, considering all the hang-ups and snags that preceded it getting done. It’s nice to finally put it in the books.




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Hello Maggie Rae,

I compliment you on managing to complete the assignment. Being a sissy of “The Institute for Cross-Dressing Punishment” I do know how difficult, tiring and humiliating this assignment must of been.

I too have had to clean the house in wrist and ankle cuffs clipped together. It is awful. It always would take me 3 or 4 times longer to clean when subjected to awful punishment like this.

Just thinking that the video of you struggling to clean and the fact that you may be further humiliated by Mistress Katzenburg and the other mean readers of the post is just terrible. I certainly would not want to have a video taken and shown of my punishments.

I want you to know that I voted that you had been punished enough and should not be embarrassed further. I hope the other readers vote the same, but already the vote is against you.

Anyway, an assignment well done.

sissy billy

Hello Maggie-Rae,

My master and I have been enjoying your posts (and everyone elses) on here a lot recently. I have been instructed to ask you where you get your diapers/diaper cover from, and how you put them together to get such a big spreading diaper. I think it is because my master intends me to to wear diapers on a more permanent basis, only being allowed one change every 24 hours, so i need o make sure i have diapers that can handle that level of usage!

Any suggestions as to how to go about it would be much appreciated

Many thanks,

Pathetic Looser Boy


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