Flood Gates

After keeping the doors to The Institute closed for several months, I will finally be opening it for new membership to all of the wanna-be sissies who have applied over the past few months. I have grave doubts that any of them will actually get to the point of submitting an application, but that always is an outside possibility.


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Have there been no brave takers yet, or are they just being slow in submitting their application assignments? I find it hard to believe that there would be no takers at all…

I too find it hard to believe, Maggie-Rae, that there are no takers. I would bet there are a lot of sissy Cross Dressers out there that desperately need training and yes, punishment, by the Institute for their disgusting behaviour.

Don’t be shy pretend Ladies, you owe it to yourself to accept this fate.

sissy billy

There has been one person (out of five or so) that has made it to the point of actually receiving an application.

Okay so maybe it turned out more like a leaky faucet than a floodgate… It is sort of what you initially expected.

I’m just hoping that when all is said and done, there will be about 4 or 5 active clients so that there can be some new multi-stage/competitive assignments. I’d like to think that if we got to the point where we had five stage assignments that things would start to get extremely interesting near the end.

I agree Maggie-Rae,

I know there are many many Cross-Dressers out there that constantly stumble on this site. I too was wary when I first entered and had to be pushed into what I know I deserved.

To all that read here – you deserve to be enrolled in the “Institute”. You know it. So swallow the medicine you deserve. Just jump in. The water can at times be messy, but we all deserve it.

sissy billy

I recently started my application and i too wish to be enrolled in the institute. i am currently surfing the blog to make my comments and i hope that mistress katzenburg will allow me to learn from her and take any punishment or assignment she gives me and do it because i know i deserve it and need it

Mistress Katzenburg, I have taken the plunge. Part of me hopes I do not regret it. Most of me hopes I do! I love hearing how much all the other sissies encourage making the commitment. I like the idea of no longer being in control!

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